06/06/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HHC, IXN, and PFA.  CF was Q5 copy at HHC’s QTH, but down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.  HHC tested a Heil headset in the auto, and Ken said that the mike picked up sum wind noise, and some kind of VOX would keep both hands on the steering wheel!…And Ken said a Hustler ant. was discussed at COAR meeting last nite, and, OPI, bk frm Austin, TX, appeared at the Club Bfast!   IXN may miss next Wed. nets as brother Lee will have a complete knee replacement next Wednesday!  AF6C has the 1200W power supply up and running after replacing a defective part…Then Bob announced that the Ducks won the Stanley Cup!  PFA announced that the Angels lost but are doing well in the season thus far, and PFA, IXN, and AF6C remember the old spinning knobs on 50s vintage auto steering wheels!


06/06/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, EVX, CF, KTS, KFW, AF6C, and HHC.  JD attended a COAR meeting at the OPD last nite, and Lowell celebrated his son-in-law’s BD over last Sunday afternoon.  EVX checked in to listen to the ARRL Audio News, and CF can’t hear KTS tonite…Nicolas had SCE attach a UHF device to the QTH air conditioner for control of its on/off times.  Our joint RC at FD will provide a generator, so KFW, AF6C, and HHC will keep the Club generator in reserve…There will be a FD planning meeting at Los Alamitos come Saturday.  AF6C now has the 0-60V/0-50A 1200W power supply now working wid its usual HP quality!…Bob found an errant OP-AMP which he replaced.  And AF6C told OPs abt a vintage DC-3 owned by Silent Key Arthur Godfrey now at Buckingham Airfield, Ft. Myers, Fla., which awaits refurbishing.   HHC, bk frm celebrating mom’s 93rd BD in Pittsburgh, PA., announced that Red Cross Cindy, OPI, is bk home frm Texas!  Ken is now busy installing Baker-to-Vegas pix on the website.  AF6C then aired June 1st ARRL Audio News…the ARRL demands that the FCC shut down the experimental Ambient BPL Pilot Project in Briar Cliff Manor…Riley Hollingsworth said that OPs need better cooperation on the bands and not depend totally on FCC for enforcement issues…Look at the July issue of QST to read product reviews of some of the new equipment displayed at the Dayton Hamvention…ARRL Audio News concluded at app. 9:45pm local time.  Tnx, Bob!


6/13/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in ZG, JD, CF, N1AB, and HHC.  CF had weak sigs at NC’s QTH, and JD will try to attend FD.   HHC’s rig tried to ‘fly away’ frm the Net frequency, but didn’t quite make it after Ken inspected all ground connections.   ZG had gud sigs.


6/13/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in KFW, KBWH, AF6C, CF, JD, KTS, and IXN.  HHC told KFW & OPs more abt the trip to Pittsburgh, visiting the new football & baseball stadiums, Phipps Observatory, etc.  KFW mentioned the Sphagetti Factory back in the Pittsburgh area, and Chris asked IXN which Barnett, Steve or Lawrence, put a new knee in Lee…IXN thought it was Lawrence.  BWH/Skype told the net that he will try to make contact wid W6ZE come FD. BWH has now had more rain in No. Dakota than CA had had all year!…And Bob always enjoyed working the Amateur Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair.  BWH, AF6C, and IXN all remembered great summer sweet corn roasts in the past.   KFW will attend Club meeting Fri. eve.   KTS squeezed din-din in between the 10 & 2m Nets.  AF6C has ARRL Audio News ready to air, and CF checked into Net frm the Living Room after a late din-din.  All OPs wished ‘new knee’ Lee Evans a speedy recovery, and invited Lee to FD.  AF6C then aired June 8 ARRL Audio News…ARRL is working wid the military to resolve 15 amateur repeaters interfering wid military radar…repeater power may have to be cut to 5 watts.  The problem must be resolved by Aug. 1!…Burbank Middle School in Ill. was the 1st amateur contact wid the ISS…There will be quite a few amateur radio satellites available for FD operations this year.  ARRL Audio News concluded at 9:21 pm local time…Tnx, Bob!


6/20/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HHC, PFA, IXN, and WU7CC(Ed).  CF, dwn in the QRN, was successfully heard by HHC, partially by AF6C, and 0.5 on the S meter by IXN.  AF6C, not feeling well last Sat., postponed visiting IXN’s brother, Lee, who had a knee replacement, and, Bob still has to pick up the saki fer FD!  HHC found another lose connector, and Ken hasn’t ‘flown away’ frm the frequency tonite!…And, Ken found his sigs improved when he moved frm CW to USB…HHC will leave work at 12:00 noon on Fri., pick up sum lunch, and report to the FD site, and Ken reported zero sunspots at present!  PFA will operate ATV frm the back of a truck, and Tom said a loaded flagpole makes a nice antenna for those who must fight CC&Rs…PFA, DLA, and AF6C will repair sum more audio readers for the blind tomorrow.  AF6C has ARRL Audio News ready fer the 2m Net, and all OPs wish Lee a speedy recovery wid the new knee!  WU7CC, Ed, frm Salt Lake City, Utah, checked in DX!


6/20/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, N1AB, KI6IUC/m(Chris), HHC, EVX, CF, AF6C, and KFW.  Wid WARA & OCARC at the same FD site, JD expects a nice turnout fer FD, and Lowell will probably show up fer abt 2 hours.  VDP, leaving fer the AZ QTH tomorrow, will try to operate the Club on 40m frm AZ, and Larry plans to visit the upcoming hamfest in Williams, AZ.  AB checked into Net at S2 wid white noise, and Steve will take two ants. to the FD site, one being a G5RV, on Fri.  This will be Chris, IUC’s 1st FD, where he will eyeball wid HHC abt APRS technology.  HHC enjoyed Club meeting last Fri. eve., including the Chip Margolis Video Tape…And Ken suggested an OP wheel chair brigade to push Lee around at FD!  CF did not copy NC/IXN, and IXN, wid no bars showing on the S meter, copied CF abt S4.  AF6C & HHC will operate 20m on FD, and maybe a ’lil GOTA too…Bob will pick up the traditional bottle of saki, and, the bratwurst will be sorely missed at FD!  HHC fired up the SKYPE connection but no BWH tonite…Bob probably didn’t get home from bingo in time…HI!   EVX checked in, and then Robert ‘kicked bk’ to await the ARRL Audio News.  KFW/m will bring the generator out to the FD site at the old Los Alamitos Airstation on Fri…Then Chris has to attend the christening of his grandson on Sunday!  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer June 15…A bill has been introduced in the Senate to demand that the FCC investigate BPL interference, notch filtering, etc., to prevent BPL interference to other communications services…Have you invited local public officials to visit your FD site?…OK Governor signs PRB-1 legislation into law!…The new General Class License manule is now available!…Thanks, Bob!  ARRL Audio News concluded at 9:30 pm. local time.


6/27/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, CCD, HHC, CF, IXN, KG6ZYN(Chuck), GMU, N6YEU(Fred), HTW, HC, and CCE.  JD enjoyed meeting people, and, the great turnout at FD.  CCD heard ZYN in Modesto well, and Tom liked the antenna arrangements at FD.  KG6ZYN, Chuck, in Modesto began to fade at 19:38 hrs, and HHC said FD was the best ever, wid over 17,000+ contacts!…And Ken said the 100 ft. tower wid 40m and 80m CW antennas, contributed greatly toward the higher scores.  ZYN, Chuck, checked in frm Modesto wid S9 sigs but faded into the QRN abt 8 min. later.  All OPs north of CF’s QTH copied Nicolas FB, but southern OPs copied weaker sigs fer CF.  Fred, YEU, west of Santa Rosa, copied CF wid S9 sigs!…IXN lost CF in the QRN…YEU is a member of the Morin ARC, which joined wid the Redwood Empire ARC fer FD festivities, and, YEU copied almost all OPs on the Net tonite!  HTW cudn’t copy CF, and Hank’s old west cowboy hat drew attention at FD!  AF6CQ flew in all the way frm Japan to join us fer FD…CQ is a college professor interested in national field day organizations, and he wanted to observe FD operations here.  HC checked in wid a small radio problem, using 5W only, Arnie suspects a faulty connector!…And HC helped make contacts on 15, 20, 40, and 80m during FD.   CCE checked in at Net’s end.


6/27/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DLA, GMU, CF, VDP, HHC, AF6C, JD, HTW, HC, and BWH/.  DLA worked 40m on FD out of the motor home, and GMU, wid a great FD behind him and enjoying the 10m skip, cudn’t copy 10m too well tonite.  IXN and CF missed FD, IXN nurse maiding Lee, and Nicolas vy busy at work…IXN had CF describe changes is elevation of his dipole to OPs.  VDP, in AZ fer FD wid high noise level, worked Kristin, PEQ, on 80m at the FD site.   HHC, the best FD ever under his belt, said that AF6CF, a Japanese professor (JK1PHL), observed FD activities and then returned to Japan to resume classes on Tuesday!  HTW, located 600 ft. above La Habra, checked in wid vy strong sigs.  BWH/, wid Linda battling pneumonia, saw his visiting grandaughter off on her return to CA.  And OPs offered kudos to Kristin and Cheryl, and Rich and Beverly Helmick fer the excellent FD food and meals!  HC said the tower 80m ant was an inverted V at 100 ft…The 40m 2 element V beams were oriented ENE, and the 40m Bazooka, strung E&W, was broadside N&S.  JD, abt 3 hrs at the FD site, lent moral support, enjoyed the ant setup and meeting people.  AF6C echoed HHC’s FD praises, and then Bob aired June 22 ARRL Audio news…FD brings Amateur Radio to the community…FD at the South Pole saw all three McMurdo stations on the air on 40 & 20m throughout FD…And ARRL reports a membership around 152,000 members!…Tnx, Bob!


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