05/7/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, CF, JOR, AF6DE(James), and IXN.  HHC can’t find KBWH on the SKYPE radar screen tonite.  Ken is busy wid the Baker-to-Vegas PIXs on OCARC website.  Manufacturing reps have not yet found the cause of CF’s on-off burners on the stove top!…Nicolas turns ’em on, and they promptly turn themselves off!…Stay tuned fer further adventures of Nicolas in the QTH kitchen!  OPs welcomed JOR to retirement, and John has already started a walking regimen fer exercise. He put up a 10m Ringo Ranger ant, snd is now planning a 75 m ant, a Double Bazooka.  DE, James, in Orange, plans to join OCARC!…We’ll all be looking forward to an eyeball at Club meeting!  IXN is looking forward to HC’s presentation on the Brandon Is. DXpedition at Club meeting May 16, and AF6C took his mom to emergency care for an infected scratch on her leg, and, Bob’s sister, seated in front of the TV watching past episodes of “CHEERS”, is in frm the East Coast.


05/7/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JOR, CF, N6FNT(Phil), AF6DE(James), HHC, and AF6C.  JOR had vy strong sigs, being close to IXN’s QTH.  CF still struggles wid the mfg. of his stove to have them send the right parts!  FNT, using 25W and a ‘pie pan’ ant, is not computerized…Phil lives near South Coast Plaza.  IXN could not find any reference to KFWB’s blurps on Baker-to-Vegas, and HHC tells DE that he should contact VDP about stealth antennas.  DE, using an HT wid a rubber ducky ant wasn’t copied by all OPs.  FNT got directions frm AF6C to Club meeting site at the Red Cross, and AF6C used the new drill press to drill holes in the new antenna mounts fer an inverted V ant…Bob then aired ARRL Audio News dtd 5/2/08 at 21:11 hrs…FCC denies use of Amateur frequencies to Miller Motor Sports.  ENCORE(Texas) will use BPL for power outages, possibly meter reading, etc., but must not interfere wid legally licensed radio communications!  Thanks, Bob!


05/14/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HC, DE, CF, NOL, IXN, and HHC.  HC, our Club speaker for Fri. eve. Meeting, will delight us wid a presentation on the St. Brandon Is. Dxpedition (see June QST, pg 65, fer a pix of the crew including Arnie!)  AF6C, wid his sister in town, discussed a projector wid Arnie fer Fri. evening’s presentation.  HHC continues to put PIXs of Baker-to-Vegas up on the website, and Ken said that abt 25 hams participated in Baker-to-Vegas communications for City of Orange OPD running team!  CF had no knowledge abt the projector in the RC Meeting Room, and DE, looking forward to Club meeting Fri. eve., is busy sorting parts in the shack.  AOL said that he and JAY attended the ARDF Championships in Texas…JAY won two silver medals!…Congrats JAY!  IXN finally found a set screw for the pulley on his McClain edger at McFadden-Dale Hardware on Edinger St.   And AF6C has joined the farmer group on the Net…He has put in some tomato plants at the QTH!


05/14/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WP, HC, DE, CF, FNT, HHC, FKX, AF6C, EVX, and PMR.  FD said that Field Day preparations are proceeding nicely, and Willie announced that Sheryl will take orders fer personalized coffee mugs wid OP names on them along wid the Club logo, and, T-shirts, too!  HC, and other Brandon Is. Dxpedition OPs, have a vy nice write-up on the Dxpedition in June QST, pp. 65-67!   DE is using an IC-2200H 2m FM radio, and James is looking forward to Friday Club meeting.  There is abt one repair job left on CF’s kitchen stove before Nicolas & XYL declare it a lemon!  And Nicolas & WP confirm a projector is available for HC’s presentation at Club meeting.   FNT, Phil, in Santa Ana, heard DE Q5…Phil was using a Kenwood 130 rig.  HHC continues to update the website wid Baker-to-Vegas pix, and IXN wonders if the City of Orange publishes a city bulletin like the “CITY LINE”, published bi-monthly by the City of Santa Ana, who generally covers SAPD Baker-to-Vegas wid a nice article.  FKX mentions the 7.9 earthquake in Sechuan Province in China, and reminds OPs that a 7.9 event may rock us within the next 30 yrs.!…And Doug said that plate subduction under Chile was probably responsible for the volcano eruption in Chile.AF6C `flew in and flew out’, and, ARRL did not air an ARRL Audio News for this week.   EVX went outside wid the handheld, finding a hot spot that gave him 5 by 7 sigs!…The Fullerton RC will sponsor “Antennas in the Park” at Kramer Park in Fullerton on May 17 frm 10am to 4pm….Come learn abt antennas!  PMR, Steve, checked in and asked IXN not to forget to bring a copy of the seismic antenna for USGS seismometers.


05/21/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, CF, WRXX/K6IGP(Don), NOL, N1AB, IXN, HHC, HC, and NTF…Nice check-in, OPs!  DE & IXN enjoyed HC’s detailed description of the Brandon Islands DXpedition at Club meeting, and CF contacted Washington state on 10m last Sunday…Nicolas also attended the Baker-to-Vegas de-briefing, and tnxed IXN fer seismic ant. plans.  RXX gets back his old call, K6IGP, and NOL and JAY attended the ‘Antennas in the Park’ where they explained transmitter hunting to the kids.  NOL will be wid the Huntington Beach Hospital group fer Field Day.  AB & XYL attended the daughter’s graduation in Maryland, and Steve talked abt putting a capacitor hat on top of his High Sierra ant.  IXN & Lee will be off to the San Jacinto Mts. over the Memorial Day weekend, and, AF6C will air May 9 ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net.  HC checked in at Net’s end & will follow OPs over to the 2m Net.  HHC sends congrats to AB on his daughter’s graduation, and sends a HI to DE and IGP…And Ken enjoyed Baker-to-Vegas, telling OPs to check out the Club Website fer pix of Baker-to-Vegas! AF6C invites all to attend Field Day!  IXN will give N6NTF(Phil), a book on stealth antennas for apartments & Condos.


05/21/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HC, FNT, HHC, AF6C, FKX, ACM, CF, and AF6C.  DE enjoyed HC’s presentation at Club meeting on the Brandon Is. DXpedition, and James bought new Heil headphones.  HC told OPs that Chip Margelli, K7JA, was honored at the Dayton Hamvention, being inducted into the CQ Amateur Hall of Fame!…Congrats, Chip!  HC also offers to help FNT wid any antenna problems.  HHC said GE to James & Phil(FNT), and Ken didn’t have any SKYPE check-in frm KBWH in Sheldon, ND…HHC told OPs to check out the 30 pix of Baker-to-Vegas on the website!  FKX will take his Fall semester geology students on field trips to Death Valley & Owens Valley, but summer will see Doug & family wine testing up the Central Coast!  ACM wants to learn more abt Field Day, and Craig has enjoyed the last 3 OCARC meetings.  CF & XYL get their daily exercise pressing down with mighty strength and turning the kitchen stove gas burner valves to get gas to the burners!…Hmmm!…Was Nicolas’ new stove made by ‘New Innovations, Inc’?! CF told FNT that he has a J-pole ant. in the attic.  AF6C congrats Cheryl on getting her General ticket, and Bob will be volunteering at the Braille Institute tomorrow…AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer May 9…Field Day will be held on June 28 & 29…Interested in happenings on 500 Kc?…Try .  Also check out amateur activity on …Tnx, Bob!…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:31 hrs. local time.  HC reminded OPs to check out the Chinese Terracotta Statues displayed at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, and Arnie commented on the light attendance at the Dayton Hamvention this year.


05/28/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in PEQ, LDC, DE, FNT, CF, and IXN.  After greetings to all, PEQ told OPs that Kristin and he had a BLAST at the Dayton Hamvention, and Dan said he can’t wait fer FD next month!…And PEQ said that 28,400 MHz heas been open into Oregon and Washington.  AF6C mentioned Schorr Metals for those needing aluminum tubing fer antennas.  LDC & XYL are not planning a Montana vacation this year so Larry plans to FD wid the Club.  PEQ plans hernia surgery in the near future, and LDC warns Dan abt laughing after surgery.  LDC will soon have aortic valve surgery, and AF6C sent DE his Club badge…And DE plans to operate 6m FM come Field Day.  DE checked FNT into Net as Phil still isn’t happy wid the HF rig tuning.  AF6C told OPs that HHC’s 4-month old grandaughter is in the hospital wid a fractured skull injury received during moving into a new house!  CF & AF6C went to the Anaheim Club meeting to hear a presentation by Art Goddard, to be given to OCARC at a later date!  IXN & Lee had a tire blow out after a showdown wid a piece of sharp metal on the Ramona Expressway near Perris early Monday evening on the way home from the San Jacinto Mts.


5/28/08 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, DE, FNT, HC, ACM, BWH/, and AF6C.  Wid HHC absent, we cudn’t SKYPE BWH, in Sheldon, ND, fer a gud QSO…Bob was listening to us over a repeater in Long Beach.  CF said that the AARA meeting was vy interesting, and, Nicolas alerted OPs abt supplying OPs fer the Orange County Fair which is not too far away!…And, a change in the hot water thermostat in CF’s auto stopped the overheating problem!  DE was over at the Candy Store(HRO) wid mouth watering over a YAESU FT 450-AT, any mode, wid 6m sideband rig, and James was glad to hear FNT check into Net tonite.  IXN told Phil-N6FNT that he has a book on hidden antennas that he will give him at next Club meeting.  HC said that band condx are ‘El Stinko’, and HC wished LDC the vy best on his upcoming heart repair surgery.  ACM is looking forward to attending the Red Cross Exhibits come Sat.   And AF6C told HC that he hopes Arnie can meet BWH at the Red River RC come Field Day.  HHC’s granddaughter, wid fractured skull, brain swelling, and had surgery to relieve pressure, is in Pediatric-ICU...will be in our prayers!…AF6C’s tomato plants are growing, and Bob has been playing around wid a Hallicrafters RF microvolt generator, output 1 microvolt, to test receiver reception.  At 20:59 hrs., AF6C aired the 5/23/08 ARRL Audio News…Riley Hollingsworth is planning  to retire…The FCC quits legislation on amateur radio rules making…The Red Cross & the League agree on background checks for ham radio volunteers, no credit check involved….During the Olympic Games, 5 Chinese ARS will be on the air 3 days a week, one station for each of the 5 rings of the Olympic symbol…ARRL Audio News ended at 21:17 hrs. local time…Tnks, Bob!

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