9/03/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, CF, YHX, and IXN.  DE was using a Radio Shack TX-100 rig tonite, doing  a FB job, and James, wid the power supply finished in the new amplifier, hopes to complete amplifier construction by the 3rd week in Sept.   CF, wid much QRN on OPs tonite, will see us on the 2m Net.  YHX said the ham down the street was a Tech, and Corey needs a ride to the Club breakfast come Saturday.   AF6C & IXN talked abt the black widow spider that AF6C found in his tomatoes.  Then AF6C closed the Net to try out 10m FM simplex on 29.600 MHz wid Corey.


9/03/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HC, YHX, HHC, IBH, AF6C, CF, and KBWH/viaSKYPE.  DE, wid filtering down by 40 db in the new amplifier, smoked an under-rated capacitor.  YHX had a server overload problem at the office…too many requests!  HC checked in and 73-ed for other business.  HHC reminded OPs about the Club Bfast come Saturday, and Ken was glad to be rid of the rented motorhome after a 2,600 trip vacation (all white-knuckle driving") through western mountain states to Yellowstone wid the grandkids.  LBH was busy wid credentialing as a registered nurse, and AF6C had a bit of trouble wid the introduction of the new area code in the 714 call area.  DLA is reading some of the Tom & Jerry radio stories of the 40s and 50s.   PFA is up and around as he awaits results of recent medical tests, and CF is looking forward to the Club Bfast on Sat. morning.  HHC SKYPEd Bob-KBWH into the Net and we talked about the corn & bean harvest coming up, and, the price of hay & alfalfa in N. Dakota, and Bob is located about 3,000 ft. above sea level.


9/10/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, CCD, DE, CF, and KBWH via SKYPE.   LDC, copying all FB, went to the movies today…Then Larry 73’d to entertain visitors that just arrived.  AF6C, vy tired, got equipment fer the Club Auction frm a friend in Long Beach, and Bob’s former employer is picking Bob’s brains for his wind tunnel experience!  The HHCs  are entertaining Diane’s sister & husband from the East Coast, and Ken said that he could not hit a single repeater in the Yellowstone area!   CCD is through traveling for the summer…Tom had a gud time visiting the Rock Creek area at the 9,000 ft. level in the High Sierra…Then CCD was off to din-din.  Chapt. 4 of ‘The New Amp.’ Finds DE configuring a transmit relay and waiting for the arrival of a high current rotary switch.  CF, looking forward to Sept. Club meeting, is busy at work while listening to the Net.  IXN continues to work on the Club History…Bob will attempt to update the Club History file in the Orange County Room, Santa Ana Library.  KBWH cut in and out on SKYPE tonite…We had abt 70% copy.


9/10/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, CF, FKX, KI6RBT(Richard), HHC, YHX, KBWH/viaSKYPE, AF6C, IBH, and ZGR.  DE finished the filter board for the new amplifier and is working on a switching matrix for 3 control lines.   CF has no copy on Richard, RBT.  FKX has a number of student geology trips scheduled, so Doug will miss both Sept. & Oct. Club meetings.  RBT, a new Club member, has volunteered, along wid HHC, to procure a list of perspective Club officers for 2009!…And Richard is working on a pager system…Contact Richard at: 1-714-343-7404.  FKX talked abt a 6+ mag. EQ in Indonesia, and HHC joined us wid news of a 7.1 mag. EarthQuake in northern Japan.  KBWH will try to join the Club 75th Anniversary Celebration meeting in Sept. by SKYPE!…And Bob said that he & Linda have put the electric blanket on the bed in N. Dakota.   IXN, talking wid Corey, YHX, suggested that OPs who do not want to lose their morse code skills due to inactivity, join the Orange County Wireless Net on Sunday mornings at 9:00am local time, on 7.086 MHz…Also, OPs wishing to improve their listening & copying skills will find the Net useful!   ZGR, staying wid his aging mother presently, joined us frm Santa Ana using a YAESU 857-D and a tri-band vertical…Now Dale has to go bk to Silverado Canyon to pick up his mail!


9/17/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KI6RBT(Rich), HHC, YHX, IXN, W6VKO(Bill), N6HC, and CF.  RBT just got back frm the dentist, and Richard is looking fer a ’lil help wid HF.  DE now has the 12 amp rotary switch to install in the new amplifier.  HHC said that Bill, VKO, dropped in at Pahrump during last Baker-to-Vegas race…Then Ken, not finding KBWH on SKYPE tonite, said that he will attempt a SKYPE contact wid BWH at the 75th Anniversary Celebration Club meeting come Friday night.  YHX has a gud article in ‘RF’, and Corey has ordered a TNC for use on 40m.  IXN briefly discussed Club History Records, and VKO, a COAR member, just put up a Butternut vertical antenna yesterday, wid an antenna tuner to help load it.  AF6C, after 49 years, makes his first 40m fm contact.  HC knows VKO’s ant. well, and Arnie offered assistance to VKO if needed.   AF6C & HC will watch the Temple/Penn State game wid great interest!


9/17/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in RBT, HHC, YHX, DE, CF, EH, AF6C, and VDP.  HHC and CF will help RBT wid nominations for Club Officers for next year.  HHC said that PFA is helping his XYL to recuperate…IXN suggested that RBT check wid PFA for information about ATV.   HHC, wid relatives on their way bk to Virginia, will miss the late-nite Bridge games!…And Ken is already to try to SKYPE Bob Buss, KBWH, into the 75th Anniversary Celebration club meeting come Friday night…HHC will email N8WP…Maybe Ken can SKYPE Willie into the Meeting Friday nite!  IXN tells DE that the downstairs rig has a strong carrier but weak audio…OPs suggest that James check his microphone cable & connector.  CF cud not hear NC on 10m tonite, and Nicolas is ready for Club meeting on Friday.  EH, Paul, in Downey, just brought the dog in…VDP & IXN cud hear Paul FB, but many OPs cud not hear EH tonite.  An OP in Westminster gave AF6C a Drake L4 Amplifier and sum other items fer the Oct. Club Auction…Bob will list the items up on the Website.  VDP and JOR met Homer, HKT(OCWN), at the Southwestern Div. Convention in Mesa, AZ., and VDP said that Dennis, K7BV, a former NARSMAN, is working for YAESU.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Aug. 22 at 21:20 hours locl time…ARRL is working with the Airforce to eliminate repeater interference to the PAY PAWS radar…ARRL wants to hear valid concerns based on fact!…2m DX – The South Africa to Reunion Is. 2-way contacts were vy successful!…ARRL Audio News ended at 21:35 hours local time…Tnx, Bob!


9/24/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in AF6DE, HHC, YHX, HC, and IXN.  DE said that Asian companies do not use U.S. standards for transformer construction, and James takes a ’lil time off to repair an air compressor hose to the airbrush.  HHC said that Jim Tripp uses ‘bigjimmyhambone’ on SKYPE, and Ken was busy getting the computer back in order after SKYPE contacts at the OCARC 75th Anniversary Celebration at last Friday’s Club meeting…And Ken recorded 3 SKYPErs and 57 eyeball QSOs at the meeting!   And kudos to AF6CF for his help in a very successful 75th Anniversary Celebration club meeting!  HHC announced the Club dues schedule at the request of YHX. IXN read a short blurp on ocean currents circulation.  HC & AF6C briefly discussed the recent Temple/Penn State Football Game, and are looking forward to upcoming basketball schedule, including Long Beach State in Dec.


9/24/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HC, HHC, FKX, RBT, YHX, VDP, CF, AF6C, EH, and W6SQQ(Roger).  DE will soon give the new amplifier its initial power supply burn-in, and James will hook up the rotary switch.  HC tested the 2m SP-207-R HT, wid 2m rubber-ducky ant, which Arnie will use for emergency communications.   HHC deserves kudos he received for very successful SKYPE contacts wid former Club member & President, Bob Buss, KBWH, and two other OPs, providing two-way communications between Anniversary participants & SKYPE OPs!  FKX missed the Club meeting, Doug was in the Eastern High Sierra near Lone Pine planning his next geology field trip.  VDP & IXN enjoyed meeting numerous old-timers at the meeting, including, Ron Cade, Art Sheldon, and Jack Hollander.  CF was very happy with the turn-out and favorable comments received from OPs during and after the meeting, and HHC told Nicolas that Rich, WWK, supplied fliers to HRO for the upcoming Club Auction in Oct.  AF6C said that the Drake receiver is working well and that we will try to sell it on the Website.  EH missed the Anniversary meeting, Paul had to work overtime…Now he’s busy writing emails.  SQQ, Roger, thanked HHC & CF for the invitation to the Club meeting…and SQQ belongs to 2 or 3 CW Clubs, and has checked into the OCWN on Sunday previously, and also works the Whitney Classic Bicycle Race.

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