08/08/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, CF, HK, KE7JMC (Thatcher), K7QXG(Bob), CCD, HC, W9TRH(Tom), and W7LJB(Larry).  Wow!…10m is starting to open up in the evening!…If you want to get in on the DX, get new 10-10 numbers, etc., you better start checking into the 10m Net!   AF6C didn’t find anything exciting in the Club mailbox, and HHC, cool drink by his side, just sat down to enjoy the Net, and telling CF that come Sat., a different antenna will end Nicolas’ weak sigs!  IXN copied CF abt S1-S3 wid QSB.  HK cudn’t hear KE6JMC, Thatcher, located on Washington’s west coast, and JMC cudn’t hear CF’s sigs.  HK cudn’t hear JMC too well, but Ken gave Bob, QXG,Dallas, Oregon, a gud sig rpt.   CCD traded 10-10 numbers wid  JMC and other OPs,and Tom said that 2m was open into Mexico on 146.52 MHz today.  IXN managed to mix up HC & HK’s handles agn, and NC checked in W9TRH, Tom,  and W7LJB, Larry, both located in Oregon, near Net’s end.  AF6C, after talking wid HK, will contact Kristin & Dan abt arranging a trip to the County Fire Authority site near Loma Ridge.


08/08/2007 2m Phone Net -  W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, WB6VUB(Mike), HHC, AF6C, CF, HC, WTQ, EVX,  and KTS.  JD & XYL, wid son & family, ended up at Chucky Cheese where the kids cud entertain themselves.  VUB, in Long Beach, joined us to talk wid  former Boeing employees JD & AF6C.  HHC, after a HI to Mike & Robert, described a MOXON antenna to IXN.  Then Ken reminded OPs not to forget the August 17 OCARC meeting.   AF6C told IXN that  ARRL Audio News is ready to air at Net’s end, and IXN told CF that he didn’t know who the speaker will be at the OCA meeting Fri. eve.  CF is also looking forward to a 10m  antenna raising session at the QTH come Saturday!  HC told CF athat he has a used 18 AVQ HYGAIN ant fer sale, and, Arnie has been chasing a ’lil DX, plus working the North American QSO Party on CW.  WTQ ‘flew in and flew out’…Robert has to get up early tomorrow morning.  KTS continues working wid loans, and David is preparing fer 2 MS events in Sept. & Oct.  EVX asked IXN abt BPL in our local area.  IXN told Robert that experimental BPL was in progress in the San Diego area.  AF6C then aired the Aug. 3rd issue of the ARRL Audio News…The ARRL filed a rebuttal brief in reply to the FCC brief in support of BPL…The WD2XEQ experimental license for BPL to Ambient for its BriarCliff Manor operation has expired!…Tnx, Bob!…end time: 21:31 hrs local time.


08/15/2007 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, CF, HHC, HK, CCD, and HC.  AF6C is getting a face lift on the streets and sidewalks arnd the QTH, and DLA and Bob will be off to the Braille Institute to repair some talking books machines tomorrow.  LDC & XYL spent the last week in Santa Barbara wid lots of people and having a gud time before Larry starts a new class.  IXN gave the particulars on the great earthquake near Lima, Peru, and IXN cud not read CF thru the QSB and weak sigs.  CF is awaiting the arrival of his new ant!  HHC had 100% copy on Nicolas, and Ken was off to Kennedy Meadows in the High Sierra to observe the Perseid meteor shower last Sunday nite…report:  Abt 60 meteors every 2 hours!  HK reported weak sigs fer CF, and, a great turn-out fer the Volunteer Mutual Aid…Then Ken told us abt the OPs who went out to the canyons and laid down on their backs in the dark, in  poison oak, to observe the Perseid Meteor Shower!…The name of Ken’s next book:  “Perseus Poisons Perseid Popperozzi”!  CCD must have been in town under the city lights…Tom was up until 2 am. and didn’t see a meteor!  HC, up working in the garden early to avoid the heat, heard only one Dxpedition on the air, otherwise, the bands are quiet!…And Arnie will help IRD put up an antenna tomorrow.


08/15/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, JD, KTS, KFW, AF6C, HHC, KBWH/Skype, and HC.  CF said that his water heater decided to ‘take a leak’!, so Nicolas and a friend replaced the errant water heater wid a new one.  Wid the high heat, JD decided to kick back and enjoy the Net.   KTS, up to his ears in mortgage deals, is preparing for the MS Walk on Sept. 7, 8, and 9, and, the Bike Tour coming up on Oct 13 and 14…David has been participating in these events fer 25 years!…Congrats, David!  KFW, bk home frm din-din at the Elks Club wid the XYL, is playing wid a new laptop computer wid Windows VISTA.   IXN likewise has a new desktop loaded wid Windows VISTA.  AF6C has ARRL Audio News ready to air, and IXN will check out his MFJ-392B headset fer AF6C to see if left & right earphones exhibit the same resistance.  HHC SKYPED in BWH in Sheldon ,ND…Meteors weren’t the 1st thing on Bob’s mind wid 4 or 5 tornadoes swirling arnd close by the QTH!…Bob escaped the damage although sum of his neighbors did not fare so well!…But, anyway, the sweet corn is ready!…Wish we were ther, Bob!  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer Aug. 10, at 21:17 hrs. local…The Huntsville Alabama ARRL Convention & Hamfest occurs Aug. 18 & 19…ARRL Teachers Institute reached 45 schools, 48 teachers  pre-school thru adult, wid wireless technology basics and robotics including teaching materials!…Congradts, ARRL!…There will be no ARRL Audio News fer Aug. 17…21:36 hrs. local…Tnx, Bob!


08/22/2007 10m Phone Net  - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, IXN, DHT, HHC, and HC.  AF6C found sum slides of old events frm way back, so Bob broke out his ancient slide projector, cleaned, oiled, and got it running, and enjoyed sum old memories!  IXN reported on the bedlam, at St. Anne School in Santa Ana, as teachers attempt to set up their classrooms in time to start school, after complete renovation of their classrooms.  HHC hasn’t had much time fer hamming…too much work!  However, Ken did manage to put together a spreadsheet on past radio projects in ‘RF’.  DHT got gud reports on the new antenna, and Mike says the antenna is working well on 20m, too.  CF is still waiting on the new antenna to arrive, and HC and IXN said CF’s sigs were below the QRN level.


08/22/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AB, CF, JD, KI6KSI(Doug), AF6C, and HHC.  AB, not feeling well, has had a busy week.   Steve may have picked up a ’lil food poisoning!   Steve has embarked on a project using a QRP rig wid solar power  CF, not hearing AB too well, hopes that Steve is recovering, and Nicolas hopes 10m OPs hear strong sigs frm his QTH by Sept. 1!  JD cudn’t hear AB’s sigs too well, and Lowell is staying in out of the heat, enjoying the peace & quiet of the QTH.  AF6C will attempt to digitize his old slides, and Bob reminded IXN that ARRL Audio News had been cancelled fer this week.  HHC congratulated DHT on the new 10m ant., and Ken cud detect the KBWH computer on SKYPE, but no BWH!…Was Bob sleeping at the rig?!  KI6KSI, Doug, in HB, will soon be taking his General Class exam…Then we’ll look fer him on the 10m Net!…Also, we hope to eyeball wid Doug at Club meeting.  


08/29/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, DHT, and HHC.  AF6C and DLA are off to the Braille Institute to refurbish more audio books tomorrow.    AF6C is busy putting together another edition of ‘RF’, and IXN will write to Robert E. Haven, a former OCARC member, in the pre-world war II days.  DHT, formerly a ham in the UK, enjoys studying the history of amateur radio, and Michael has experience in many branches of amateur radio, including EME and meteor scatter!  HHC gave DHT an S7 sig report, and Ken remembered seeing W6PNU’s call in the Club History.


08/29/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, AF6C, K6KSI(Doug) in HB, HHC, and oldtimer Al, KGM, in Tustin.  KSI will discuss things seismic wid IXN when we have an eyeball at Club meeting.  CF, wid the new antenna now in the garage, has only to arrange the antenna raising ceremony wid HHC & AF6C.  AF6C has an ARRL Audio News to air on the Net, and Bob has written an article on button, coin, etc., battery cells that we use in cameras, clocks, hearing aids, you-name-it, etc., which will appear in ‘RF’!…Don’t miss it!  HHC remembered Roy Maxson’s wife PJU, Mildred, and IXN will begin a series of articles on the OCARC history in the near future.  KGM has been in the Tustin area since 1934.  HHC listed upcoming ham radio events, including the Convention in Torrance.  AF6C then aired the 8/24/07 ARRL Audio News…The Vice Director elections news was aired, along wid FCC action against errant hams.  ARRL Audio Newscast concluded at 21:38 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!    

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