06/4/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/ AF6C checked in DE, HHC, IXN, CF, HC, W6JDB(Jay), and K7QXG(Bob).  DE, wid a new 2nd hand YAESU 920 rig, heard JDB FB, and HHC said that his grand daughter is recuperating well at present from a skull fracture, and XYL Diane is busy harvesting & packaging boysenberries at the QTH.  IXN said that NGO wud be pleased to hear HHC, AF6C, and IXN’s ‘farm crops’ report!…AF6C has a fine crop of tomatoes on the way, but no BWH to share our farm report tonite!  CF had a smoking amplifier tonite due to mis-tuned high SWR.   HC thanked CF fer the AVG 850 upgrade, and Arnie is off Sunday fer the Red River Valley in North Dakota to FD wid the Red River ARC…Will Arnie meet Bob, KBWH, Frm Sheldon at FD?  OPs will recommend Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX, get the June QST Award for best article…Steve wrote the excellent article, pp. 65-68 on June QST, covering the ‘FSDXA 3B7C St. Brandon DXpedition…Our Arnie, N6HC, was a member of the DXpedition!  IXN has a bug in the soil that is eating the roots off some of his flower plants, and JDB, in Bend, OR, grew up in Fresno and spends the winters in San Luis Obispo.  And Bob, in Dallas OR., shared his 10-10 number wid OPs and picked up a few in return.


06/4/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HHC, HC, FNT, FKX, ACM, AF6C, KFW, and AF6CF.  DE is re-outfitting the shack wid a new used rig and an assortment frm Amidon, including various toroid cores, etc., and an Amidon catalogue.  HC will not be wid us fer the July, Aug., and Sept. meetings…We’ll see Arnie agn in Sept.  IXN asked Arnie to repeat the website address to cast a vote fer Best Article in June QST: …Tnx, Arnie!  We hope OPs will vote fer Steve’s (9M6DXX) write-up of the 3B7C DXpedition!   FNT listened to, but did not xmit on 10m as Phil is not quite ready wid the antenna, which will be a G5RV.   FKX, wid a couple of weeks off, then a summer class before a 6 weeks vacation, and Doug is looking at investing  15 to 20 big ones for solar power at the QTH!  And ACM just put up a Junior G5RV ant., fer 10m, that he won at Club raffle!  CF says the amplifier is OK after smoking when Nicolas left an SWR switch in the wrong position!  AF6C will go to the manule to see why his 24-hour clock stopped registering the temperature.   KFW just got bk frm Denver frm his grandson’s HS graduation, and Chris said that there is still a lot of snow in the High Sierras!…KFW may not be in town fer FD.  AF6C’s tomato plants are doing well, and Bob was ready to transmit ARRL Audio News fer 5/30/08 at 21:15 hrs local time:  A firebug in Brevard Cnty Fla. creates emergency situation fer OPs, and China will launch a new amateur radio satellite, the ARS AS1, a 70cm downlink, a 2m uplink…The satellite’s orbit will be non-synchronous. Amateur radio comes thru agn in Sechwan Province as Chinese Hams carry emergency communications on 7050 and 7060 KHz!…Watch 50.125 MHz fer 6m band openings…Tnx, Bob!…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:15 hrs. local time.


06/11/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, LDC, DE, HHC, FNT, IXN, N8WP, QXG, and K6DLB/6(David), from Brentwood…Nice check-in, OPs!   CF told OPs that the amplifier is fully operational, and DE told NC that he got his Club badge, and James’ Hustler 5BTV ant. was mis-matched to the rig, so he built a 3-band dipole!  LDC, not at the Club Bfast, plans to attend Field Day, and HHC reported that his grandaughter, suffering frm a skull fracture, is now out of ICU and will soon be discharged frm the hospital…And Ken was unable to finish his oversized apple pancake at the Jaegerhaus Club Bfast!  HHC also confirmed receipt of Part 5 & 6 of the Club history.FNT had gud sig rpts on the new G5RV ant. in the attic, and AF6C, off to service reading machines at the Braille Institute wid DLA tomorrow, reported a beacon frm Oregon on 28.295 MHz, and, Bob’s head is now much lighter after getting his ‘ears lowered’ today!…HI!  IXN heard all sigs FB, except QXG in Oregon, who faded into oblivion just after check-in.  WP said that RVs are permitted on the Base fer Field Day, and el Presidente gave a tower report for FD…And OPs reported a ’lil QRN on WP’s audio.  David, DLB, portable, was a new check-in , wid gud sigs, frm Brentwood.


06/11/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, FNT, HHC, KBWH (via SKYPE), CF, and AF6C. DE finished construction of a 20-10-6m dipole ant. which will now service his Alinco 6m FM radio. FNT is looking forward to receipt of a book on hidden antennas frm IXN, and HHC SKYPEs KBWH into the Net from soggy, wet, Sheldon, ND.   BWH may or may not see HC who will be FDing wid the Red River ARC in North Dakota…Will BWH or Linda become Mayor of Sheldon, ND?!…Stay tuned fer further developments in Bob’s political career!  BWH said that there are 4 hams in his County…BWH has had windy WX and 8 “ of rain in June…Wid the crop fields under water, we told Bob to stock 5-acre Lake Buss wid sum trout!…HI!  HHC says he can design FNT a 6m Yagi ant., and Ken told Phil that his dues have been received!…Welcome to the Club, Phil!  CF checked in thru a 2m Long Beach repeater relay, and AF6C says his tomato plants have silver dollar-sized tomatoes adorning their branches!…HHC says we ought to call the 2m Net "the Farmer’s Net"…HI!  AF6C, at 21:08 hrs. local time, aire ARRL Audio News fer June 6…Don’t forget Army MARS to send messages to overseas troops…Try to send a MARSgram to a loved one overseas!…The National Hurricane Center and Ham OPs carried out a successful communications test…Various Field Day sites can be located at: …CW will soon be returning to MARS…Training will be available…Tnx, Bob!  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:26 hrs. local time.


06/18/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN/AF6C checked in DE and FNT…A special FD planned meeting kept most OPs frm checkin into Net.  IXN opened the Net because AF6C was busy wid his sister’s birthday matters.  IXN will give FNT the antenna book at Club meeting Fri. evening, and DE and FNT have military antenna poles , a full G5RV & a G5RV to use at FD if necessary.  Both James & Phil had 5/9 sigs tonite, and city repairs to a street lamp post wiring solved IXN’s QRN problem!  FNT got a new Cuisnart Ice cream maker!…Hmmm!…Homemade ice cream at Field Day?!…WOW!  And FNT told OPs to check out KFC Honey at their next visit…The bees are now making HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP Honey!!…HI!  AF6C’s tomato vines now have 9 or 10 tomatoes!


06/18/2008 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, FNT, HHC, ACM, AF6CF, KBWH (via SKYPE), AF6C, EVX, and CCE.  DE & FNT, wid 2 rigs, two ants., antenna tuner, and possibly a 160 meter ant., are now ready fer FD!  Wid 2 days of beautiful WX, Lake Buss is dropping in Sheldon ND, wid crop stubs sticking up above the water, and Bob said that most of the corn crop will go into corn flakes and ethanol…And OPs learned about 3 new hybrid sweet, yellow, and white corn ears: ambrosia, cotton candy, and bodacious!…Whatever happened to good old field corn?!  HHC, bk frm a FD planning meeting, team captains & logistics being the main topics, is looking for the Club 10M  beam…Where is it?!…And HHC & AF6C will be helping to operate the 20M FD station.  OPs were relieved to hear that HHC’s grand-daughter is recovering nicely from her skull fracture after 2 weeks in ICU!  AF6C’s sister, who lives in Celtics’ land, will probably expect AF6C to don a Celtics shirt after the Lakers’ defeat!  And HHC said that we would have to meet in AF6C’s backyard wid burgers in hand to help Bob eat those developing beefsteak tomatoes!  IXN corrected an error in Craig’s call on the check-in roster, frm W6CMA, to W6ACM, and Craig is looking forward to Field Day.  EVX, trying to find a hotspot wid the HT, ‘flew in and flew out’.   CF checked into Net after a meeting in Tustin, and, stopping at his daughter’s house…Nicolas will help OPs on Friday to set up for FD.   CCE checked into Net, planning to be captain the 20m station.  Kenan will not be at Club meeting Friday…He’s celebrating his BD!  AF6C then aired the June 13 edition of the ARRL Audio News:  Hams help out wid emergency communications wid flooding, tornadoes & thunderstorms across the midwest, including Indiana & Wisconsin…ARRL Extra Class exam manules are now available…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:40 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!   AF6C has a crockpot fer Kenan if he wants it!


06/25/2008 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, CF, DHT, and DE.  Some OPs were at another pre-Field Day meeting during Net.  LDC is looking fer a stamp collector to check the value of sum 1st Day Covers, and, Larry is preparing fer FD.  AF6C has baterry packs #s 3, 4, and 5 fully charged & ready fer the Contest.  IXN told OPs abt tremendous, long lasting lighning storms on Saturn, and CFR will try to make FD setup on Friday and help in the Contest on Sat.  DHT & AF6C mentioned that HC is bk in N. Dakota fer FD, and DHT mentioned a stamp collector of old named Stanley Givens.  DE was at the FD meeting tonite, and James is looking forward to the Field Day Contest.  AF6C announced that HHC’s grandaughter has finally home frm the hospital.


6/25/08 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, FKX, HHC, FNT, AF6C, KBWH,   CF, VDP, and KTT & N8WP/m.  DE wil meet HHC at 1:00pm on Friday at the Alamitos Air Station to help erect a 10m beam, and James can provide backup on 160, 80, 40, and 30m if needed.   And congrats to FKX who just upgraded to Extra Class!…Doug, wid the trailer ready, is looking forward to his 1st FD working 40m.  BWH (via SKYPE), wid ups & downs N. Dakota WX, fighting mosquitoes & snowballs, said that crop damage has been minor so far!…BWH plans to meet HC, Arnie, who will be FDing wid the Red River ARC a few miles north of Sheldon, ND.  HHC, bk frm the FD meeting tonite, has most of the FD supplies ready to go, and Ken told OPs abt a neat 4-min. long ham radio video that K7JA, Chip, had on his laptop computer. OP’s prayers were answered when HHC announced that his grand-daughter went home from the hospital.  If BWH ‘threw the right switch’, the mayoral train will be side-tracked fer another 4 years!…Stay tuned fer results!  WP & KTT checked in mobile after the FD meeting tonite…Willie has the club's new 50 ft tower to put together, and also has a new generator fer FD.   CF will be at the FD site sum on Fri., Sat., and Sunday.  VDP is finishing up work arnd the QTH, and Larry will give out a few points on FD…VDP said that gas in AZ was $3.95/gal!  AF6C failed to check into Net as usual, he was off freq. by 600 KHz!…However Bob arrived in time to say that he is all ready fer FD and to air June 20 ARRL Audio News at 21:31 hrs local time:   Santa Cruz hams support fire fighters in Monterrey Bay area fires…SO-29 & AO-16 birds will be packed wid FD contacts.  WARNING…July 1st , OPs cud be sited for operating their HTs while driving in CA!…EME is the most demanding communications operations in ham radio!…ARDF Championships will be held in North Korea…over more at: …ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:50 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!

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