07/04/2007 10m Phone Net – NCS AF6C called fer checkins…Silencio!…All Ops were busy preparing for Fourth-of-July pyrotech explosives, both on the ground and in the air!


07/04/2007 2m Phone Net – No silence here as OPs checked into the Net!…OPs had to talk above the skyrocket and firecracker QRN coming thru rig speakers and frm outside! NCS W6HHC checked in AF6C, CF, KFW, and VDP.  AF6C is faced wid replacing a leaking sink disposal.  CF and KFW are kicked back taking in the neighborhood fireworks displays, and VDP will be off to AZ tomorrow fer another work session.  AF6C, using a handheld outside the QTH, reported on the ‘local display & QRN’ in his neighborhood, and IXN and Lee watched a brilliant display of illegal skyrockets, and, ‘safe & sane’ fireworks at the nephew’s QTH in Garden Grove.


07/11/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, HC, N1AB, and HHC.  AF6C stopped by Winn’s Music Store to visit wid Cori, GW, today, after Bob toured HHC’s new company offices and had lunch wid Ken…Bob even found a new Japanese market!  HC will host two ‘newbees’ fer an introduction to contesting this weekend, and, Arnie and YUI will help staff the OC Fair Booth next Wednesday.  AB got a quick rundown on FD scores frm AF6C, and Bob said that Willie, WP, is doing the final tally on FD scores this year.  Then HHC, AF6C, and IXN recalled memories of ‘Old Frothingslosh, the beer with the foam on the bottom’, brewed every Christmas season by Duquesne Brewing Co. in Pittsburgh, PA., made famous on a morning talk show on radio station KDKA.  HHC is 1/3 of the way through, working on a photo gallery of FD pix fer the Club website, and, AF6C will air ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net tonite.


07/11/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, KB2VON(Justin), HHC, AF6C, KFW, EVX, and KTS at Net’s end.  All OPs welcomed VON to the Net, and we hope to have sum eyeballs wid Justin at a future Club meeting!   CF, too late fer a 10m Net check-in, just got home after getting a prototype program up and running at work.  KB2VON, an OP since 1995, just upgraded to General Class…Congrats, Justin!…Now Justin wants tojoin us on the 10m Net using a dipole ant., and operating frm his boat in Corona del Mar.  HHC will soon have a photo gallery of FD pix ready fer the website, and Ken also has a sneak preview page of FD pix in the July issue of ‘RF’!  Sidewalk construction is still raising much dust at AF6C’s QTH, and Bob will help repair audio readers fer the Braille Institute tomorrow.  KFW, back frm the beach wid the grandkids, will leave fer Omaha on the 18th, so no work at the Orange County Fair Booth fer Chris this year.  EVX checked in, then kicked bk to hear the rest of the Net and the ARRL Audio News.  AF6C then aired the July 6 edition of the ARRL Audio News…The FCC responds to the ARRL brief, mis-representing the ARRL position on BPL interference!…The staged earthquake emergency event in Tennessee went off widout a hitch…New license manules are now available…This was the 21st year for the Young Ham of the Year Award, and, the IARU HF World Championship contests is just around the corner…Tnx, Bob!…ARRL Audio News concludes at 21:27 PDT.


07/18/207 10m Phone Net – The Orange County Fair found NC AF6C helping with chores at the Amateur Radio Booth!  Acting NC, IXN, checked in NOA, PEQ, CCD, JD, and HHC.  Gordy warned IXN that an unstable automatic antenna tuner might cause sig fading due to changing SWR caused by rusty joints in the roofing above the radio booth…Tnx, Gordy!   Despite the errant tuner, communications frm the Fair were a success wid the large whip antenna!  JD & IXN heard people talking in the background at the OC Fair, and IXN gave JD an update on Lee’s new knee recovery.  PEQ also worked a shift at the Fair, wid CCD working the shift before Dan.  HHC checked in frm the Fair Booth covering fer AF6C who was busy handling Fair traffic.  IXN thinks that the automatic antenna tuner should be eliminated at the Fair next year.  AF6C checked in frm the Fair Booth at Net’s end at 19:55 hrs. local time.


07/18/207 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN, operating frm the QTH, checked in JD, CF, VDP, AF6C, HHC, CCE, and KI6KGC(Mike).  JD and IXN once agn heard many voices around the Fair Booth!  CF, burdened down wid work & 2 computers down, didn’t get to the OC Fair this year, and VDP worked a Special Events station, W9IND, in Indianapolis…And Larry said that the new AZ QTH elevation is 3,000 Ft!  CCE is recovering frm hernia surgery July 2nd, and Kenan worked the IARU Contest wid PEQ and WK6O over last weekend frm PEQ’s QTH…Lots of fun!  AF6C and HHC experienced bad interference frm a noise source near the Fair Booth, but NC copied 5/9 sigs frm the Fair!  IXN told AF6C that DLA did not check into Net, so Bob will have to give Bruce a landline to plan a session at the Braille Institute tomorrow.  Will OC Fair guest Michael, HHC’s grandson, be the heir apparent of HHC’s ham gear?…IXN thinks so!!


07/25/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, CCD, LDC, IXN, and HHC.  JD, wid gud comments on last Friday’s Club meeting, 73’d to go watch TV wid the XYL.  AF6C bought a ‘Berringer Mixer’, read about inputs and outputs, and had a few raindrops fall here & there frm the humid WX last Sunday evening.  CCD, entertaining the grandharmonics, missed Club meeting…Then Tom got the din-din call.  LDC, bk frm a gud vacation in Montana, pulled out of camp one day ahead of a huge forest fire!  And IXN reminded all Ops ‘not to bathe in the water at the end of the BLUE HOSE in Wagadudu, Burkina Faso, Africa’!  LDC found an open ground lead after HHC told Larry that his audio was a bit mushy.  Ken announced that the OC Fair Booth took the 1st place Blue Ribbon for the building, and a 2nd place Red Ribbon for the Fair…And Ken said that Ops were using a 12m dipole ant for the 10m Net frm the  Amateur Radio Booth at the OC Fair.  LDC said that red tape paperwork took 9 months to get his dune buggy licensed!


07/25/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, VUB, AF6CF, VDP, AF6C, and HC.   HHC and Ops enjoyed the Dxpedition to Burkina Faso presentation at last Friday’s Club meeting, and Ken announced there are 3 pages of FD pix on the Website!  CF heard all Ops fer a change, and Nicolas was using the ’lil standby Kenwood rig tonite.  VDP used a full size 40m  vertical frm the AZ QTH on FD, but Larry made contact wid W6ZE on 80m! …An Larry had the gud fortune of meeting, in the same week,  two Ops he hadn’t seen fer 20 yrs, one in Costa Mesa, and the other frm Bullhead City.  AF6C experienced ‘dew drops frm heaven’ during the high humidity last Sunday while he was out in the back barbecuing, and HHC, out in the auto, had to stop in a parking lot to lower the top on the convertible…The rain was much heavier in Ken’s location near the foothills.  HC and IRD hve been helping DHT, Mike,  wid voice automation, and, putting up an antenna.  AF6C offered Arnie assistance it he needs it.  AF6C will once agn help repair audio books at the Braille Institute tomorrow…Bob then aired the July 20th edition of the ARRL Audio News…ARES Public Information & Media Officers need to do a better job at procuring media coverage of ARES events, and, check out for public information issues…Tnx, Bob!

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