10/01/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC check in CF, HC, and IXN.  AF6C was away in Long Beach on business, so HHC assumed NC duties.   CF finally got back on high speed Internet from Dial-up.  HHC reminded OPs about the Club Bfast this Saturday, along wid a reminder to bring items to the Club Auction at Club meeting this month.  GMU has procured the Jaegerhaus Restaurant on Ball Road for our Club Christmas Dinner come Dec. 12, and HC ‘flew in and flew out’…Arnie had a sched up on 20m.  IXN spent the day in the Emergency Room at St. Joseph Hosp. Having tests for pain in his right hip.  HHC said his company was once again on the move into larger quarters. Ken had the QTH to himself…Diane was off to a Bridge game for the evening.  IXN has the Club History updated thru 2007, and Bob will place a copy of it in the Santa Ana Library History Room.


10/01/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, YHX, KI6RBT, HHC, EVX, and CF.   IXN still has pain in his right hip, and Docs have not yet found the cause.  VDP will be back & forth  between Costa Mesa & Golden Valley, AZ.  For some time, Larry will have a lot of heavy moving to finish. Larry informed AF6C abt some Heathkits, still in their original boxes, at TRW Swapmeet…Larry picked up a test meter fer Bob fer $2.  YHX has the HF rig in fer repairs. Corey, YHX, has the Ringo Ranger tuned wid an SWR of abt 1.8.  IXN will send HHC part 9 & part 10 of the Club History to publish in ‘RF’. Ken reminded OPs abt the Club Potluck at the PEQ’s QTH this month…Ken announced the Club Bfast at Jaegerhaus this Sat. AM.  EVX moved his antenna to the other side of the house and almost doubled his signal strength!…Robert got some needed help from the Fullerton Club.  CF said EVX’s sigs were much stronger at his QTH, and Nicolas will attend the Club Bfast on Saturday.


10/08/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in  CF, CCD, YHX, IXN, DE, HHC, and HC.  CF, busy at work, is looking forward to the Club Auction this month, and CCD is looking forward to the Club Potluck at the PEQ’s QTH on Oct. 25.  YHX got the rig back from YAESU and Cory will soon be digital on 40m.   IXN put his Zenith analogue to digital converter box in the TV antenna system and discovered that it didn’t work!  HC also discovered that his digital converter box didn’t work either, and both Arnie & Bob have beautiful VHF/UHF reception at their locations!…Arnie also told CA QSO Party Contesters to submit their logs under the Club name.   AF6C has been working on the Club roster webpage, and Bob went over some of the DRAKE line VHF equipment that will be for sale to Club OPs, first, before being placed on the Club website.  Miserably hot in the shack, DE is off to take a shower before the 2m Net.  HHC hasn’t delved into the analog to digital (DTV) conversion yet, but Ken hopes to pick up a Box soon.


10/08/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, RBT, HYX, CF, HHC, KBWH/viaSKYPE, AF6C, HC, and IBH.  DE, studying the economy, plans to come out of semi-retirement as an Electronic Computer Technician, and James says to try Louisiana Hot Sauce, or, Pepper Sauce to relieve nasal congestion (2 teaspoons).  RBT said that OPs that Al Fields, KF6LGE, on the WINN System, has recovered from his amnesia, and Richard will be making calls for nominations to Club offices next week.  HYX’s large Fender AC has cooled the QTH down to 79 deg. F., and Cory has completed refurbishing the Ringo Ranger ant.  CF reports S5 sigs on Cory, and HHC SKYPEs BWH into the Net from Sheldon ,ND…Bob said the temp was down to 48 deg. F., wid winds outside blowing abt 20 mi/hr, which he hopes will dry up the rain so they can get the combines running!  HHC enjoyed the analog/digital discussion on 10m, and Ken reported 101+ temps in Orange yesterday, also, diesel fuel dropped to $2.99/gal!  AF6C, wid 79.7 deg. F. in the shack, reminded OPs abt the Club Auction and the Potluck at the PEQ’s QTH.  HC has a DTA 800 RCA analog to digital box…AF6C will talk wid PFA abt HC & IXN’s no signal problem.  IBH ‘flew in and flew out’.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio news, dtd Oct 3, at 21:16 hrs…The 2009 ARRL Handbook is now on sale…ARDF is an International Sport, read abt Team USA’s performance at …The IARU Booklet is also now available… ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:35 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


10/15/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, CF, IXN, and HHC.  Other OPs were probably glued to their TVs watching the McCain-Obama Debate.  YHX, computer in for repairs, added 2m and increased power to the rig.  AF6C suggested permatex to re-condition old switches…Bob offered auctioneer services for the Club Auction Fri. eve. To aid CF wid auction duties.  HHC offered advice to YHX on Anderson Connectors…And HHC doesn’t think there is much threat for anyone to easily compromise email addresses listed on the secure roster page on the website.  IXN is still struggling wid his hip problem, and Bob thanked AF6C and PFA for help wid the analog-to-digital TV Box!


10/15/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, CCE, RBT, HHC, AF6C, IBH, HC, AF6C, and FUZ.  FUZ, Robb, checked into Net from over in the Convention Center after AF6C aired ARRL Audio News.  CF has everything pretty well ‘squared away’ fer Friday Club Auction, and CCE tried out his tape measure antenna for T-hunting after just returning from a trade show in Nashville.  OPs discussed the Watson Radio Club meeting at 7:30 am on Fri. morning, and HHC said that the doors will open at 6:00 pm to set up fer the Auction, and HHC said that it wud be very difficult fer anyone to harvest email addresses from our website!  RBT is still trying to complete a slate of officers for OCARC for next year.   HC & IXN thanked AF6C and PFA for help wid their analog-to-digital TV Boxes, and HC had to go roofside after strong SA winds re-arranged antenna directions!  OPs helped IBH get references for T-Hunts, and AF6C aired ARRL Audio News at 21:04 hrs. local time…The 3rd Annual on-line Auction is just around the corner…Wed., Oct 8, PA Governor signed a bill allowing ham towers up to 65 ft., to become effective on Dec. 8…New DX-pedition in 2009…Read abt it in Oct. 10 edition of the ARRL Newsletter…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:22 hrs local time.


10/22/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CF, IXN, HHC, and PFA.  CF and OPs experienced high QRN tonite, and Nicolas said that PFA sounded like his dummy load was in line!  AF6C updated the Webpage and took in a little of the World Series, and IXN, wid a S8 noise level, is fighting shingles.  HHC, vy busy at work, will be moving to new offices come Jan. 1…And HHC said that GMU reported a profit of $120 from the Club Auction!  OPs cudn’t hear PFA too well until he changed to another mike, and Tom will be going in the hospital next week for minor repairs.


10/22/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, HHC, CF, FKX, AF6C, and Lee, KI6TQM.   DE has se aside the amplifier for the time being, James now has other projects that need his immediate attention!  HHC cudn’t hear BWH on the ‘

Skype Horizon’, reported $120 profit frm the Club Auction, and welcomed Lee, TQM, from Old-town Orange to the Net.  CF, pleased wid Auction results, is involved wid an amplifier circuit at work.  FKX got steel guides ready fer the Death Valley Field Trip this weekend, and Doug cut the power on an HT dwn to 3.5w and lit up all the bars on IXN’s rig!  TQM, Lee, was at the Club Auction, and OPs are looking forward to an eyeball wid Lee at Club meeting…TQM has IC-7000 vertical tribander wid 75w out.  AF6C said that the Drake equipment is still on sale on the website…Then AF6C aired ARRL Newsline for Oct. 17, 2008, at + or –19:57 hrs, and ending at 21:14 hrs. local time…Manassas BPL continues to lose funding…2008 JOTA set for Oct. 18-19…The new ARRL License Manule is now on CD…Tnx, Bob.


10/29/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, HHC, VKO, CF, and IXN.  YHX had a problem wid ever-changing SWR on the Ringo Ranger ant…OPs offered several solutions fer Corey to investigate.  HHC is still fighting email problems, and Ken forgot his SKYPE password…HHC said the Phillies won the World Series!…And Ken told Corey to try coil 7 or 8 turns in the coax feedline to prevent feedline emissions.  VKO(Bill) is a Railroad Engineer at Irvine Park, and Bill worked his first Baker-to-Vegas Run thiw year.  AF6C is checking out his Bird Wattmeter to see if he has the right coil to help YHX wid his SWR problem, and, Bob will help repair reading machines fer the blind tomorrow.  CF is not too familiar wid Ringo Ranger antennas, and, like many OPs, Nicolas does not think small SWR changes at UHF freqs are too important as long as you get gud sig rpts, and, you are hearing all OPs well.

10/29/08 2m Phone Net -  W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, YHX, HHC, TQM(Lee), AF6C, EVX, and K6IBH.  CF said Corey’s sigs were vy strong on VHF, and Nicolas is trying to find time to work on a linear, but work is putting a hold on his projects!  IXN never thought abt SWR & reception until AF6C told Corey that SWR is not a problem with reception!…SWR & transmitting go hand in glove!   AF6C said that PFA will have surgery on Friday, and Bob hopes to see Elmer on Monday…Bob also has an ARRL Audio News to air tonite.  HCC said YHX had the loudest sigs on 10m tonite, and Ken saw IBH at the Club Potluck last Sat. afternoon at the PEQs.  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News for Oct. 24 at 21:03 hrs…The ARRL Auction is up and running…There will be sum experimental digital operation in the 2m band between 7.3-7.6 MHz…40 repeaters are now interfering wid Air Force PAY-PAWS Radar…The 75th ARRL Nov CW Sweepsteaks are coming up…Tnks, Bob…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:22 hrs local time.

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