11/05/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in YHX, IXN, CF, and KI6NNN (John).  AF6C was house cleaning getting ready fer a visit from his sister from back East, but joined us later on the 2m Net.  HHC said that some Club offices are still unfilled at this time, wid Club elections coming up soon. OPs are looking forward to N6HC’s talk on the Clipperton Is. DXpedition at Nov. Club meeting.  YHX is slowly ironing out problems wid cable connections for the new Ringo Ranger ant. IXN said that Cori, AE6GW, would probably know where one could buy rosin-core solder and No-Corrode Solder Paste.  CF reported that YHX had the strongest sigs on the Net tonite. All the OPs welcomed John, KI6NNN, to the Net.   John lives in Orange not too far from HHC.


11/05/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, NNN, CF, DLA, HHC, EVX, and AF6C.  YHX will pick up a new cable fer the Ringo Ranger II at HRO by Friday, John NNN has a triband ant. Up 40 ft…And CF gives John a 5/9 sig rpt.  Good to hear Bruce, DLA, on the Net…Bruce gave a report on PFA’s progress from recent surgery, and he and AF6C will visit Tommy tomorrow afternoon at the hospital.  HHC cudn’t find KBWH on SKYPE tonite. Ken reminded OPs abt HC’s upcoming talk on the Clipperton Is DXpedition.  EVX ‘flew in & flew out’, and AF6C checked in at Net’s end after finishing up preparations for his sister’s upcoming visit frm back East…Bob aired ARRL Audio News for Oct. 31, 2008, beginning at 21:06 hrs. local time…Check out the 10th   annual running of the SKYWARN Recognition Day Event for Dec 6 at the ARRL Website, and, ARRL International Humanitarian Award info., also…Tnx, Bob!  HHC announced that OCARC was #1 for FD score in So. CA. wid over 11,000 points, and we were #11 in the Nation!


11/12/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB9YCJ(Ken), YHX, IXN, CF, HHC, PFA, and HC.   YCJ said that he was a former Club member around the time of Kei W6NGO becoming a Silent Key.  AF6C reported PFA is out of the hospital, and Bob & Bruce, DLA, will volunteer repairing reading machines for the Braille Institute tomorrow.  YHX has all of his antenna problems squared away, wid 1.1 or below SWR readings…Now Corey is looking fer a tower fer his 10m ant.  IXN verified a past Club Christmas Party for HHC, and CF was hearing most OPs fairly well.  PFA checked into Net still a ’lil hoarse after his hospital stay, wid OPs welcoming Elmer bk to the Net. PFA had a noise level of zero!..Then Elmer got the din-din call. HHC reminded OPs abt the earthquake drill (The Great Shakeout) scheduled fer tomorrow, as he continues work on AF6C’s article fer ‘RF’ newsletter. HC has been busy resolving sum family issues that interfered somewhat wid ham radio.


11/12/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, WB9YCJ(Ken), HC, EVX, AF6C, HHC, FKX, CF, and CCE.  YHX, wid full quieting at the QTH, will go on 2m packet soon.  YCJ arrived at Field Day in June abt midnight, and HC announced to AF6C that Temple lost the game 41 to 38…And Arnie warned OPs to watch their antennas…Santa Ana winds tomorrow!  EVX abt the formation of a new ham radio emergency group to be formed under the SAFD…IXN will give AF6C a copy of the letter announcing the formation of this group.  AF6C has a computer that won’t turn on easily…Bob expects an errant power supply…And Bob enjoyed the short visit wid his sister frm back East.   And HHC, putting the finishing touches to ‘RF’, announced a Secretary position is still open on the new Club Board of Directors!  FKX has his geology class all prepared for the simulated earthquake drill set fer around 10:00 am tomorrow.   And CF isn’t worried abt the SA winds tomorrow, Nicolas has an inside ant!  CF also received a recipe from CCE, and Kenan had miserable Net copy this evening.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Nov. 7, 2008…The ARRL On Air Auction is now over…ARRL VECs will now collect a $15 fee, and VEC records must be kept at least 2 years…ARRL Aucio News aired at 21:04 hrs. local time and concluded at 21:22 hours local time…Tnx, Bob!


11/19/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, CF, HC, IXN, and N1AB.  AF6C reminded Ops about picking up tickets for the upcoming annual Club Christmas party, and Friday Club meeting wid our Arnie, N6HC, presenting a program on the DXpedition to Clipperton Is.  LDC loves retirement, but Larry is still too busy to devote more time to amateur radio, and, coming back down the 14 frm a trip up North, Larry saw the super flames of recent fire storms!  CCD had time to tell us abt his new HDTV purchase before he got the din-din call.  CF, vy close to the Yorba Linda fire, suffered no fire damage to the QTH.   HC got his flu shot at CVS Pharmacy, and Arnie said that Ops on Medicare don’t pay for the flu shot…And don’t forget to renew your pneumonia shot abt every 5 years!...HC worked the CW & Phone Sweepstakes Contest over last weekend and may have won the Section!  IXN reported that the 40m CW Net last Sunday morning had excellent band conditions.   N1AB had audio distortion, maybe sum RF feedback into the radio.


11/19/2008 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in N1AB, DE, CF, VDP, and AF6C.  AF6C got a new mike cord for the FT 180-R after the old cord split open becoming two cords!  DE, wid the new amplifier on hold, said that he hadn’t heard frm Phil fer abt 2 months…James also finished his book and sent it to the editors.  AB asked AF6C if they cud work together to find the source of Steve’s audio distortion in the 10m rig…AF6C will be off to Braille Institute tomorrow to repair audio book machines.  CF was glad to report no fire damage last week, and VDP, bk frm Arizona, said 40m band condx were FB last Sunday morning for the OCWN 40m Net…And Larry also picked up a 7800 dual bander which has all commands on a menu system.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 11/14/08…ARRL received over 1,000 logs fer the CW portion of the ARRL Sweepstakes Contest last weekend…A new undertaking for IBM, IBEC will be install a new BPL system that doesn’t affect ham radio or other services!...ARRL will work to get USA OPs full privileges on the expanded 40m band…World Radio will have a new publisher…Find further info. On the above subjects at:  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:18 hrs. local time.   TNX, Bob!


11/26/2008 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, YHX, WB9YCJ, CF, HHC, and HC.  AF6C and HHC discussed the old “Callbook Service” that the Club provided as a service to Club members in the past (before the Internet).  And OPs thoroughly enjoyed HC’s program on the Clipperton Island DXpedition!  OPs also congratulated AF6CF on his being elected to the Club Presidency for 2009.  Were you a 4am shopper on “Black Friday” after the big-turkey-day?


11/26/2008 2m Phone Net – Wid IXN & Lee up in the San Jacinto Mts. fer TG, HHC assumed NC duties (Tnx, Ken!)  W6ZE/HHC checked in DE, YHX, AF6C, YCJ, & AF6CF via SKYPE.  DE put out a call fer OPs who can help wid communications for the C.A.P. Corey-YHX has finished tuning the Ringo Ranger ant. wid great SWR across the 2m band.  YCJ bought a new ICOM IC-7700 HF/VHF rig which he is putting thru its paces.  CF checked in via SKYPE after experiencing too much QRN (QRM?) from a busy computer.  AF6C aired the ARRL Audio News…Tnx, Bob! 

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