3/04/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in DE, HHC, CF, YCJ, IXN, and N6IFY(Dick).  DE, unable to hear his CAP Net well tonite, told OPs that his AR Station will be abt complete when he picks up a 1.2 GHz rig.  And AF6C has two ‘Christmas presents’ he hasn’t played with yet!  HHC, also left wid Christmas Toys to play with, said that all equipment for Baker-to-Vegas checked out well at last night’s meeting.  IXN will forward Chapts. 17 & 18 of the Club History to HHC, and Bob is still wrestling wid an antenna problem!  CF, wid rain at the QTH, was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH, and YCJ can’t get enough rain as Ken asks OPs if we ‘spring ahead’ one hour this weekend.  IFY, who was at the Baker-to-Vegas meeting for Orange PD last nite, is all prepared to help wid communications out in the desert.


3/04/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in DE, CF, KI6VEN(Phil), KG6WRU(David), HHC, YCJ, AF6C, and KI6TND(Gary).  DE told IXN that special radios are used for emergency communications by the CAP.  CF & IXN agree on Bob’s antenna problems, and VEN, using a magmount vertical ant. with a HT, is working to get his General Class License.  HHC said that VEN, Phil, and RWU, David, are 2 new Club members and will be among the Baker-to-Vegas group!…Welcome, OPs!  HHC also announced the Club Bfast at Jaegerhaus come Sat. morning.  YCJ wondered if the recession is causing an increase in OPs trying to sell off their gear…IXN wondered if ‘the Candy Store’ noticed a drop-off in sales!  CF and AF6C have offered to help IXN wid his antenna problem, and AF6C then aired the Feb.27,’09 ARRL Audio News at 21:25 hrs. local time…The Boy Scouts of America have revamped the Radio Merit Badge!...Ham radio is a great asset for scouts in the wilderness and back country…Ham Radio & the Space Effort continue to enhance each other’s interests through worldwide communications! …Thanks, Bob! …ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:43 hrs. local time.


3/11/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YCJ, HC, HHC, CF, IXN, and AB.  Kudos to Bob, AF6C, who sold the Drake amplifier for the Club and shipped it off to Illinois…We are greatful, Bob, and TNX much! …The Club will reimburse Bob for costs.  YCJ heard activity on 146.55 before the 2m Net, and Ken eagerly awaits the flight of the Broadcast people from the 7.1-7.3 potion of the 40m band!  HC noted that Pres. Obama used the famous Bill Clinton desk to sign the Stimulus Package Bill! …And Arnie invited OPs to the So. CA. DX Club meeting in Culver City to hear a talk on the Tunisia DXpedition last Jan…(see more on  HHC said that Mar. QST includes an article on BC stations exiting the 40m Band, and, not hearing KK6AB, Leon, check in to Net, HHC said that he, El Presidente CF, and AF6C will be leaving for Pahrump on Fri. at noon for the Baker-to-Vegas Event this weekend.  As usual, IXN cudn’t hear Nicolas with the old antenna, but CF did make a PSK-31 contact!  IXN has problems tying to tune the 15m section of his new ant., and AB ‘faded IN & OUT’, and HHC quipped, “That’s what a hamburger’s all about”!


3/11/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, HHC, CF, YCJ, CVX, and N6PRX, Marty.   IXN heard mention of Baker-to-Vegas on the broadcast bands, and HHC said that the Baker-to-Vegas Event had to cut off entrants…Too Many!!  CF, using his new chimney mounted ant.,  is glad to have the XYL back from a visit to family in South America, and HHC, CF, and AF6C will all enjoy a delicious ‘Italian Sandwich’ on their way to Pahrump for Baker-to-Vegas on Friday afternoon!  Kielbasa (Polish, English), Kovbasa, or, Kolbasa (Ukrainian), Kubasa, etc…Take your choice!....a sausage that can be eaten plain, with other foods, or between a bun, like a hotdog.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 3/6/09 at 21:06 hrs. local time…FCC continues to sit on the Court ruling last year concerning BPL interference…Laura Smith, Special Council for the FCC, the new Riley Hollingsworth for the FCC, visited League Hdqtrs on Mar. 6 to learn how to best proceed on matters concerning amateur radio, the League, and the FCC…Pres. Obama has nominated Julius Genachowski as Chairman of the FCC…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:26 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


3/18/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, YHX, IXN, YCJ, HHC, CF, GEP, and KF6LZH(Bob).  AF6C & HHC said the OPD team didn’t break their old record of 16 hrs 2 min 6 sec. in the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  But, Orange PD did move up to 45th position in the B2V race out of total of 245 teams...up from 60th position finish last year. AF6C got the Jet Blue earphones fixed, and LDC said that he hasn,t been active lately.  YHX got the ant. tuner repaired, and Corey told OPs abt a series of Orange City Maps which would be useful in emergencies.  IXN had the new MFJ ant. at ground level trying it out.  Most OPs cud not hear Bob too well, including CF and HHC.  YCJ said the Obama meeting in Long Beach was kind of one-sided, and GEP has been working openings on 30m CW…Gud to hear Tim bk on the Net!   LZH was Q3 to Q4.


3/18/09 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, IBH, KG6RWU (David), AF6C, CF, and HHC.   YHX announced that the next sunspot cycle has started.  AF6C introduced RWU, David, as a new Club member.  IBH ‘flew in and flew out’, and AF6C said that RWU & brother, Mike-KG6WRM, and also Kathleen-IBH all helped wid communications in the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  El Presidente, CF, announced Fri. Club meeting, and AF6C said the program will be on LIDO Mounts for amateur gear in your autos without drilling holes!  HHC said that 245 PDs participated in Baker-to-Vegas, and that OPD came in 6th in their Division! The COAR RACES group from the City of Orange provided communications & support in the 120-mile long B2V race (around 6 mile legs).  OPs said there was plenty of extra military radar on 440 when President Obama was in town!  AF6C aired the 3/6/2009 ARRL Audio News at 20:59 hrs…The FCC still has not addressed the 2004 court rulings regarding BPL interference see Mar. 6 Ed. Of ARRL Letter for more info).  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:18 hrs. local time.  Tnx, Bob!


3/25/09 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YCJ, IXN, YHX, HHC, and CF.  AF6C asked IXN to get 2000 Aug. ‘RF’ to scan into the website, and Bob worked on the yard last weekend…Get sunburned, Bob?  IXN’s new antenna leaves something to be desired, but, the old antenna had leaking traps and had been snapped into two pieces by a falling tree! …IXN also has a defective ant. tuner.  YCJ will skip the Advanced Ticket and go for the Extra! …And Ken is still waiting fer broadcasters to leave 7100-7200 KHz. YHX, about to disconnect a charging battery, must calibrate an oscilloscope, and HHC is impressed wid detail on a fire map produced by the City of Orange…And Ken’s wallet is lighter after buying new tires fer the T-Bird!  CF, like IXN, has high noise tonite, and AF6C & HHC, along wid Nicolas, looked over projects in an old copy of Popular Mechanics that CF brought along on Baker-to-Vegas.


3/25/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CF, YHX, HHC, RWU, YCJ, EVX, and AF6C.  CF told IXN & OPs abt the Aug. 1955 issue of Popular Electronics that OPs enjoyed during Baker-to-Vegas, and YHX breaks out the steel wool to clean joints to be soldered.  HHC & IXN briefly discuss the Santiago Creek/Santa Ana River Flood Plain, and Ken mentions the two Apple Computer founders: Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, wid Wozniak now a contestant on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on TV.  HHC tells YCJ that Field Day will once again be held at the Los Alamitos Joint Services Base, and YCJ is glad to see that the recession has not closed a lot of ham radio stores.  What’s this!? …AF6C has a recipe fer gopher stew, gopher pizza, and gopher steak! …FD must be just around the corner!  RWU, David, checked in wid gud sigs, and EVX, recovering frm back surgery, stayed wid us to hear ARRL Audio News.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 3/20/09 at 21:11 hrs. local time…FCC denies an OP request to increase the size of the licensing Question Pool…Sat., April 11, 2009, will see the IARU Emergency Preparedness Exercise for IARU Member Groups’ EOCs…Read more in the Mar 20 Ed. of the ARRL Letter…TNX, Bob!...The ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:31 hrs local time.

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