7/2/08 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, DE, FNT, CF, and IXN.  AF6C’s 1st FD was in 1969!  And Bob said that gophers were plentiful at the FD site…Bob said the grass was mowed but the site was not dragged.

HHC has preliminary FD scores, and Ken is about over the cold that he picked up on the Thursday before FD…HHC remembered the Santiago Canyon/Lemon Heights fire  in 1967 and the flood in 1969 that washed out the bridge over Santiago Creek on Santiago Canyon Road…Ken also reminded OPs that the Club Bfast is Sat. DE, wid a back problem, found avoiding the gopher holes a bit of a problem…But James had a gud time, and he and FNT learned a lot about FD operations & procedures.  FNT enjoyed the food and hopes that we have a sunspot increase fer next year’s FD Contest.  IXN & Lee will be off to the Santiago Mts. early tomorrow morning to spend 4th of July weekend with their niece & husband.  AF6C said that the GOTO station had much QRN at FD this year!


7/2/08 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, CF, K6HA(Rudy), JA, HHC, FNT, AF6C, FKX, CCE, and KI6PXV(Sonny) in Glendora.  The commanding officer at Alamitos Air Station did not know that we would be on the Base fer FD, or, he wud have had the area scraped to remove the gopher holes that bothered DE’s back!  And CF mentioned JA’s adventure wid the guy ropes & the gophers…Seems that the gophers either discovered Chip’s guy rope ends as something to play with, or, to be taken into their gopher holes to be eaten!  HHC welcomed Doug, FKX; Phil, FNT; and James, DE, to their 1st Field Day!…And Ken gave a preliminary 2nd best ever FD contact report of plus or minus 3,235 contacts wid OCARC operating 9A ORG!  We had 0 sunspots over FD.  FNT enjoyed the afternoon wind & gud food at FD, and Rudy, K6HA, ‘flew in & flew out’. AF6C & FKX enjoyed the plentiful & excellent food at the FD site, but Bob missed the popcorn!  And FKX enjoyed working FD contacts wid CCE, and Kenan said that 20m went desd abt midnight.  PXV, 47 yrs old, just made his 1st contact on 2m Simplex, being a Ham fer abt 3 months.


7/9/08 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, FNT, CF, DE, and IXN.  HHC has just about completed a very large July ‘RF’ on the website, and Ken told NT to call Kristin at 594-9846, or, 832-1273 to sign up for duty at the Orange County Fair Booth…HHC said that there were 7 ‘RF’ editors this year!  FNT’s mom celebrated her 91st BD, and Phil is experiencing QRN on 10m.  El presidente WP may be off to a new job in Boston Aug. 1! …CF will fill WP’s shoes in the interim.  DE is having trouble loading his vertical ant(5BTV)…OPs will help James wid trap testing & ant. retuning.  IXN, bk frm the mts. and an update on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland, told OPs that exciting advances in particle physics are on the way!…ie: maybe discovery of the Higgs particle!


7/9/08 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HHC, CF, FNT, VDP, AF6C, ACM, and FKX.  DE had a gud time at FD, and he & IXN remember well the gopher holes on military reservations (Ft. Dix & Ft. Riley)…James also bought a KIEL code practice oscillator to hone up his code skills.  HHC has designs on Bob Buss’ new SKYPE logo, and Ken learned how to transfer files via SKYPE.  HHC tells DE to install a radial system for his vertical ant.  and to carefully tune the 10m trap as it affects the tuning of the other traps!…Due to an accident while removing ants. & the generator frm the FD site, we don’t know where the ants. & generator are now…Any ideas?  CF says he has all necessary equipment to check out DE’s antenna, using ‘rock tuning’ if necessary.  FNT will work the 6:30pm-11:00pm shift at the Orange County Fair on Sunday, and VDP will be attending an ARRL Hamfest in Williams, AZ, next week…VDP & IXN briefly discussed heat pumps in Larry’s AZ QTH in Golden Valley.  AF6C told OPs that you need between 8 & 32 radisls to provide a gud ground fer a vertical ant.  ACM, working abt 23 hrs frm Fri. thru Sunday at the FD site, made his first ever DX contact wid an OP in Stockholm, Sweden via 20m phone!  FKX, having just finished constructing an exam fer his geology students, thanked HHC & AF6C fer recent info. they sent to him.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for July 3 at 21:26 hrs…Riley Hollingsworth is retiring but will continue to remain active in amateur radio…If you door-lock transmitters for your autos do not work properly in a mall parking lot, check out security units near entrances/exits fer excessive RF radiation!…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:40 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


7/16/08 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, FNT, AB, IXN, HHC, CF, and KE6YHX(Cory)…Nice check-in, OPs!  DE, in a hot garage, and IXN, in a hot bedroom, both have fans in operation!  And DE has a new 6m ant. fashioned frm an old hamstick…DE found out abt OCARC at the Orange County Fair before becoming a Club member!  FNT, at the Orange County Fair Ham Booth Sunday nite, said there was a huge crowd between 6 & 8pm…And Phil hooked up a 6m ant.  AB’s dual band mobile gave up the ghost!…Now Steve will visit the ‘Candy Store’ looking fer a replacement fer the auto.  And IXN said that Kei, NGO, wud be vy proud of AF6C if he cud see Bob’s developing tomato crop!  Meantime, IXN must find the voracious insect that’s eating the leaves off of his dahlias!  HHC & OPs all welcomed YHX, Cory, to the Net.  YHX, a ham fer 13 yrs., lives at the corner of Thomas & Palmyra in Orange near HHC.  AF6C is thinking abt buying a 2-band HT, and Bob bought a new toy fer his router on the computer…And AF6C will air the ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net.


7/16/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, FNT, YHX, CF, HHC, and AF6C.  DE converted a 6m Hamstick ant. to groundplane ant., and James has a BB7V 5-band ant. wid a loading coil that’s a 2-part balun at the bottom.  FNT reported a gud crowd Sun. eve. at the Orange County Fair wid great interest in the ATV & CW demonstrations at the Ham Radio Booth.  YHX has a Ringo Ranger ant. on 2m, and Cory asked HHC abt sporadic openings on 10m…Ken suggested between 10-11am, and 5-7pm.  CF said 10m is usually quiet, vy little QRN at the QTH, and IXN told Nicolas abt noisy street light circuitry near his QTH.  HHC said that no  SKYPE‘radar screen’ lit up frm N. Dakota, so BWH might have been engaged at the bingo game…HHC said to check out ‘RF’ on the website to see FD pix, and IXN congrats HHC on a great July ‘RF’.  AF6C has abt 44 tomatoes on the vines wid more on the way, has the Ipod ready to air the Audio News, and bought himself an Apple Time Capsule Wireless Router which should make backup easier…And Bob’s mom is doing better (no blood clot in her leg!)…Bob then airs the July 11 ARRL Audio News:  Hams lend helping hands wid the CA. wildfires, wid 330 fires in the Sacramento Section!…25 teachers participated in (The Big Project) Teacher’s Institute…And cruise ship enthusiasts, get permission to take ham radios on board a cruise ship before you embark on your journey! ARRL Audio News concluded at 21.32 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


7/23/08 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, FNT, HC, LDC, AB, IXN, and YHX.  A FD pick-up crew just left LDC’s QTH after leaving tower sections temporarily at LDC’s home.  Now, the crew will leave the Club generator at AF6C’s QTH fer minor repairs and prep fer next Field Day.  DE is enjoying the cooler WX, will pick up his new Diamond ant. at the Post Office tomorrow, and will renew his air-brush talents!  FNT worked 2 states off to the North on 10m using his fence-mounted 10m wire ant.  AF6C, vy busy last Friday, simply forgot the Club meeting, and, Bob got the 1st tomato off his vines today!  He also has caterpillar spray stored in the frig…HC reminded Bob not to mix it wid the food!…HI!  KÆBWH did not show up at the Red River ARC FD site, so HC didn’t get the chance to meet Bob…HC was housed in a trailer, so Arnie stayed out of the rain and avoided the mosquitoes at the North Dakota FD site…Hc worked W6ZE 2 or 3 times, CW, on FD…And Arnie worked 10 or 12 stations in the ORG Section, CW, frm the ND site!  LDC told AF6C to expect generator arrival in abt a ½ hour, and Larry awaits an update on W6ZE’s FD scores.  Ops offer AB several tips on removal of motorboating in his new Kenwood 2m/440 rig before he returns it to the ‘Candy Store’, and IXN said that snails were definitely eating the leaves off his dahlias!  YHX uses a gel cell battery as an auxiliary power supply.


7/23/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HC, VDP, FNT, YHX, AF6C, HHC, and CF.  HHC & CF were part of the cleanup crew that removed tower sections and the Club generator from the FD site tonite.  DE, enjoying Net camaraderie, tells Ops that airbrush supplies are not much more expensive than they were a few years ago! (OH!…If we cud just say the same fer gasoline!)  HC worked W6ZE 2 or 3 times on FD frm the Red River ARC FD site at Wheatland abt 25 mi. due west of Fargo, ND.  VDP will probably be around fer awhile as Larry continues to move equipment frm the CA QTH to the AZ QTH…Thurs before last, it was 110 deg. In AZ., and last Sun., Larry worked the OCWN on 7.086 MHz wid multi-path reception at the AZ. QTH in Golden Valley…Last VDP heard, Ray, W6NT, was in a Rehab home…Gas was $3.95/gal in AZ.  FNT worked ID, WA, and OR using a 23 ft. wire + coax ant. hooked to the top of a fence 6 ft. off the ground at the QTH!  YHX plans to use a 12V gel cell fer standby at the QTH, and by Sept., Cory plans to have a TNC & working packet on 2 & 10m.  Farmer Bob, AF6C, has 44 tomatoes on the vine at present, and Bob just finished updating the membership page on the website.  Now it’s off to a funeral for a former work buddy, and Bob will prepare the Club generator for next FD.  HHC, home frm the Club work party, said that the Club needs a permanent home for the generator, and BWH was nowhere to be found on SKYPE tonite.  Willie, WP, & Sheryl, KTT, are bk in Boston.  HHC said that WP’s new job begins the 1st of August.  CF said that delivery of remaining Club equipment left at the FD site was delayed by an ambulance, a detour, and, a blocked intersection in GG.  At 21:18 hrs local time, AF6C aired July 18 ARRL Audio News:  A father & son were electrocuted while erecting an antenna which accidently touched a 7,620V power line!…the ARRL is awarded partial payment frm FCC for litigation costs on recent BPL court action…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:33 hrs. local time.


7/30/08 10m Phone Net – Noise!  Noise!  Noise!…Hundreds of people all talking , etc., as they filed by the OCCARO Ham Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair!  W6HHC, Ken, acting NC fer the Net tonite.  AF6C was busy showing the rudiments of CW to two teenagers who wanted to send ‘colorful words’ over the code practice oscillator!  Besides HHC & AF6C, NC checked in CCD, NOL, IXN, FNT,  K6YZ(no copy), and AF6CF.  CCD, at the Fair earlier today, got home from the Bay Area in time to witness the 5.4 mag. Chino Park EQ!  LDC, who was near the epicenter of the 1971 event, said that the 5.4 Event shook ripe oranges from his treetop.  NOL asked it the Amateur Radio Booth received any awards…HHC said there was an Honorable Mention ribbon hanging nearby, but no Best of Show Award this year.  IXN told Ops that they were only 14 miles ‘as the crow flies’ distance from the epicenter of the 5.4, which accounts for the heavier shaking & rolling felt.  W6ZE/AF6C took over the Net and Bob said that he was up 5 stories seeing his opthomologist at Event time experiencing at least two jolts…At home, sum CDs fell, and, a crack in the living room re-opened slightly.  CF experienced only a mild Event.  FNT, near South Coast Plaza, had gud sigs from the Fair, and, during the 5.4 Event, Phil was standing in a front yard down in Laguna Beach and didn’t feel a thing!


7/30/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN Checked in DE, FNT, HHC, AF6C, YHX, CF, and KÆBWH check into Net frm a remote repeater.  NC did not hear Bob, BWH, but the check-in was relayed to NC.  At Event time, DE dropped everything, bolted out the door, returned, and went on RACES frequencies.  NC tells HHC that sigs frm the OC Fair, on 2m, are Q5 tonite.  FNT worked the Fair Booth 2 Sundays ago, wid people crowded around the vy popular ATV monitor looking at themselves!  YHX grabbed the computer during the earthquake so that it wouldn’t fall!…Now Cory is anchoring shelves, etc., arnd the QTH!  CF’s XYL noticed shaking at the QTH, and IXN, on the 2nd Floor of St. Anne’s School in Santa Ana, watched the computers sway back & forth, wid abt 15 to 30 secs. Of rolling thereafter.

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