12/05/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, IXN, MD, GEN, and HHC.  AF6C mentioned the comet.  However, IXN could only see a fuzzball with binoculars in a very dark sky in the San Jacinto Mts.!   CF had low sigs on all OPs, and Nicolas hasn’t seen the comet.  MD says the beam makes a difference on AF6C’s sigs, and, Chuck will attend the Christmas dinner and maybe buy some raffle tickets!   IXN reported audio distortion on AF6C’s sigs…some audio processing adjustments removed the distortion.  AF6C worked  some on the website, printed some certificates & badges, and plans to give HHC the ‘blue box’ to interface ARRL Audio News while he is bk East…AF6C also talked wid BWH bk in North Dakota by SKYPE…How does 6 deg. above zero sound fer a nice cool temp!  HHC got the Christmas tree in the stand, and now it awaits Diane’s trimming expertise.  HHC is RF editor for Dec.


12/05/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, GEN, KD6DKH/m(Fred), KFW, HHC, YK, AF6C, W6DQE(Rick), HC, and KG6WTQ.  CF & IXN have not decorated fer Christmas yet, and Nicolas & XYL will be out this weekend looking fer kitchen appliances.  DKH, located abt 10 miles east of Redlands, in Calla Mesa, checked in mobile tonite.  KFW lets the XYL do most of the Christmas shopping, and Chris tells OPs that Pittsburgh, PA, temp is down to 17 deg. above zero!  HHC, wid Christmas lights up last weekend, has great sigs on DQE!…And Ken reminded all OPs abt the Club Christmas Dinner wid many gud prizes to be raffled off!  BYK will decorate this weekend, and AF6C, choking on a sip of tea, will be off to Plimpton, south of Boston, vy soon fer the Holidays.  HC checked wid AF6C on the status of an old windows 98 computer, and Arnie & XYL will celebrate Hannekah during the holidays.,  Robert, WTQ, ‘flew in and flew out’.  Rick, DQE, in Simi Valley, Ventura County, has a 2m beam up 20ft using 350W wid great sigs into Orange County!   AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer Nov. 30…160m CW Contest took place Dec 1-2…The 9th annual SKYWARN event took place Dec. 1…Five new Section Managers will be installed Jan 1…Arrl Audio News concluded at 21:36 hrs local time.


12/12/07 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, GEN, and HHC.   After the ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ discussion on the Net, IXN went on the web to discover that Dunkin’ Donuts chain has not yet expanded westward, but plans to do so in the near future. AF6C measured 0.48” of rain frm the past two storms, and, Bob plans to take off Mon. eve. bk East to Plimpton, Mass., just south of Boston, arriving on Tues. morning just in time to meet his sister and visit a Dunkin’ Donuts fer sum coffee.  IXN, wid Q5 copy on all OPs, read a short blurp abt trouble wid new solar panels on the ISS.  GEN, already booked, will not attend the Club Christmas Party Fri. eve., and Chet experienced sum flutter on OP sigs being in the flight path to John Wayne Airport.  HHC received a ‘Lord of the Rings’ DVD back frm AF6C, and, Dec. Ed.  Ken has the Dec. issue of ‘RF’ up on the webpage…HHC received GEN’s sigs S7 at the QTH in Orange.


12/12/07 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in WTQ, CF, HHC, FKX, and AF6C.  CF & XYL, out shopping fer furniture fer the granddaughter, missed the 10m Net tonite, and Nicolas had QRN at the shack (Christmas lights, no doubt).  WTQ will be home fer Christmas wid Family, and FKX & HHC are both going to win the 756 PRO at the the Christmas din-din!…Hmmmmmmmm!  And FKX took his geology students on a couple of excellent field trips to the ‘Race Track’(moving stones) in Death Valley, and, to the Portuguese landslide area…And Doug also picked up a Diamond antenna.  AF6C, anticipating his trip bk to Plimpton, Mass.,(Br-r-r-r) wid possibly a frozen pond and brook, is looking fer a white Christmas…Bob then aired ARRL Audio News for Dec. 7…Ham radio once agn comes to the rescue in recent storms in the Pacific Northwest…A KWM-2 amplifier has been converted to handle CW…Repeater operators must control their repeaters other than by the input frequency…The 2008 Spectrum Defense Fund needs your support to defeat BPL interference.  Go to for more info!…Tnx, Bob!  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:14 hrs. local time.


12/19/07 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in CF, IXN, AF6C(/SKYPE), and GEN.  HHC SKYPEs in AF6C thru from Plimpton, Mass.  It was 7 deg. above when Bob arrived back East.  And CF spoke to AF6C by SKYPE last night.  AF6C said that his sister’s Internet bk East is much faster than out here!…And Bob, busy meeting relatives,  has already done sum Christmas shopping bk East.  GEN was receiving SKYPE sigs at S5 tonite, then HHC put OPs to the test following him up and down the band wid Ken’s wandering 757!…HHC thinks loose connections may be the necessary correction during a quick inspection!  HHC also locked the dial on the rig to improve freq. stability.  AF6C took $50 wid him to buy a Christmas tree and he bought one for .50!…How’s that for a deal!…And, Bob will do a ’lil house fixing fer his sister while on vacation.  IXN is busy running Lee back & forth from St. Annes School for the Christmas play, and HHC has ARRL Audio News ready to air on the 2m Net.


12/19/07 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, AF6C(/SKYPE), FKX, WTQ, and AF6CF.  JD was using the new ICOM that he won at the Christmas dinner, wid beautiful audio, Lowell!  And HHC was all set up fer AF6C on SKYPE tonite, and Ken will attend a COAR luncheon Sat. afternoon where a list of Baker-to-Vegas OPs will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion.  AF6C stepped outside on the crusty snow in low-cut shoes, broke thru, and sunk abt 1 ft into the snow, so, on go the boots fer his next trip outside!  And Bob says that people, mixed in among the snow piles, are being injured by snow plows!…Aren’t you glad you’re in CA!…HI!  FKX said it took him a day to digest the food he ate at the Christmas dinner…Now Doug is off to watch his daughter in a presentation of the Nutcracker, then Thurs. nite to a West Coast Club meeting.  CF & XYL, arriving late at the Christmas dinner from grandaughter baby sitting, found food, cameraderie, and activities excellent!  Then CF told OPs abt W6CRO & KI6FF who want to start a 2m net on 144.230 simplex SSB on Tues. & Thurs. eves.  HHC said that W6GMU is editor for Jan. ‘RF’, and Ken then aired the 12/14/07 edition of the ARRL Audio News…The ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund needs donations…ARRL has plaques, clothing, pins, etc., for club awards…League Hdqtrs will be closed over the holidays, and their will be NO Audio News for Dec. 21 & 28 or Jan 4!…Tnx, Ken! ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:21 hrs. local time.


12/26/07 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in IXN.  Looks like most OPs were away fer Christmas, or, too busy playing wid their new toys to check in!  IXN & Lee spent Christmas eve at their nephew’s home in Garden Grove, and HHC, wid SKYPE tuned & Trim, in hopes that AF6C will soon be coming in!  HHC said that AR Newsline is on the IPOD ready for airing on the 2m Net, and Ken said that he & Diane drove around the area at night enjoying all the Christmas decorations.  On Christmas, we all went to Church, Ken & Diane had breakfast out, then Christmas evening, HHC & Diane feasted the clan at the QTH!


12/26/07 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, AF6C(/SKYPE), CF, EVX, and HTW.  JD HNYd all OPs, and Lowell had a good Christmas wid family, presents, and gud meals!…Now it’s a haircut tomorrow and go shopping tomorrow wid the XYL & the gift certificates, then kick back!  HHC said the grandkids made out like gangbusters, wid one detective finding all of HHC’s lost sprinkler heads in the backyard wid his new metal detector!…And HHC checked into a quiet work day wid all the programmers busy at it!…Then SKYPE came alive wid AF6C checking in frm Plimpton, Mass. at 37.6 deg. F. outside the QTH!   Bob said that it had been raining thus melting most of the snow…AF6C told JD that a former fellow employee had passed away the day before Christmas, and, Bob ended up wid a few toys fer the computer, plus enjoying visits wid all the relatives.  CF, wid gud sigs on all, had a late lunch & early din-din on Christmas, wid daughter & new boyfriend at the QTH (Nicolas pronounced him ‘human’..HI!)…CF’s other daughte & family were all off skiing. HTW checked in on the HT wid a magmount ant. wid gud sigs wid a wee bit of white noise.  HHC then aired AR Newsline #1584 dtd 12/21/2007…Amateur radio once again scores a plus wid Pacific NW emergency groups providing communications during storms from Dec 2 - 8…Amateur volunteer OPs are still at odds wid the Red Cross over reporting their personal private info…Arthur C. Clark died at 90…St. Barthelemy Is., prefix FJ, is a new DX contact eligible fer ham awards…ARISS now has two new antennas aboard the ISS…German amateurs now have a FREE 6m amateur band…Andy Jurima, N6TEQ, requests donations for ARNEWSLINE…Your support is needed!…Thanks, Ken!

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