10/03/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in PEQ, CF, KC6TOA(Wayne), IXN, and WP.  PEQ said that E-mail is buzzing wid comments on the Gardenias ballot rejection. PEQ tnxed AF6C fer the excellent e-mail concerning Carl Gardenias’ re-instatement to the Southwestern Division ballot.  The designer of Dan’s new amplifier found the problem to be an errant capacitor…Now all is well!   Dan said that Kristin (K6PEQ) loves the I-works program on her new computer.  PEQ will miss the Club Auction, as will IXN and brother, Lee. IXN and Lee will be visiting in the San Jacinto Mts. wid family.  CF has been overseeing incorrect spelling on the Club website, and Nicolas told IXN that antenna experimenting will continue, and CF thinks that we sho uld invite Dick Norton to Club meeting to tell us about what projects, directions, etc. that the SW Division should be taking!   AF6C mentioned the Club Bfast Sat. morning, and Bob got Art Goddard’s perspective on the upcoming new SW Division Director…Bob will be off to service more audio book machines at the Braille Institute tomorrow, and AF6C has an IPOD ARRL Audio News to air on the 2m Net tonite.  TOA, hiltop testing his mobile rig tonite, heard all OPs FB, and Wayne spoke the classic statement of the evening, “Politicians are like diapers…They need to be changed often!”  IXN continued reading more chapters frm Bob Haven’s letter, and TOA’s sigs were S7 at the QTH.  WP told OPs that a toroid around the fuel pump wire might eliminate sum engine noise in Fords…Willie also gave Wayne an S8 sig rpt wid slightly weak audio.


10/03/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, VDP, KFW, and AF6C.   CF, wid gud sigs on all, improved his 10m sigs by re-positioning the coax…Now Nicolas plans to work on better grounding.  VDP heard breath noise on IXN, and Larry now a building permit to improve hia mother’s house on the new property in Golden Valley.  VDP, IXN & Lee, all watched the Huell Howser tape on the City of Orange wid Watson’s Drug Store featured as having the only original soda fountain in Orange County.  AF6C will give VDP a 2007 Allied Electronics Catalogue at next Club meeting, and Bob then aired ARRL Audio News for Sept. 28…Wid the Spectrum Defense Fund, ARRL will continue to fight BPL interference and spectrum encroachment…And ARRL Awards can be viewed on  On Oct. 19-21, 10,000 amateur radio stations world-wide will introduce boy & girl scouts to amateur radio!…Tnx, Bob!…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:13 hrs. local time.


10/10/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, W6MD(Chuck), TOA, N9FAA/m(Dave), IXN, and HC.  CF’s new ground system improved his sigs abt 2 S units!  MD didn’t have a sig rpt fer Nicolas, and Chuck said it was warm in the shack.  TOA wasn’t aware that ARRL had made a final ruling in the Gardenias case, and OPs were not familiar wid Winlink 2000 communications.  IXN told OPs that there has been a significant increase in seismic activity in CA, wid an EQ swarm taking place in th Geysers area in N. CA.  AF6C is looking fer Axial Capacitors…Give Bob a call if you know of a source.  FAA was mobile on the Angeles Crest Hwy, and Dave asked about CF’s antenna.  IXN and OPs were interested in HC’s DXpedition to the St. Brandon Is. east of Madagascar…Arnie will give a presentation to the Club on the 3B7C DXpedition at a future Club meeting!


10/10/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN  checked in JD, TOA, HC, ASP, HTW/m, CF, and AF6C.  JD welcomed his 1st great great grandaughter into the world.  TOA txned OPs fer news abt Carl Gardenias being dropped from the SW Div. Director ballot.  HC, wid the 2m/440 rig in service on a 2m DX cluster, was using 2 watts frm the HT, wid gud sigs at NC’s QTH!  KI6ASP(Tom), in Torrance tonite, (QTH in Mira Mar, will be helping out wid a hundred mile run in San Diego at the time of the Club Auction.  W6HTW/m(Hank) is awaiting permits to put up a tower…HTW’s long wire antenna is now lying on the treetops!  Busy wid a call abt a computer problem, AF6C checked in near Nte’s end, telling OPs that Pitt lost to Navy!…Bob will be off to do mor talking book repairs tomorrow, and AF6C then aired Oct. 5 ARRL Audio News…AD1B has antennas fer HTs…Carl Gardenias is disqualified to run for SW Div. Director…Audio News ended at 21:27 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


10/17/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in YCJ/6, LDC, IXN, HK, HHC, CF, and JOR.  YCJ has known HK since the old days in the Wheaton RC in Ill., and OPs confirmed Ken’s inquiry abt the Club Auction this Friday.  LDC, bk in town frm Acton in FB time despite the tie-up on the 5 Fwy, will pick up sum toroids at the candy store in an attempt to eliminate an audio problem.  IXN & Lee, off to the San Jacinto Mts. over the weekend, finished reading the Bob Haven letter.  HHC, AF6C, and IXN told OPs that Don Klos, W6OOH, was an import frm the Wheaton RC…Don was in the OCARC in and around 1982 and he passed away in 1986…HK knew OOH during Don’s Wheaton days.  HK…THE KENS RULE TONITE!!…HK was president of the Wheaton ARC in 1956, and Ken says he will advertise the OCARC Auction on the OC RACES Net.  HHC thanked HC fer running auction blurps, and Ken told OPs that he & Diane got ‘stuck in Paris’ fer a day wid the airline picking up expenses, so Ken & XYL enjoyed a couple of meals at two different French restaurants!…What luck!  CF tnxed HHC fer the email & pictures.  JOR checked in to hear the remainder of the Bob Haven letter, and IXN contacted John by landline to thank him on behalf of the OCARC for sending his contact info. wid Bob our way!


10/17/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KFW, YCJ, CF, AF6C, KSI, EVX, TOA, AC6LX(Gene), and HHC.  HHC told OPs that Auction rules can be found in Sept. ‘RF’ on the Club website.  JD told OPs that he has an attic ant., then Lowell kicked bk to listen to the Net.  KFW/m & XYL were on their way home frm din-din, and YCJ is looking forward to the Club Auction Fri. eve.  HHC told YCJ that the last two auctions were vy successful!  CF is abt to interface the rig wid the computer using a Tigertronics adapter, and Nicolas will attend the Club Auction.  LX, in Crestline, didn’t feel the 4.3 event near Wrightwood, but said they felt the Elsinore event during the past week.  EVX checked in to hear the ARRL Audio News, but AF6C told OPs that ARRL failed to broadcast the Oct. 12 edition!…And Bob heard LX’ sigs frm Crestline.  OPs tnxed HHC fer the email and pix of he & Diane’s trip to the Meditteranean, and Ken will be a bachelor this weekend as Diane attends the daughter-in-law baby shower.


10/24/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, HHC, LDC, IXN, CF, and WP.  CCD, just bk frm a trip to Belgium and England, heard CF’s sigs fer the 1st time, and Tom found visiting relative grave sites in Belgium frm the WW1 era vy interesting…Then Tom was off to din-din.  AF6C kept OPs informed of world series scores throughout the Net, as Boston crushed Colorado in the 1st game.  CF told HHC abt ant. Improvements, and CCD told Ken that he didn’t try the Belgium beer.  HHC did say that daughter Michelle & family had a fire scare frm a blown up transformer during the wind-storm.  WP checked into Net at a Boston score of 11 to 1 wid strong sigs at NC QTH frm the off-center dipole…And Willie was under the WX fer the Club auction.  LDC & OPs are watching the devastating fires in San Diego & Orange counties, and LDC is off to a Halloween party tomorrow.  IXN described damage to the auto after surviving an 80+ mi/hr dust storm on the Ramona Expressway last Sunday evening.  AF6C has an ARRL Audio News to air on the 2m Net.


10/24/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, W6FKX/m(new vanity call!), AF6C, KFW, and FVX.  FVX checked in wid a RACES report on the southland fires, wid 57% containment fer the Santiago fire.  IXN reported auto damage (wind & paint) frm high winds last Sunday nite on the Ramona Expressway, and JD said that when he was growing up in Nevada, one could expect to change auto window glass and get a paint job abt every other year!…And Lowell & XYL have been staying in the QTH out of the foul air frm the fires.   HHC has sum great pix of fires in Orange County, and Ken has been trying to avoid the smelly air at work.   Ken asked KFW & IXN if they had heard any news abt Rick, EUB…Nil on both accounts!   HHC gave FKX/m a gud sig rpt.  AF6C put the IPOD on battery charge in preparation for airing ARRL Audio News, and HHC & OPs send along thanks to CF, VDP, and Paul fer auctioneer services last Fri. eve.  Also OPs tnx HHC & AF6C fer gud records keeping at the Auction.   AF6C reported a ‘twisted anemometer’ frm the high winds, and KFW & AF6C reported a Boston win 13 to 1!  Congrats are in order fer Doug, FKX, on his upgrade to XTRA and new vanity call!  AF6C said auction proceeds will pay for Club yearly insurance wid leftover money fer the kitty!  KFW can still smell heavy smoke at the QTH. AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer Oct. 19…The WRC ’07 meeting begins Monday Oct 29, wid new U.S. shared freq. allocations between 5.140 - 5.260 MHz…There were 160 items fer the ARRL Auction!…Want to make more contacts in a contest?  CALL CQ!…ARRL Audio News ended at 21.36 local time…Tnx, Bob!  AF6C then told OPs abt Art Goddard’s upcoming DXpedition to Madeira Is. off the coast of Morroco near the Azores…Art will run a DX Contest to see how many Club members can make contact!…Wid contact success, Art will give a presentation to the Club on the DXpedition!


10/31/2007 10m Phone Net – HALLOWEEN!…Many OPs are busy taking care of ghosts & goblins!  Wid AF6C’s antennas out of order due to roof repairs, HHC assumed NC duties for the Net.  W6ZE/HHC checked in CF, IXN, DKV, and AB.  CF, a bdchelor for the evening, resurrected a 30 yr old YAESU amplifier (FL2100B) to boost his sigs wid great success!  HHC says Club OPs are making contact wid Art Goddard and the CQ9K Dxpedition on Madeira Is. Off the coast of Morocco, and IXN gives CF a gud sig rpt at the QTH…Then Bob read a short description of Madeira Island.  DKV, whose name is NOEL, not Noil, checked in frm the Hollywood Hills, and IXN gave Noel and OPs parameters of the 10/30 5.6 mag. EQ on the Calaveras Fault near Malpitas, CA.  AB, wid audio distortion, remedied the problem by re-arranging a few wires, etc.  HHC said that Club OPs have made abt 20 contacts wid the CQ9K Dxpedition…Now fer that Club Presentation frm Art Goddard on the Dxpedition!


10/31/2007 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, HHC, and AF6C.  CF’s old amplifier was purchased wid less than the funds to purchase an amplifier at today’s prices!  HHC said that a design review will probably be done by next week, and that Ken has another management employee taking care of the foreign trips abroad!…And Ken & OPs have had a steady stream of ghosts & goblins at their doors!  IXN said most of the kids had tapered off by 8:40 pm.  AF6C checked in wid gud audio and white noise on a HT wid rubber ducky ant…Bob is pleased wid present roof work and plans to have roofers put in a conduit to the attic for roof cables…Bob also had lots of trickers & treaters!

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