02/06/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HC, HHC, GEN, and IXN.  AF6C stripped the bathroom floor and refinished it…Bob now has an irritated nose & throat frm the dust!…And Bob has placed a 75th OCARC anniversary banner & a dues paid update on the website.  CF & XYL are still eating frm the microwave…The new kitchen counter tops have not yet arrived!  HC is looking forward to the DX Contest next weekend while watching Huell Howser tour a microwave site on TV, and Arnie is looking forward to a DXpedition to Clipperton Island come March.  AF6C surprised himself when he found a sought-after connector at Radio Shack, and Bob told IXN that he has ARRL Audio News ready fer the 2m Net.  HC has promised to give the Club a powerpoint presentation on the 3B7C DXpedition in the near future.  HHC & OPs told AF6C that his audio quality was FB tonite.  Chet-GEN told HHC & OPs that he enjoyed the eyeball-conversations at last Club meeting.


02/06/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, AF6C, HHC, and FKX.  CF is recovering frm a cold and hopes that workers will finish kitchen countertops Friday.  HHC told IXN that disasterous snow slides at Mammoth are prevented by using a canon & dynamite to remove suspected loose snow pack.   Ken  said that the choppy sound bursts QRN heard between 12 to 15 MHz may be manmade!…WB6FCP also detected a 360 Hz tone!  FKX will hold a kick-off meeting tomorrow to prepare 30 people, including his ‘Geology at Different Environments’ students, for an upcomong 6-day trip to Grand Canyon…They will all take 4 conditioning hikes first.  AF6C, resting his voice after refinishing the kitchen floor, aired ARRL Audio News at 9:01 hrs.PST…The ARRL website is being re-designed…NTIA continues administration policy of falsifying numbers concerning Broadband Over Power Lines users, thousands upon thousands of users, while the FCC says about 5,000 users!…ARRL Audio News concluded at 9:18 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


02/13/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HHC, IXN, N1AB, and HC.  OPs agreed wid AF6C that no Club vote would be necessary to send flowers to JD in the Kaiser Hospital.  CF heard IXN’s sigs well tonite, and AF6C’s sister, visiting from the cold Northeast, is enjoying the warmth from the QTH fireplace tonite.  HHC told Ops that JD will soon be sent to a rehab Center.   Ken said that XYL Diane just got home from the gem show in AZ, wid more goodies, ofcourse!  Also, Ken and WB6FCP are putting together a couple of noise detectors in an attempt to locate an annoying QRN source on 20m.  IXN read a short news item concerning SO2 as the culprit in the elimination calcium compounds long ago on Mars.  AB, getting over the flu, has volunteered to operate the GOTO station this year at FD, and OPs told Steve that the new Heil headset has really improved his audio sigs.  IXN will forward the 2nd club history article to AF6C & HHC.  HC joined us during a short discussion on the flu and shot down IXN’s theory that the flu virus attacks other organs after initial infection subsides…reason…there is no research to support it…Then Arnie said that he is still vy busy getting ready fer the Dxpedition to the Clipperton Is, and, the Club will be eagerly awaiting Arnie’s Dxpedition program at the April meeting.



02/13/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, HHC, FKX, CCE, KBWH/SKYPE (via HHC’s QTH), AF6C, and GW.  CF has S8 sigs at IXN’s QTH tonite, and Nicolas said other OP sigs were weaker.   HHC is looking fer a smaller turnout at Fri. Club meeting wid the CW Contest in competition wid us!   HHC said that Lowell-JD is now in rehab.  Linda wid her Coffee Clutch and running the store,  and BWH now calling bingo games and making friends around the countryside, leads one to ask, “When will Bob run for Mayor of Sheldon, ND.?”…Bob said that temps are ranging between 0 – 18 deg. F. at present, wid bare patches of ground showing in the snow fields.  FKX knows all about ND WX, Doug spent 4 years in WY!…Just bk wid his students frm a trip to San Onofre and the Christianitos Fault, Doug is looking forward to the Grand Canyon trip.  CCE is now researching a new 1x2 call to go wid his new XTRA ticket…In LA on Friday, Kenan will miss Club meeting.  AF6C loaded the IPOD wid ARRL Audio News fer 2/8/08 and aired the News starting at 21:06 hrs local time…There are some rules changes fer GOTA stations on FD, including bonus points…Watch QST for these changes!…Don’t forget the ARRL DX Contest this weekend, and the NTIA report on BPL is a snow job…There is no reliable data to support their claim of 231,000 BPL users!…Tnx, Bob.  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:26 hrs. local time.  GW, wid more leisure time at her new job, is once again playing wid a music ensemble at Orange Coast…(Way to go, Cori!)


02/20/2008 10m Phone Net - Wid HHC, CF, and IXN checked in early, W6ZE/AF6C then checked in AB, WP, and KBWH/SKYPE, frm HHC’s QTH.  CF, wid S7 sigs, briefly discussed the upcoming 75th Reunion of the OCARC…(no time set as yet).  AF6C suggested that AB’s temporary badges be inscribed wid names of possible attendees to the Club reunion, and AB said that the US shot down a satellite 20 yrs. ago.  IXN’s sigs were weak at CF’s QTH, but CF’s sigs were S7 at IXN’s QTH!  AF6C said Sept. was best month for a reunion wid the Oct. Club Auction, the Nov. elections, and the Dec. Christmas dinner already on the Club agenda.  HHC & IXN both talked wid JD, who seems to be feeling better and plans to leave the rehab center soon.  AF6C alerted all to the Duci Is. DXpedition now in progress: TX 21.295 MHz, listen 21.310 MHz.  AF6C, working on bills, is ressurecting an old Mac 8600 computer, and will soon pick up a new memory battery frm Digikey.  IXN told OPs to forget the 7:00 pm lunar eclipse wid the cloudy skies, and el Presidente, WP, told OPs that he bought a used diesel pick-up truck that he plans to convert to bio-fuel!…OPs wondered if we will smell french fries when Willie passes by!…Willie had a ’lil QRN on his sigs but his audio was FB. Bob-BWH, cozy inside wid the snow & chilly WX outside, told OPs that canola, soy bean, and B-100 oils are already in use as bio-fuels in North Dakota…And Bob had a beautiful view of the lunar eclipse under clear skies!


02/20/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in N8WP, CF, AF6C, FKX, HHC wid BWH/SKYPE (frm North Dakota), VDP, and GW.  IXN is doing his taxes, and WP just bought an F-250 Super Duty diesel truck which he plans to convert to bio-fuel!  Kitchen renovations have slowed at CF’s QTH…seems the old ‘increase the budget routine’ after original estimates has slipped into the turkeyworks!  However Nicolas & XYL hope to have the new stove installed and be cooking in the kitchen by next month!   AF6C has an ARRL Audio News to air later in the Net, and Bob enjoyed an eyeball wid FKX at the Club bfast. WP told Doug that bio-fuel acts like a detergent in the engine, keeping parts clean!  HHC said the Navy has shot down a spy satellite, and Ken told FKX that he has FB sigs tonite.  HHC also mentioned that he & IXN had talked wid JD who is presently doing FB & Hopes to be out of rehab soon.  BWH said that two farms will be using bio-diesel next year, and Bob may set up a tank fer biodiesel.  BWH said biodiesel fuel is hard on rubber hoses!  VDP aid he saw a program on the Science channel at 10 pm that showed a group of young people running around the country in an old truck testing the viability of bio-fuel use.  VDP also worked the Duce Is. DXpedition on 18 & 21 MHz.  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News for Oct. 15 at 21:14 hrs. local time…The European Space Agency’s Columbus Lab is now installed on the ISS…1st digital video operations are possible frm ISS…A new reference manual for ARRL VECs is now available…W1HQ has now been refurbished top to bottom, including new equipment.  ARRL audio News concluded at 21:30 hrs…Tnx, Bob!    GW installed a new car alarm in the auto last weekend to protect the new rig, and both Cori & Jim, UC, are adjusting to their new jobs.


02/27/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HHC IXN, and N5YRJ(Steve).  AF6C is working on some of his mother’s financial papers, and Bob is getting a pair of earphones repaired.  AF6C & IXN briefly discussed nasty weeds growing in their lawns, and AF6C and CF briefly discuss Nicolas’ logo for the 75th anniversary of the OCARC.   HHC and family are off for a week of skiing at Mammoth this weekend, wid Ken picking up a new K-500 lip antenna mount to replace the magmount that kept blowing off in high winds during the last ski trip. HHC was vy pleased wid the 7 prospective clib editors lined up fer future issues of ‘RF’.  YRJ checked in wid gud sigs frm Mission Viejo after being absent frm the Net fer awhile…OPs were glad to hve YRJ’s sigs bk wid us agn.  Most OPs did not copy the QRN S5-S6 sigs at HHC’s QTH!


02/27/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, CF, EH, and AF6C.  AF6C told OPs that he will air this week’s ARRL Audio News at Net’s end, and things have been bustling at CF’s QTH wid kitchen renovations nearing completion, wid microwave installation and cook-top & washer repairs bringing up the rear!  HHC, wid no SKYPE tonite frm BWH in North Dakota, is looking forward to the week of R&R at Mammoth.   And Ken also ha a ’lil fun working VP6DX on Pitcairn Is.  Ken said that WWK visited JD in rehab. and that Lowell is doing FB!  IXN invited EH to join us on the OCWN on Sunday mornings on 7.086 MHz. at 9:00 AM local time…Paul wants to refresh his code.  HHC recommended Flowerdale nursery to AF6C as a source of info. abt destruction of sum vy nasty weeds invading his lawn!  Then AF6C aired Feb. 23 ARRL Audio News…DXCC status has not yet been granted to newly independent Kosovo…The AO-16 satellite has been in strong audio mode for the last month!…Tnx, Bob!   Audio News concluded at 21:14 hrs. local time.   AF6C also told OPs that Harbor Freight was selling a very cheap, excellent digital voltmeter fer $1.99!

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