01/7/2009 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, YHX, HHC, IXN, CF, and HC. DE will go above & beyond 440!…James picked up a 900 MHz rig which he will convert fer ham use!  YHX must calibrate his TNC, and Corey has to replace a light bulb in a MFJ piece of equipment still under warranty.  HHC & CF remind OPs of the upcoming Club Bfast come Saturday.  And HHC must move his RF interference noise canceller closer to the noise source.  El Presidente CF says that the City of Santa Ana needs OPs fer communications at a parade, and HC, nursing a cold, checks in wid a much lower voice as Arnie asks AF6C if he is ‘in mourning’ over the outcome of the Penn State vs. USC game!


01/7/2009 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, YHX, IBH, HC, FKX/m, HHC, AF6C, CCD, EVX, and CF.  YHX is looking fer a tower fer a 10m ant.  DE ‘flew in and flew out’, and HC checked in after listening to IBH relate info. abt her nursing job with the school district…Then Arnie ‘kicks bk’ to listen to the rest of the Net.  FKX/m checked in frm the foothills telling OPs that he and the family spent vacation time in Anza Borrego State Park…And Doug is interested in a DX station being assembled by KE6YUI.  And HHC told OPs that YUI has reserved FD space at Los Alamitos Base for the Club!  Then HHC tells FKX to check wid the Board before purchasing a tower…The Club may hve just the tower Doug needs!  CCD ‘flew in and flew out’, and EVX repeated his announcement for OPs to help wid a tennis tournament in Fullerton. El Presidente AF6CF has a tuner problem on 10m, and Nicolas wishes all OPs a HNY!  AF6C said that ARRL Audio News was cancelled over the Holidays, and Bob is off to the doc tomorrow to have his eye checked to see if all is well.


01/14/2009 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, IXN, CCD, HHC, and HC.  AF6C’s eye surgery is doing nicely, after Bob’s PCP gave him medicine for a scratched cornea…Bob & HHC reminded OPs about the Club meeting come Friday, and Bob has an ARRL Audio News for the 2m Net.  DE’s all-band amplifier is on hold at present while James does sum further research.  And OPs tell IXN he has weak sigs.  CCD, wid an S6 noise level, gets the din-din call.  HHC is looking forward to a ski trip near the end of Feb., and Ken and AF6C briefly discuss the COAR Baker-to-Vegas meeting last evening, wid a equipment testin workshop moved to the 28th of Feb.  N6HC pinned both mast & rotator to keep the antenna from turning in the high SA winds, and Arnie had to have a broken tile repaired on the roof.  Another meeting will keep HC away from Friday night Club meeting.


01/14/2009 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, VDP, HHC, IBH, AF6C, CF, KI6TQM(Lee), and HC.  DE is preparing for ‘The Big One’, putting together survival kits the house and car.  Wid the water heater, dishwasher and TV all dysfunctional, VDP was busy with repairs!  HHC hopes we will see Lee, TQM, at Club meeting…And Ken is looking for a good cheap rig for a new OP.  IXN will read HHC’s article on the ‘Russian Woodpecker’.  AF6C offered his mother’s old nursing books to IBH, if there is anything that Kathleen can use.  TQM, in Old Orange,  has an IC 7000 and uses a 2-band 2m/440 Diamond antenna.  CF must pick up a 2m antenna, and Nicolas’ work load keeps him from playing radio!  HC tells HHC that good cheap rigs are few and far between, mentioning swap meets as a possible source.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Jan. 9, 2009…The FCC will get a new commissioner…Check out a new ARRL Award, a Triple Place Award involving Logbook of the World, on the ARRL website…a DXpedition to Desecheo Is., located between Dominicana & Puerto Rico, will begin Feb.7. ARRL Audio News aired at 21:04 – 21:22 hrs local time.  Tnx, Bob!


01/21/2009 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HC, HHC, DE, AB, YCJ, IXN, VKO, GMU, BHT, and CF.  AF6C & IXN experienced high SWR tonite, and AF6C said to expect Richard, KI6DPT, in Costa Mesa, to check in on the 2m Net.  HC says there is AM broadcast interference in the 80 and 160m bands at his QTH! …And Arnie worked OH8SR in Finland on 75m….OH8SR was using a 3-element 80m beam!  HHC said that move-in at the new factory site may be delayed a month to allow completion of construction work.  DE & IXN have high QRN at their shacks tonite, and AB put up a vertical ant. wid adjustments made, and Steve had gud sigs!  YCJ & HC discussed solutions to broadcast band interference on the ham bands, and IXN suggested stubs to null out the offending sigs.  IXN can’t get his SWR below 2.8, and Bob will put up a new ant. in the future.VKO is missing one guy rope on his vert. ant., and Bill is at Watson RC meetings 80% of the time.  GMU was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH, and HC relayed for Paul.  Mike, KI6BHT checked in, and CF suggested using a small AM battery radio as an RF Sniffer to detect BC rectifier hotspots in spoutings, fences, etc., for AM sigs.


01/21/2009 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, XMT, GMU, VKO, HHC, WB9YCJ, CF, AF6C, and Jim-WA6DIJ (via SKYPE).  DE, James, checked into the last of his 4 Nets on Wed. eves…And DE will soon have PSK-31 portable in a briefcase. XMT, Dave, in Lake Forest, uses a 5/8 wave ant. to lite up 7 bars on IXN’s rig…Dave is also experimenting wid a salt water aquarium.  GMU uses two different ants. on the Nets to see which one works best.  VKO said that his son, in Spokane, has a salt water aquarium…And Bill must install a radio in the XYL’s auto and put a cooling fan in the computer.  HHC commented on the great turnout on 10m, and checked in Jim, DIJ, by SKYPE frm near Monterey, CA.  YCJ and IXN welcome the exit of the broadcast band stations frm 40m!  CF has equipment interference in the ham bands at the QTH, and, AF6C still has a minor problem with his eye…And Bob told OPs to have 3D glasses for a Superbowl surprise!  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News for Jan. 16, 2009…Kevin Martin, FCC Commissoner and BPL advocate, has resigned…For latest satellite uplinks & downlinks, go to the ARRL website…ARRL Audio News aired at 21:23 hrs local time, and ended at 21:41 hrs local time…Tnks, Bob!


01/28/2009 10M Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HC, DE, WB9YCJ, IXN, and CF.  HHC was busy moving into his new office at work.  HC asked AF6C if Bob had received his email for publication in ‘RF’ to which Bob replied YES…Then Arnie invited OPs to attend the next DX Club meeting for a talk on the TS7C DXpedition.  DE has a new EICOM 10W QRP rig to be used wid CAP communications.  And YCJ plans to listen to DX on an EICOM 703 on his night-stand as he falls asleep.  IXN’s new ant. is still in the construction stage, and CF, wid

nothing to report, was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.


01/28/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, DE, EVX, WB9YCJ, FKX, WTQ, VDP, AF6C, and AF6CV(Don).  El Presidente Nicolas plans to erect a 2m/440 ant. in the near future, and CF offers IXN Club help to get up Bob’s new antenna.  DE, involved wid Civil Air Patrol, looks at an EICOM IC-703 fer PSK-31 DX contacts.  EVX got a new 2m/440 HT, and YCJ is losing allegance wid YAESU…His EICOM 7700 is a GREAT rig! …And Ken wonders where the next Southwestern Div. Convention will be held…Anyone know?!  FKX enjoyed the ‘Russian DXpedition’ presentation at the last Club meeting, and Doug will soon be off to Anza Borrego, and, the Mojave Desert wid his geology classes.  VDP gets the ARRL Newsletter by email, and Larry tells HC and OPs abt a ham radio broadcast frm CO2KK in Havana, Cuba, on 9.550 MHz.  CV/m, in a rental car wid an HT, an engineer, lives in Huntington Beach.  We hope that Don can join us for an eyeball at a future Club meeting!  AF6C reported that his eye is coming along FB, and Bob aired ARRL Audio News for 1/23/09…Log Book of the World has logged over 1,000,000 confirmed QSLs!...BPL sites continue to decline!...And ARRL requests that hams help neighbors, wherever possible, to install analog-to-digital Converter Boxes on their analog TVs before the Feb. deadline!...Tnx, Bob!...ARRL Audio News aired at 21:23 hours local time, and ended at 21:41 hours

local time.

VERY SAD NEWS! …Bob Buss, KØBWH, a former OCARC President as KD6BWH, became a Silent Key in Sheldon, ND, on 1/29/2009!

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