11/07/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in CF, IXN, and HK.  AF6C’s new roof is now on the QTH, but, the antennas are not up as yet!  HHC just got bk frm Pgh, PA., after his 93 yr old mom passed away, and, Ken picked up some kolbasi!  IXN’s sigs were low at CF’s QTH, but IXN had gud copy on Nicolas’ sigs tonite…CF said that only 5 Board members were at the Sat. Bfast, and that the Club picked up a new member!  HK has a 97 yr old mom bk in Chicago, and Ken must leave early fer a meeting…Ken also reported a 96% control of the Silverado fire at present, and, IXN reported on increased seismic activity in Nevada & California.


11/07/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, CF, FKX, HTW/m, AF6C/HT, KFW, EVX, and KC6TII(Danny).  JD is enjoying the cooler WX and is looking forward to TG!  CF, wid gud sigs, changed the rig for another one.  FKX checked in using a magmount ant. upstairs tonite…Doug enjoyed the geology trip in the High Sierra last weekend wid his geology class…Now it’s off to Joshua Tree wid the family fer a lil camping!  EVX must have an OP get his low band rig programmed so that he can check into the 10m Net, and Hank, W6HTW/m, checked in frm La Habra Heights.  Danny, KC6TII, checked in frm Anaheim.  Hank said Danny’s sigs were 7 to 8 S-units in La Habra Heights.   AF6C checked into Net on the HT wid sum white noise on his sigs, and KFW was a happy Grandpa tonite…His niece won all events at the World Rollerskating/Dancing Competition in Australia, taking the gold!…She’ll be on Cool Kids on Channel 7 tomorrow afternoon between 4:30 & 5:00pm.!…Send our congrats to her, Chris!


11/14/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C chcked in HK, IXN, AB, HHC, and HC.   AF6C abruptly left the 2m Net last week when his battery ‘pooped out’!…But, Bob’s QTH now has a new roof, the ants. have been re-installed, and Bob’s sigs and audio are FB tonite!…And AF6C said DX was great on 20m frm JAs and the Phillipines.  HK says we’ll soon need digital-to-analog converters for our old TV sets, and Ken was at home when they set off the blast at Anaheim stadium fer an emergency drill…Check out to be ‘in  the know’ on emergency communications and drills!  IXN & AF6C briefly discussed municipal roof inspectors and IXN read a blurp on Baptistina meteoroids.  AB had great sigs tonite, and Steve and AF6C briefly discussed aluminum coat on plyboard.  HHC brought the 7.8 mag. EQ to OP’s attention, and Ken did not participate in the Statewide Emergency Drill since the ‘Salt Mine’ demanded his immediate attention!  HC congrats AF6C on the new roof and re-erected ants…And Arnie said the tsunami watch had been cancelled as HC was finishing his Miller Hy-Life!


11/14/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, KFW, HHC, and HC.  Since the whole family can’t get together fer TG this year, JD, the XYL, and some of the family will become restaurant officianados on TG!  AF6C, wid IPOD ready to be loaded wid ARRL Audio News, told OPs that the bearing in the wind monitor of his WX station went kaput and was slowly bringing wind speed to a grinding halt!…And Bob and PFA will be bk at the Braille Institute tomorrow to refurbish more cassette recorders.  KFW and XYL will TG wid family at his daughter’s home, and JD & KFW both plan to attend Club elections Fri. eve.  HHC wondered if KFW had seen the signs ‘Chris fer President’ floating around…HI!  Wid DLA on a Pacific cruise, HHC & OPs were absolutely certain that Bruce missed any tsunami or shock waves frm the EQ of Chile…And, Diane will host the clan at the QTH fer TG.   Arnie & XYL, wid not much family left arnd here anymore, will TG at a restaurant, and, ATTN: OCARC Program Chmn: Let’s have Arnie, N6HC, give us a presentation soon on the 3BC7 DXpedition to St. Brandin Is.!   AF6C then aired the Nov 9 Edition of ARRL Audio News…Motorola makes a bid to take over YAESU, to take over 80% of Vertex Standard (owners of YAESU)!…Tnx, Bob  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:29 hrs. local time.


11/21/2007 10M Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, LZH(in Pasadena), and HHC. ’Twas the night before TG and most OPs were probably involved preparing for tomorrow’s festivities!


11/21/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in JD, AF6C, and KB6YK(Dennis), in Santa Ana.  Dennis discovered OCARC at the Orange County Fair Amateur Radio Booth.  Again, TG festivities stole most of our usual check-ins! Normal 2M Net Control, IXN, was off near Lake Hemet for TG.


11/28/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HC, HHC, AB, IXN, CCD, and PFA.  AF6C said that there was no ARRL Audio News for TG week, and Bob will be heading back East soon fer the holidays…Now, to get that flu shot!  CF had a ’lil noise at the QTH but copied OPs well…IXN hears Nicolas Q5 now, but IXN’s sigs are still weak at CF’s QTH.   HHC & AF6C both had high QRN tonite, while IXN and HC had little, or no noise!  HC is looking fer an old windows 98 computer that still works…Got one taking up room?…Arnie will take it off your hands!…And HC alerted OPs abt the 150m Contest this weekend.  HHC reminded OPs that the Club Christmas Dinner is less than two weeks away, and that the Club Bfast is Saturday next!…Then Ken gave IXN the check-ins to the 2m Net on Nov. 21…IXN and Lee TG’d in the San Jacinto Mts.  AB has computer problems…Steve opens up a 2nd window in email, and voila!…All his email disappears!…AB will be at the Club Bfast come Sat., and Steve will attend the Club Christmas Dinner.  HC gave IXN some great tips on health insurance as Bob prepares for a cataract operation in Feb.  CCD also told Bob that he will enjoy his new lens after the surgery, and Tom picked up a GAP ant. frm a friend in the Barstow area who is moving bk East.   PFA told AF6C to check wid DLA to see if Bruce will be going to repair audio book machines tomorrow, and Tom told OPs abt an errant switch in an apartment rental that made a big POP, plunging all into interior darkness…Tommy found out why the tape had been placed over the switch!…HI!


11/28/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, CF, EVX, AF6C, YK, HHC, HTW, and HC.  JD TG’d wid family at Mimi's in Tustin, gud food, vy reasonable!…And JD has most of the Christmas shopping done!  AF6C copied YK Q5…And Bob experienced S5 to S7 noise levels on 10m tonite!…Bob also got the DC501 Tektronix Freq. Counter wid the precision time base oscillator working.  YK, on an HT, might find a magmount ant. will work better than a rubber ducky, and Dennis is familiar wid the Club webpage.  HHC gave IXN the 2m Net check-ins fer the 21st, and Ken has his eye on the EICOM 756 Pro 3 to be raffled at the Christmas dinner!…HHC had 14 family members TG at the QTH wid a gud poker party to finalize things!  HTW & Judy entertained a couple frm Hacienda Hts.on TG wid din-din at the QTH & dessert in Fontana.   HC checked in using 2W into a Ringo Ranger ant. wid the FT-207 HT, wid FB sigs…Arnie will be unable to attend the Christmas din-din.

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