4/05/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8WP, N6PEQ, N1AB, GMU, IXN, and HHC.  WP, quipping that HHC needs a new EICOM, is starting a new program leading to an EE degree, and Willie is now engrossed wid a LINUX problem!  PEQ, wid the new 49’ tower up, now busies himself soldering n-connectors on new feedline coax leading to the new tribander.  AB, also soldering sum PL-259s onto feedline, needs a copy of the FD logging software sent his way.  IXN, wid an S8 noise level, found it difficult to read SMU in the QRN.  AF6C, replacing a faulty capacitor wid a heavy duty one, will now attempt to get PFA’s old Tektronics oscilloscope up and running.  IXN announced that San Servaine seismometer is once agn monitoring seismic sigs on 163.795 MHz.  HHC got the TNC hooked up fer APRS come Baker-to-Vegas, and Ken hopped, skipped, and jumped arnd the frequency wid loose cables hanging dwn frm the back of the rig!


4/05/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, KTS, AF6C, GMU, JD, EH, HHC, and FUZ.  VDP sold sum gear and enjoyed the cameraderie at the TRW Swapmeet, and KTS, just home frm an MS meeting, had a dull work week, although David said that business is picking up!  AF6C finished servicing a Tektronics TM506, wid various plug-ins, which Bob got ’em all working…Now Bob will tackle an old 485 Tektronics scope…And Bob mentioned that the new time change was vy expensive for many industries!  JD & EH ‘flew in & flew out’.  GMU said an airplane flyover increased AF6C’s sig strength, and, Paul worked the DX N8S station on 18.145 MHz.  HHC reminded all abt the Club Bfast come Saturday, and Ken said 16 to 18 hams attended the Baker-to-Vegas meeting Tues. eve…HHC also said that hams frm Cypress will join the OPD communications group for Baker-to Vegas.  FUZ is looking forward to spending Easter wid his grandaughter. AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer Mar. 30…Astronaut KC5ACR will be the featured speaker at the Dayton Hamvention on May 17…Some bogus ARRL communications may contain the mydoom worm, which opens your computer to all types of SPAM!…KD5PLV, flight engineer aboard ISS, answers student questions…Tnx, Bob!


4/12/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in N6PEQ, CCD, LDC, HHC, IXN, W7KTS, and HC.  IXN asked PEQ if OCARC would be solo fer FD.  Dan said that members of the LARA group, now OCARC members, makes it a one-Club event fer FD. El Presidente Kristin (K6PEQ) didn’t catch Dan’s flu bug.  PEQ & AF6C briefly discussed the tower/trailer deal that fell by the wayside.  CCD told OPs that the waves were really huge at the beach today, and Tom will have paint splatters removed frm the auto tomorrow that he picked up on the freeway.  LDC checked in 700+ cycles off frequency, and AF6C rotates the beam to home in on Larry’s sigs…LDC will soon be off to the Grand Canyon.  Cristin has ‘RF’ abt ready to put online as the two PEQs are sipping a glass of red wine!  IXN told OPs abt the installation of a 200 amp service at St. Anne School in Santa Ana, and KTS reminded OPs abt the MS Walk coming up this weekend.  HC’s XYL is at a meeting, so Arnie has a chance to play radio, and HC & HHC discuss logging programs fer FD.


4/12/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AUL, HC, KFW, HHC, TAI, DER, and AF6C.  JD is looking forward to a possible vacation in June, and AUL checks in using his YAESU FT-897, wid ant. inside the house!…Nicolas lights up all bars at NCS’ QTH!…And AUL just got home frm a hiking trip in Yosemite and hopes to participate in the upcoming Baker-to-Vegas Run.  TAI/m checked in wid Nick sitting in the auto in the driveway of the QTH.  HC, wid 328 QSL cards soon to be checked fer the DXCC Honor Roll, is preparing fer a DXpedition to St. Brandin Is. in Sept.!…Wid the call 3B7C, Arnie will be wid the 5 Star DX Group, a UK group…The Club has asked Arnie to give a synopsis of the trip at a future Club meeting…6V7F, Pete, a professional photographer, and DXpedition member, will document the trip…Fer more DXpedition info, try KFW gave OPs a short rundown of his late chaotic cruise!…Chris is lucky to be wid us after a ruptured aortic aneurism and 3 surgeries!…And Chris talked wid K6LKS who has 8 OPs interested in theOCWN’s Sunday CW net that meets at 9:00 am local time on 7.086 MHz…(FB, Chris!)  HHC gave TAI a gud sig rpt, and Ken congratulated AUL fer the upgrade to General…Ken also said the best news he heard was that KFW was bk on the OCWN once agn!…And HHC said that 20 hams will participate providing communications fer the OPD during Baker-to-Vegas Run.  AF6C commented onn LDC’s noise problems and weak reception…Might it be Larry’s rig?…Then Bob reminisced abt Sam Sheperd’s old ham radio stories which Bob has resurrected, ie: The Christmas Story, and, Ralphy & the B-B Gun, etc…AF6C followed wid ARRL Audio News fer April 6 by N1RL…Be careful operating DX in the 5MHz band, which is SECONDARY to hams, must operate USB only, a 2.8MHz bandwidth, must relinquish the band immediatley fer a primary user, and, DXCC authorization is necessary using this band!…The UL11 satellite switched on Apr. 1…The ham radio blackout will continue in Iraq until security improves!…Tnx, Bob!


4/19/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, CCD, IXN, and KTS.  AF6C & HHC are doing last minute preps fer Baker-to-Vegas this weekend.   And AF6C mentioned that he had a friend who was from Virginia Tech, the scene of this week’s shooting spree!  And HHC alerted OPs to the MIH article in the Easter Sunday Register…Seems that a motorcycle club has adopted Kevin, KG6MIH, a handiham, and they are installing a downstairs bathroom fer Kevin!…Right on!!  CCD repaired an audio system where rf xmitting antennas had been placed in a metal cabinet!  And IXN didn’t copy KTS in the QRN at Net check-in, but David wished all Baker-to-Vegas OPs gud luck, a successful run, and a safe journey…And KTS plans to attend Club meeting Fri. eve.  


4/19/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in EVX, JD, HHC, AF6C, KTS, HK, and AUL.  EVX checked out a couple of other nets before Net check-in tonite, and HHC will attend a digital photography class tomorrow evening.  HHC said that abt 15 OPs will be participating in the Baker-to-Vegas Run fer the Orange PD…The Running Team has a 3 pm take-off scheduled…And Ken announced the MIH/MIG article in the Easter Sunday Register.  AF6C took a friend to the UCI Med. Center at 8:00 am, picked up mail at the OCARC PO box, has an ARRL Audio News ready to air, and is working on a 400 cycle power supply to drive small selsun motors.  KTS got the plumbing problem in the kitchen solved, told OPs abt the successful MS Walk last Sat. at UCI wid 4 to 5K walkers!  HK wishes all B-to-V OPs a gud time, and Arnie hopes that they don’t become victims of Murphy’s Law!!…And Arnie, along wid AA6PW will be covering a 50 mile race at Lake Hughes this weekend.  AUL has been working until midnight fer several days!…Now eye irritation is driving Nicolas to the eye doctor tomorrow!  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer Apr. 13…Ham Radio Youth Programs are now available at… 23 states have now adopted PRB-1 legislation…ARRL wants the FCC to reconsider reinstating 5 wpm code requirement in the Extra Class License…Tnx, Bob!


4/26/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, CCD, and IXN.  AF6C burned sum Baker-to-Vegas pix on disc and updated the front page of the Club webpage…And Bob told IXN that they left rain behind as they went thru Cajon Pass on their way to Pahrump.  HHC reported that the Orange PD Baker-to-Vegas Run was a great success wid the OPD gaining 2nd place in their Division!…Ken also said that    WWK, HHC, AF6C, APH, AUL, DLA, CJZ, WRM, and DDE were all involved in communications fer the Event, wid KBWH on the side.  IXN asked abt the casino slot machines, and AF6C & HHC said that coins are out!…It’s all dollars and cards used for the one-armed bandits now!  CCD tired himself out working on lighting fer a big stage production at his church.


4/26/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AUL, HHC, VDP, KFW, AF6C, and KBWH/SKYPE.  AUL hooked up a tuner to check the output, and Nicolas enjoyed working and watching Baker-to-Vegas while the ‘kids’ played the slot machines!  And HHC said that the OPD moved frm 3rd place last year to 2nd place this year in the 120+ mile Baker-to-Vegas Run…Congrats to the OPD Running Team!  VDP & family are still moving furniture to the new QTH in AZ, and, preparing a 2nd house on the property for a mother-in-law…And Larry says they will be less than an hour away from Laughlin when they want to gamble a ’lil…And VDP is still trying to figure out the new ‘antenna farm’!  KFW & IXN commented on the gud crowd at the OCARC meeting last Fri. eve., and IXN won a set of crescent wrenches at the Club raffle.  And KFW sent along congrats. to the OPD on coming up a notch in Baker-to-Vegas.  AF6C acknowledged a FB job done on Baker-to-Vegas by Debbie Klein, OPD Volunteer Activities.   Bob mentioned online links to the K2ORS radio stories, has a jigsaw puzzle to put together, and must finish constructing the 400 cycle power supply.  Linda just arrived home in Sheldon, ND, but KBWH/SKYPE didn’t mention how she did at bingo!…IXN & BWH discussed location of his business buildings and house in Sheldon, the railroad, elevation of Sheldon, etc…And Bob said the grass is getting green an soon, out will come the lawn mower, and, wid warm WX already here, HHC was running around in the convertible wid the top down!  AF6C then aired the Apr 20 ARRL Audio News…OPs are trying to work out methods to eliminate ham repeater interference to 70 cm military radar at USAF bases in Mass. & CA…Vanity Call Sign charges will soon be reduced to $11.70…5 new satellites are in orbit…CAPE 1, 31126, and Libertad 1, are all transmitting, but BP3 & BP4 telemetry has not been heard!…ARISS continues to be a good source of cooperation between NASA & ARRL…ARRL & the Red Cross are still at odds over having credit checks run on Red Cross Hams used as emergency service volunteers…Tnx Bob!      And VDP alerted OPs to the Armed Forces Cross Band Event on May 12, plus, for DX openings, listen to the W6AM repeater on Mt. Wilson.


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