9/05/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, IXN, and HHC.  AF6C and OPs are enjoying the cooler WX, and Bob thinks that CF’s radiation frm the new antenna might have something to do wid the recent EQs…HI!  IXN copies CF abt S1, and, wid an S5 QRN, IXN can’t bring Nicolas’ sigs out of the mud!  IXN says that the swarm of small earthquakes in Southern CA shows that land motion is increasing in the area.  HHC reads CF’s sigs at S3.5, and Ken rode wid the top up in the convertible during the heat wave.  OPs sent kudos to CF fer the great hospitality shown them during the antenna raising last Saturday!  AF6C will load the IPOD wid ARRL Audio News to air on the 2m Net.


9/05/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, KSI, CCE, AF6C, and AF6CF.  JD, and OPs, are hesitant to open their next electric bills after extended use of their air conditioners during the last heat wave! …JD registered 108 deg. F. in the backyard near Labor Day! HHC said that COAR got sum Kenwood TM-D700A rigs, and Ken is testing one of them on the Net tonite…HHC plans to write up a product review on the new COAR rigs…Ken will now set up the rigs fer an APRS test. KSI is planning to take 1 check to HAMCON this weekend…Gud luck, Doug!…Better buy everything frm one vendor!…HI!  CCE, wid no AC in the QTH, casually rode a bicycle fer 100miles during the heat wave, early in the morning, ofcourse!…Kenan then added 65 miles more to the cycle record on Sat. morning, plus 72 miles more on Sunday morning!…Then CCE was off to his parent’s QTH to enjoy sum air conditioning and relax!    CCE will be headed off to Thailand in a couple of months.  AF6C reminded OPs abt the upcoming Club Auction in October, and HHC said to email him a list of equipment for the website that you plan to auction…More OPs will attend the Auction if they know in advance items to be auctioned!  AF6C told KSI to clean out the garage in preparation fer the Club Auction.  And, fortunately, CF does not transmit or receive on seismic frequencies between 10 and 60 Hz!…So, we can dismiss any of CF’s ham radio communications as having caused any seismic distrubances!…HI!  AF6C aired the 8/31/07 ARRL Audio News, wid the FCC citing 2 Lubbock TX power companies fer violation of 97 part rules during BPL operations(Lubbock Power & Light, and, Excel Energy).  Both companies say they have been cooperating to remove BPL interference in the ham bands for years!?…Then, why do we still have the interference!?  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:35 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


9/12/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, KF6LZH(Bob), CF, HHC, HK, and KI6DKV/m(Noel).   IXN comments on the increased seismic activity along the Elsinore Fault system, and Bob mentioned that a backing up SUV crunched the front of his auto.  IXN copied CF S3-S4 tonite, and LZH, in Pasadena, gave Nicolas a 5/5 report…Bob found our Net while looking fer skip.  CF will experiment wid a dipole ant., comparing it wid the vertical during nets.  AF6C mentioned an article on stealth antennas to CF, and HHC copied LZH FB in Pasadena…And HHC’s interest was tweaked by a ‘box radio fer computers’.  HHC has been busier than ‘a paper hanger’ at work, and Ken picked up a new auxilary battery pack as a backup during Saturday’s drill…HK mentioned the Volunteer Mutual Aid Drill this weekend, the series of large earthquakes in Indonesia, and the new K-3 Elcraft radio he saw at the Convention.  DKV, Noel checked in frm Hollywood.


9/12/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, CF, W5KGM(Al), HHC, AF6C, EVX, GMU, KG6ZCB(Tad).   JD, enjoying the cooler WX, is testing a new TMD-700A rig fer COAR…HHC is also testing one of the new COAR rigs tonite…OPs heard both rigs FB!  CF gave all OPs S7-S8 sig rpts, and Nicolas will try a dipole experiment on 10m soon…CF had armchair copy on KGM in Tustin.  HHC expressed interest in the new Elcraft S-3, but finds the rig a bit expensive!…HHC & JD, testing the new COAR TMD-700A rigs, will use them fer APRS communications during this weekend’s drill.  HHC and Diane will soon be off fer a two-week vacation in the Mediteranean Sea region.  Ken met former Club member Ron Cade & XYL, visiting frm Tuscon, AZ, at the Convention.  AF6C will be lonely tomorrow repairing audio book machines fer the Braille Institute…PFA and DLA will be absent!  HHC & AF6C were surprised at not finding some of the big vendors at the Convention!  HHC said EVX’s sigs were dwn in the noise tonite, but GMU copied EVX S5.   GMU bought a new Ameritron solid state amplifier, CW 400W, SSB 600W, at the Convention, and, a new electronic paddle frm the Ukraine!  ZCB, Tad, in San Bernardino, operates 20 & 40m CW mostly, using a DX-120 Chriscraft…Tad was a CW operator for the airlines fer a number of years.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Sept. 7…QST!…FCC will lower Vanity Call Sign charge by 40% wid a new charge of $11.70 come Sept. 17!…World wide research communications studies have concluded that Broadband over Power Lines(BPL) will definitely increase skywave noise propogation, the power lines acting like radiating antennas!…Audio News concluded at 21:35 hrs local…Tnx, Bob!


9/19/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, PEQ, LDC, IXN, CF, and KC6TOA(Wayne).  HHC ‘played hookie’ today wid the son-in-law to watch the Angels cut the number of games to 3 to win the Division Title!…Ken then summarized the Mutual Aid Emergency Drill(s) last Saturday & Sunday where W6HK was ‘head honcho’ fer amateur Radio!…Abt 70 communicators attended the Event!…HHC reminded all abt the upcoming Club meeting Fri. eve.  PEQ, announcing 3B7C DX on 14.145 MHz, listening up on 14.155 MHz, hears CF at S4-S5…And Dan has gud raffle prizes fer the Club raffle Friday!   AF6C worte an excellent letter to the League in defense of re-instating Carl Gardenias’ name in the upcoming SW Division election.   LDC was not aware that Carl’s name had been removed from the ballot!  IXN begins the reading of a letter he received frm Bob Haven, a pre-World War II member of OCARC!  And IXN is down in the QRN at CF’s QTH, and Nicolas, too, did not know about the SW Division election flap!…And CF is still thinking abt antenna alternatives as he wrestles wid CC&Rs.  TOA, Wayne, in Tustin, can’t hear CF tonite, and OPs invite TOA to a Club meeting…Wayne found us thru the Club website.


9/19/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, EVX, AF6C, KSI, HHC, W5KGM, WTQ(Robert), and CCE.   CF described his patio 18AVQ Hygain ant. to IXN, extending abt 8 ft. above ground.  AF6C & HHC briefly discussed the Carl Gardenias ARRL SW Division election issue, and, also their participation in the Emergency Drill (called VMAD) held last weekend.  HHC announced that a JPL/NASA speaker will talk abt the Cassini Spacecraft at Fri. Club meeting.  KSI just put up a new antenna at the QTH.  WTQ ‘flew in & flew out’.  CCE and a few OPs who attended the Convention in Torrance thought that fewer than usual OPs were present…However, AF6C said attendance figures were around 1,400!   IXN did not have W5KGM, who is a Club member, on his Net check-in list, which Bob then quickly remedied!  Then, AF6C aired ARRL Audio News for Sept. 14, 2007…We heard abt the Carl Gardenias, WU6D, election flap, the upcoming TAPR meeting Sept. 28-30, where communications hardware & software updates will be discussed, and, the 1st WAS on 1296 MHz. was awarded to a Texas OP…Tnx, Bob…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:25 hours local time.

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