04/2/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, IXN, GEN, and HHC.   CF asked GEN if he received his email abt SKYPE, and, Nicolas finishes the kitchen renovation project!  IXN turns over findings on John Christopher to AF6C & HHC.  AF6C lists Net check-ins fer last Wed., and Bob tells OPs that the Club will be buying a new tower.  HHC fills OPs in on the big COAR meeting concerning plans fer the upcoming Baker-to-Vegas Run…25 hams were present & will be participating, including el Presidente, WP!   HHC will be wid the communications group at Pahrump, NV…OPs think the Newport Beach is the team fer the OPD team to beat!  GEN confirms receipt of CF’s email on SKYPE, and AF6C tells IXN that he has ARRL Audio News ready fer airing on the 2m Net.


04/2/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in GEN, AF6CF, HHC, AF6C, FKX, and KBWH via SKYPE.  HHC gave last Net check-ins list to IXN, and Ken, running 3 computers, caught a glimpse of BWH on SKYPE, and, wid AF6C & IXN discussing weed control, HHC said it sounded like the ‘Farmers’ Net’!  GEN said that 40m was booming in tonite, but wid QRN at S6!  CF is vy glad that the kitchen refurbishing is finally finished, and AF6C will plant sum tomatoes this year,and wid his new drill press, Bob will be making sum porch repairs.   Tomorrow, AF6C & DLA plan to repair reading machines fer the visually impaired.   BWH, wid 34 deg. temps in Sheldon, ND, has sent XYL Linda by flight frm Fargo to Landers, CA, fer 3 weeks, to visit her brother who is hospitalized.  FKX, wid family & students, are off on a geology trip to the Grand Canyon a week frm tomorrow…On spring break Doug and family trailered to Anza Borrego State Park where they spend time hiking and photographing the desert wildflowers.  AF6C then aired the Mar. 28 ARRL Audio News…The Dayton Hamvention is now moving to a new larger location…All OPs are invited to come operate W1AW at League Hdqtrs…ARRL needs funds to improve League Hdqtrs and fund programs…Contact K1MMH at to make donations…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:41 hrs. local time…Tnks, Bob!


04/9/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in GEN, CF, CCD, IXN, and HHC.  GEN hears Hawaii, Indiana, & Florida on 40 & 20m tonite, and Chet is working on a mobile rig as he prepares for a move to New Mexico, NW of Albuquerque.  AF6C, still pulling weeds, has the ‘jungle’ abt under control…And Bob is looking forward to the Club Reunion come Sept.  HHC, following his nephew Joshua on skiis down ‘Black Diamond’ at Mammoth, loses his balance, kicks off the skiis, and follows Josh down slope fer abt 100 yds on nature’s ‘buttock skiis’!   Ken says that N8WP has some videos that can be used fer fill-ins at Club meetings if a speaker fails to show!  AF6C got all of March Netnews frm IXN.   CCD spent Easter in AZ visiting the kids, and recently, spent 3 days in a houseboat on the Delta.   CF will soon be off on business to El Salvador in Central America.


04/9/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in GEN, KI5BJS(Brad), HHC, TWF, and AF6C.  GEN had gud sigs on all OPs tonite, and Brad, BJS, in Villa Park, was trying out a new power pack.  HHC said abt 90% of the equipment for Baker-to-Vegas is ready to go.  IXN will see which faults, if any, runners in Baker-to-Vegas will cross…HHC says the route follows hwy routes: 127, 178, 372, and 160 from Baker to Las Vegas.  AF6C says  physical therapy is helping his mom after her fall, and Bob quickly downloads 4/4/08 ARRL Audio News to air at Net’s end…21:12 local time…World Amateur Radio Day is scheduled fer Apr. 18…The new ARRL Repeater Directory was displayed at the AES Hamfest and is now shipping to customers…ARRL now offers awards (plaques, certificates, etc.)for Club contests, etc. Try the website: for more info.  The Armed Forces Day Crossband Communications Day is set for May 16.  QSL cards will be issued fer contacts…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:27 hrs local time…Tnx, Bob!


04/16/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, and KI6JVU(Andre), in Pasadena.  Andre’s voice is deep like DEN’s voice and OPs thought he was Chet checking into the Net!  HHC quipped, “Andre and Chet must be cousins!”  AF6C told OPs abt the QS-59 receiver popular in the 1959 era…IXN didn’t remember the it but HHC did!  HHC mentioned a freq. of 13.97 MHz fer medical equipment, and AF6C said QST reviewed the QS-59 receiver in 1959…Bob will send IXN the review info.  IXN was saddened to hear that OUE’s XYL had passed away, and Bob told OPs that there are no major faults under the route of the Baker-to-Vegas Run!   JVU is using a Diamond antenna.  AF6C said that CF is flying home tonite, and Bob is still pulling weeds on the ‘back 40’, also managing to repair a plant pot bench, and, construct a new one to get the plants up off the ground.


04/16/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, HHC, and BWH via HHC(SKYPE).  BWH told OPs that he can hear the Net via Global Tuners/X-Tuners at Long Beach…Just bk frm delivering a load of fuel, BWH plans to feast on sum pizza…Bob told OPs that XYL Linda won’t be home until Apr 22 due to the death of her brother…Bob is having a ’lil high wind but the WX is terrific, and Bob is anxious to try out his late purchase, a 49-50 vintage John Deere 5 HP tractor fer sum Spring planting on 35 acres!  HHC said OPs leave Sat. to set up communications centers at Baker, Pahrump, Shoshone, Sandy Road Valley, and the Las Vegas Hilton, where the Baker-to-Vegas Run will end…A cross-band repeater will allow communications between OPs on both sides of the Nevada mountains…HHC, AF6C, and CF will be located at the Pahrump center.  AF6C has cleaned out the tool shed on the ‘back 40’…Now to mount the new drill press!  AF6C then aired the Apr. 11 ARRL Audio News…Director of the National Hurricane Center praises   ham radio on its past & continued service to NOAA…Kansas passes, and the Governor has signed into law, HB2805, a PRB-1 bill that limits any community restrictions on antennas, antenna heights, etc., which restricts the use of amateur communications for emergency services!…Tnx, Bob!…Audio News ended at 22:00 hrs. local time.


04/23/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, HHC, N1AB, and IXN.   CF heard all sigs FB tonite and he was part of the communications support group fer Baker-to-Vegas along wid AF6C, HHC, WWK & APH, DDE, N8WP, DLA, and CJZ.  AF6C’s knife, left at Pahrump, is in HHC’s possession…A collapsed OPD runner is now OK after treatment at the Pahrump Hospital.   HHC inquired abt Carl Gardenias’ presentation at Club meeting Fri. eve., and IXN told Ken that Carl spoke on ham language & shortcuts used on the air…Coming up this weekend, HHC & Diane & neighbor are off to a bridge party in Palm Springs, and, later this year, HHC & family will be off on a motor home trip to Yellowstone…Ken said that OPD placed 4th in its Division in the Baker-to-Vegas run.  IXN said that KFWB made periodic announcements on Baker-to-Vegas during the event.  HHC also has AF6C’s soup and oranges left in Pahrump, and AF6C told IXN that he has ARRL Audio News ready to air on the 2 meter net.


04/23/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, CF, AF6C, N9QE(Larry), and EVX.  QE, frm Harbor City,   said that 25 ARES OPs frm Fontana helped wid Baker-to-Vegas communications.  AF6C, during a 20 minute wait fer a seafood dinner in Pahrump, deposited sum pennies in a slot machine and hit a jackpot!…That bought Bob to badly needed slide switches fer the IPOD!  IXN will send CF an email wid info. on David Corsiglia, WA6TWF, who has volunteered to speak at a future Club meeting.  QE, Larry, helped ARES, Southwestern Division, wid the Baker-to-Vegas run…They operated frm Vegas westward.   IXN cud not find any record of Baker-to-Vegas run on the web!  EVX announced a need fer OPs fer the Donate For Life event, Apr. 26, in Fullerton, ph: 714-680-4258, or, contact Gene Thorpe,  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 4/18…The Teacher’s Institute in Tampa, Fla., will update classroom teachers in wireless technology & basic robotics, May 15 enrollment deadline, check it out on the ARRL website…Dayton Hamvention outside Dayton, OH, May 16-18…The ARRL Technology Taskforce will coordinate activities in amateur radio with ARRL…Apr 26 is International Marconi Day…Pick up your JARL awards at the Dayton Hamvention…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:25 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob! 


04/30/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8WP, HHC, IXN, GMU, CF, HC, and GEN.  El Presidente, WP, checked in, and, wid noise on the band, Willie ‘flew out’ after saying HI to OPs.  HHC & Diane spent last weekend in Palm Springs playing Bridge wid friends and dining at John Henry’s Restaurant…BWH has the computer turned on in Sheldon ND., but no Bob Buss!  IXN tells OPs that he expects Steve, KI6PMR, in Orange, to check into the 2m Net tonite, and AF6C is preparing fer his sister’s arrival frm the East Coast come Monday.  IXN then looked fer any Club info on NO6W…nil!…And IXN also checked old NARSmen records wid no success!  AF6C will air the late ARRL Audio News, and IXN has weak audio gain on GMU’s sigs tonite.  Since John L. Reynolds, NO6W’s call has been re-assigned, John is either a ‘silent key’, or is unable to operate on the air any longer!  Too bad BWH/ wasn’t at the QTH tonite, for HC, on a ‘doctor job’ near Fargo, ND, was only a few miles NW of Sheldon, ND.!…Arnie said that QSL cards for the Clipperton DXpedition are not yet available, and, HC will be speak to the Club in Oct. on the St. Brandon DXpedition.  CF told OPs that the 7.5 version of the antivirus program AVG has been discontinued, but that the 8.0 version should be available without further charge.   AF6C got the new drill press mounted & ready to go, and Bob put together a new work stand.  GEN shud be able to make the final move to New Mexico by the end of May…Now Chet will have to climb those new telephone poles that he installed to put up his antennas!


04/30/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, GMU, GEN, FKX, HC, CF, AF6C, KFHQC(Fred), W6HCM(Craig), and KI6PMR(Steve).  HHC sees "traces" of KBWH  on SKYPE, but Bob must have been to a bingo game…HI!  HC had been in Wheatland, ND, abt 25 miles W. of Fargo…HHC will send BWH an email.  IXN let OPs hear seismic waves on 163.795 MHz frm a 4+ mag. event in the Anza-Borrego area near Palm Springs.   GMU cudn’t copy too well thru the QRN on 10m, and GEN agreed.  FKX, enjoying the break in the heat, said his geology class had a great time on their visit to study rock formations, etc., in Grand Canyon…Now Doug is looking forward to Field Day!  HC cudn’t hear HQC, Fred, in Rancho Cucamonga, and HC plans to Field Day wid the the Red River AR Assoc. in Wheatland, ND., not too far frm KBWH in Sheldon, ND.    IXN tol CF that he listens to the San Servaine seismometer located on the San Servaine flats in the San Gabriel Mts.  IXN forgot to tell Fred, HQC, that amateur radio seismometers usually don’t register earthquakes below 3 magnitude!  That way, you don’t have to listen to an oscillator tone all the time!  ACM, Craig, in Orange, uses a home-made J-pole ant. up abt 20 ft., and Steve, PMR, also lives in Orange, and we invited HQC, ACM, and PMR to Club meeting fer an eyeball! At 21:39 hrs. local time, AF6C aired ARRL Audio News for Apr. 24, 2008…The U.S. Court of Appeals agreed with at least two arguments in the League’s challenge to BPL interference issues with the FCC, but disagreed wid two remaining issues in favor of FCC rulings which were in the regulatory powers of the FCC…Get ready fer emergency operations during the upcoming hurricane season…In less than 20 days, the Dayton Hamvention is upon us!…Need more info.?  Try .  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:49 hrs. local timer.  Tnx, Bob!

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