8/6/08 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, HHC, CF, FNT, IXN, and HC.  DE is planning to build an amplifier to cut thru the QRN & QRM.  HHC recommends an ASTRON power supply for James’ new amplifier.  And Ken also said that a good antenna can help wid better reception, too!  HHC found a new garage in Orange fer auto repairs, and, Ken & family are off to Yellowstone on vacation for the remainder of August.  AF6C reset the exhaust valve on the Club generator, trimmed some hedges, and is off to the Braille Institute tomorrow to repair audio book machines.  HHC picked up a new toy, an I-Phone, to enjoy hands-free telephone calling, GPS, and much, much more!  AF6CF said that we need a PA system for Sept. Club meeting and the 75th OCARC Anniversary celebration.  FNT enjoyed time spent in the Ham Booth at the Orange County Fair, and Phil hasn’t heard any DX on 6m yet.  IXN thinks that OPs should make an effort to put up a better antenna at the Orange County Fair, and HC said that Bob Buss, KØBWH, did not visit the Field Day site in North Dakota…And Arnie said that QSL cards are now being sent out to OPs who operated the Clipperton Is. DXpedition.


8/6/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in FNT, HC, DE, VDP, HHC, BWH via SKYPE, YHX, FKX, K6IBH(Kathleen), CF, and AF6C.  FNT is looking fer a laptop to use with SKYPE.  And HC tells OPs that 30-50 gal. trashbags are not allowed by Western Reclamation…One must use the green cans…And Arnie tells IXN to call the number on the trash can to have a damaged trash can replaced…And Kathleen, IBH, doesn’t live too far from Arnie in the Tustin Hills.  DE wants to build an all-band  600W amplifier from Communication Concepts…And James has a new BB7V completely collapsible Diamond ant. 1.5-28MHz.  VDP said that Ian, K3IMW, on the Sunday OCWN, would have late info. on Ray Davis’,W6NT, health…And VDP worked Quebec, Canada, late Sunday afternoon on 6m.  HHC greets neighbor Cory, YHX, abt two blocks away, and Ken SKYPEs in BWH in Sheldon, ND., wid temps in the high 90s accompanied by 90% humidity! …Bob says harvest time is just around the corner, and he has weeds growing in the wheat!  And YHX finished an auxiliary power supply that will supply power until he can start the generator.  FKX was in Colorado during the 5.4 Whittier Narrows EQ…Doug & family just got home from vacationing in S. Dakota, WY, Black Hills, and Colorado.  CF is gearing up for the OCARC 75th Anniversary celebration in September…Nicolas wants to contact and invite all old-timers are, or were, Club members!  AF6C felt 3 shocks from the 5.4 EQ…Bob was up on the 7th (top) floor office of his eye doctor. 

AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 8/1 at 21:28 hrs. local time…Smithonian Institution radio station, NN3SI, goes SILENT! The station first came on the air in 1976, and always promoted amateur radio!  Net News concluded at 21:46 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


8/13/08 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, FNY, YHX, IXN, AF6CF, GMU, and HC.  HHC is vacationing in Yellowstone, and AF6C has a black spot on two tomatoes, which kept OPs searching for black spot reasons!  HC reported that DE was off frequency by abt 100 Hz, which James quickly corrected.  And DE is installing panel meters in the new amplifier tonite.  FNT is in the process of getting a new laptop computer for use in message sending & receiving.  AF6C cleaned up the work bench and Bob is preparing to check in KØBWH via SKYPE on the 2m Net tonite.  FNT is also enjoying the volley ball matches at the Olympics.  IXN lost YHX in the S5 QRN…Cory checked in on the dipole.  On the vertical, IXN copied YHX well.  GMU, too, was down in the QRN tonite.  And CF, wid no comment on Bob’s black spot tomatoes, kicked bk to listen to the Net.  HC, preparing to watch the Dodgers or the Olympics, will attend Fri. Club meeting.  And AF6C lost his prize tomato to a pesky possum!


8/13/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, GMU, YHX, HC, FNT, IBH, VDP, AF6C wid KØBWH via SKYPE, and CF.  DE is installing the volt & amp meters in the front panel of the new amplifier tonite.  GMU did hear IXN on 10m, but nil copy fer IXN.  YHX also had background QRN on 10m tonite, and HC said HI to BWH, and Bob told Arnie that the sugar beet harvest was several weeks away.  VDP had no report on W6NT, Ray Davis’ condition, and Larry said that gasoline is $3.64/gal.  in Golden Valley, AZ.  AF6C checked in BWH frm Sheldon, ND, by SKYPE.  BWH, hearing a noise nearby, caught a mother and two sons breaking into a grain storage building!…Now we must get Bob a badge and an old Edsel to drive around to replace the former town Constable!  CF is off to the daughters to help remodel her bathroom wid some new tile, a new countertop, some new plumbing, etc., and Nicolas said that 75th OCARC Anniversary plans are coming along nicely! FNT is looking forward to the new laptop, and IBH, Kathleen, an official with COAR, will be out of town for Fri. nite Club meeting.  At 21:22 hrs local time, AF6C aired ARRL Audio News for Aug. 8…Riley Hollingsworth, FCC Enforcer, is leaving the FCC…Amateur Radio Station NN3SI at the National Museum of American History will remain of the air indefinitely unless new quarters can be located for the station within the museum…Thanks, Bob!  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:38 hrs. local time.


8/20/08 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, CCD, CF, FNT, IXN, YHX, HC, and KD6DHT(Mike).  DE joined a ragchew last night, picking up KS toward his WAS.  CCD was camping a the 9,000 ft. level in the High Sierra last week near Rock Creek just below Mammoth.  CF is very busy completing arrangements for the OCARC 75th Anniversary Meeting in September.  IXN asked Nicolas to provide a table for Club Memorabilia in September.  FNT had little luck on 10 or 6m, and Phil got a new computer which he’ll put to use on some ham projects, then FNT was off to watch the Olympic games!  IXN told OPs that Ray Davis, W6NT, was in the Kindred Rehab Hospital in Westminster.  YHX completed a dummy load, and Corey is writing an article for ‘RF’.  HC told OPs that N7CQQ, John Kennon was in charge of QSL cards for the Clipperton Dxpedition…Then Arnie polled Club members to get their thoughts on the Pledge of Allegiance before Club meetings…Opinions were unanimous in favor of the Pledge!


8/20/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, YHX, AF6C, N6HC, FKX, IBH, CF, and CCE.  DE continues to build an amplifier from a 2006 issue of QST magazine.  Then James tuned into a 40m ragchew and met GKD, the author of the article!  YHX will write oan article for ‘RF’ on ‘Disneyland & Ham Radio’…Corey also viewed the Perseid Meteor Shower, viewing 1 meteor every 10 to 15 minutes.  AF6C cudn’t find BWH or HHC on SKYPE, and Bob said that he had some ‘tiny beasties’ on his tomatoes.  HC alerted OPs to the upcoming So. CA. DX Club Barbecue come Sunday, and FKX missed Club meeting as Doug was entertaining visitors frm Wyoming…And FKX reminded OPs that Nov. is Earthquake Preparedness Month.  AF6C brought the Temple/Penn State football game to HC’s attention.  As for Temple, Arnie responded, “We don’t talk about football.”  Many OPs responded to IBH’s question about a counterpoise for Kathleen’s magmount antenna.  CF said that he will provide a table for Club Memorabilia at Sept. Club meeting…And Nicolas said that Dan, N6PEQ, is in charge of the Club Time Capsule.  CCE, on a HT, said that Mike, WK6O, in Nicaragua, and XYL are expecting a baby around November.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Aug. 15, 2008, at 21:22 hrs. local time…ARRL Summer Institutes for teachers were a great success.  The Institutes encompassed electronics, robotics, space, and wireless technology…The cost of Amateur Vanity Calls will increase from $11.70 to $12.30…Friday, Aug 29, there will be no ARRL Audio News.  ARRL Audio News ended at 21:39 hrs. local time…Thanks, Bob!


8/27/08 10m Phone net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, DE, CF, FNT, IXN, and LDC.  YHX spent Friday & Saturday at the Movies, watching a Batman flix and a Disney animated film for graphics & computer imaging.  DE expects to pick up the transformer for the new amplifier tomorrow…AF6C tells James that his new amplifier is probably operating in push-pull mode.  And CF tells DE that his sigs are weaker tonite.  FNT asked AF6C fer the Club webpage address to be put in Phil’s new computer.  AF6C will check to see if IXN sent He & HHC copies of July Netnews.  LDC spent 5 days in Oceanside last week, and Larry asked OPs about developing yellow leaves on his tomato plants.


8/27/08 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, YHX, FNT, BWH, HC, WA6LDI, AF6C, IBH, and ZGR.  DE is down in the computer room checking out filter cutoff frequencies for the new amplifier as he awaits the new transformer from NETCO in Anaheim.  AF6C referred YHX to the Club webpage to check out connector cable vendors.  FNT & HHC set up a 10m beam, and AF6C, wid BWH checked into Net on SKYPE, is watching Bob imbibing a HAMM’S beer in Sheldon, ND!  LDI, Phil, frm Aliso Viejo, remembers BWH frm the SuperSystem, conventions, Collins, and QRZ, etc…Welcome to the Net, Phil!  BWH said the grains are harvested, now for the beans & corn!…And XYL, Linda’s birthday, was today.  HC, IBH, and ZGR all ‘flew in & flew out’!  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Aug. 22 at 21:18 hrs…Air Force PayPaz Testing Group is still ‘at bay’ wid Bay area hams…New Section Mgrs. Take office in October 2008…No ARRL Audio News will air on Aug. 29!…Audio news ended at 21:35 hrs local time…Tnx, Bob!

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