6/03/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, CF, HHC, IXN, WB9YCJ, IFY, and ACT.  YHX has all parts needed to complete his seismic antenna to listen to San Servaine seismometer on 163.795 MHz., and, Corey has his computer back wid a new hard drive.  CF was down in the noise, but el Presidente was hearing at least 3 OPs.  HHC announced the Club Bfast come Saturday, is working on an antenna fer RWU, and is interested in digital ATV.  AF6C has 10m net notes fer IXN, and Bob will email last week’s netnotes to IXN. YCJ, in bed when the 2 am thunderstorm struck the Orange County area, was worried abt his $6,000 rig!  IFY cud not copy well thru the heavy QRN, but Dick did announce a carnival & car show at Miles Square Park on June 14. IXN & Lee had beautiful WX every day in the San Jacinto Mts. Last week.  ACT got a Novice License in the ’60s, has a Butternut vertical, and has 3 old Studebakers!


6/03/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, HHC, AF6C, CF, RWU, EVX, HC, and WB9YCJ. YHX, almost ready to listen to San Servaine Seismometer, has been working sum PSK DX to New Caledonia.  HHC & XYL Diane did a ’lil gambling in an Indian casino near Fallbrook.  AF6C had abt 20 secs of rain frm the thunderstorm, and IXN had abt 2 min. of rain…enuf to dirty up the auto windows.  AF6C got the sprinklers repaired, but cud not make the repaired power supply turn on his computer.  CF heard all OPs FB tonite, and Nicholas announced the Club Bfast & Board meeting come Sat.  CWU & IXN both disconnected their rigs during the lightning show, and David is now a volunteer fer the OPD!  No thunder & lightning at EVXs’ QTH, but rain at 6:30 am.  HC, awakened by nature’s display at 2:15 am, turned over and went bk to sleep.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 5/29/09…New FCC ‘Riley Hollingsworth’ suggests that hams can help their cause by better adherence to Part 97 rules, thus cutting down time and money in FCC litigation…The May 29 edition of the ARRL Newsletter has OP hints fer gud communications on Field Day…ARRL Audio News aired at 21:01 hrs local time and concluded at 21:20 hrs…Tnx, Bob!


6/10/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, HHC, YCT, IXN, DHT, and HC.  AF6C was using a TS-450, evaluating it for an OP…YHX gave Bob a 20/S9 report on transmissions. AF6C will evaluate a 2m rig on the 2m Net.   And Corey is investigating solar panels as a power source.  HHC said AF6C’s sigs were down abt 8 Hz, said that el Presidente was camping in Yellowstone Park, and announced that Field Day has been moved to Walter Knott Elementary School (entrance on La Palma Ave.)due to a clearance problem that developed at the military base in Los Alamitos…Maps to the FD site will soon be ready.  YCJ said elevation helped OPs hear him wid a small antenna frm Angel Stadium…Next time Ken will try a ¼ wave ant…But now, it’s the VHF Contest this weekend!  AF6C and HHC said that we will team up wid WARA for Field Day.   AF6C got the old chain saw working and cut up 2 trees fer firewood…And Bob turned on the speech processor on the TS-450, increasing his sigs 1 S unit at IXN’s QTH.  IXN said that WX forecasters are predicting a possible El Niño come winter!  IXN cudn’t hear DHT vy well, but Mike was talking abt mounting a vertical antenna.  HC checked in near Net’s end and talked abt his QTH being the staging area for the upcoming Midway DXpedition!


6/10/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, RWU, AB, HC, WB9YCJ, AF6C, and HHC.  YHX and IXN briefly discussed straightening out rolled aluminum wire to make elements for a seismometer antenna…Corey suggested rolling the elements between two boards to straighten them!  AF6C checked in on a 2m intermittent TS-733, and, you guessed it, the intermittent didn’t show up throughout the entire Net!  RWU is building a 10m antenna, designed by HHC, for the Net freq…David also intended to take the General test, ended up taking the Extra Class and passed! …Congrats, David!   AB is getting everything fer Field Day in one place, and HC detected high audio frequency hum on RWU’s sigs which turned out to be a repeater side tone left on…Then Arnie told OPs abt his next DXpedition to Midway in October…The equipment staging area will be Arnie’s garage!  YCJ said that 6m has been open lately…with Ken working Kansas last eve.  AF6C, on the errant 2m rig he was evaluating for an intermittent, lockup, etc., didn’t require him to ‘bang on the side’ once during Net…Ofcourse, it worked perfectly throughout the net!...Then Bob told analog-to-digital box users to perform another search for new DTV stations after the change over to digital.  HHC then told OPs about Field Day site change to Walter Knott Elementary School in Buena Park.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for 6/5/09…CW OPs might be interested in the IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championships with speeds as high as 100wpm!...Check it out on the ARRL Website!...4 Board positions are open for AMSAT, nominations are now open…Check it out at AMSAT.ORG .  Sunspot cycle #24 should peak in May 2013 at abt 90 spots…Tnx, Bob!  ARRL audio News aired at 21:10 hrs local time and closed at 21:10 hrs local time.


6/17/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, YHX, IXN, VEN, and HC.  CCD checked in but got the din-din call in short order.  And AF6C  told YHX that there may not be any bonus points this year fer FD packet contacts!...And Corey will be available to help set up and operate on Field Day.  VEN will definitely make it out to FD to check out operations, get sum operating time, and meet wid friends.  HHC is at the hospital, son, David, had minor surgery on leg.  AF6C & IXN are both trying to fix a computer problems, and HC enjoyed hearing VEN’s new transceiver.  IXN will try to find HC a 4ftx4ft pallet. 


6/17/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, FKX, CF, AF6C, and VEN.   YHX wants to put together a solar panel/battery powered station fer FD…AF6C told Corey to check fer cheap batteries on the web, and, House of Batteries in HB.  FKX has three weeks left of Summer Session, and Doug will help the Friday Crew set up fer Field Day…Doug will bring out his trailer and hopes to get in on sum 40m operating.  CF cudn’t hear AF6C when Bob was on the HT, and Nicholas had a great time vacationing in Yellowstone Nat. Park, Bryce Canyon, etc.  Although the Club generator will not be used at FD this year, AF6C & HHC ran it fer abt a ½ hour just in case!...And Bob will soon get a new battery fer the Ipod…AF6C reminded all abt Fri. Club meeting and FD setup and teardown.  VEN will attend Club meeting, and Phil is excited abt attending FD wid a 2m vertical and another VHF antenna.  AT 20:59 hrs local time, AF6C aired ARRL Audio News for 6/12/09…4 congressman are now online in support of HR 2160…Read more about this, Field Day June 27-28, and the IARU Championships in the ARRL Letter…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:19 hrs local time…Tnx, Bob!


6/24/09 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CF, IXN, VEN, HHC, and WB9YCJ.   LDC experienced altitude breathing problems high up in the Montana Mts. On his recent vacation, and Larry now awaits OPs to pick up towers for Field Day.  HHC said that YUI would pick up the towers Fri. morning around 9.00-9:30 am.  CF is down in the QRN wid weak audio, and AF6C, feeling punk, didn’t come to Club meeting last Fri eve.  VEN will help set up at FD Fri. & Sat., and, Phil needs help with a new Cushcraft ant. that’s too big for one person to handle!...This is VEN’s 1st FD, then Phil & XYL will be off to Las Vegas over the 4th of July.  HHC’s son is doing FB wid the staff infection in his leg, and Ken will leave the office at 1:30pm on Fri. fer the FD site.  And AF6C said that PFA, Tom, is doing well health-wise at present.  IXN and Lee will be off to the San Jacinto Mts over the 4th, and YCJ alerted OPs to the ARRL Field Day Station Locater on the web…Ken-WCJ is excited abt working FD wid the Club working 9A!


6/24/09 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, CF, WB9YCJ, HHC, and AF6C.   YHX has read the FD Rules, and Corey expressed interest in the GOTA (Get On The Air) station.  CF is frustrated wid reception on the 10m Net…Sigs keep disappearing!  YCJ plans to work odd hours of the night on FD, and, Ken said that the Amateur Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair will be moved to another building this year.  HHC said that the Booth will be a wee bit smaller!...Ken also requested that OPs bring their digital cameras to FD and take lots of pictures for future use on the Club webpage…and HHC said the Club webpage had 1230 hits in the last month!  AF6C put a new filter capacitor in his ailing Radio Shack scanner which is now operating FB, and Bob might make it out to the FD site on Friday.  AF6C then aired Audio News for June 19 at 21:08 hrs local time…The ARRL Teachers Institutes are all doing well, and try to advertise your FD Club & site location…The FCC should have a new leader confirmed by July 4!  ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:28 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!

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