7/01/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, VEN, and IXN.   AF6C is still making repairs on his old computer, and HHC praised the great turnout for Field Day!...HHC is awaiting Field Day pictures from AF6C and Fried, WZO.  HHC then went over rough Field Day Scores, roughly 5,992 contacts for close to 17,000 points, and this does not include Bonus Points!  And VEN had a great time working 15m, keeping hydrated in the heat, and helping tear down on Sunday…Phil’s sigs at IXN’s QTH were 5 by 7 on the dipole, and 5 by 8 on the vertical ant.  IXN said that W6NT, Ray Davis, was still in the Rehab Center at 661 Center St., Costa Mesa.  HHC then gave a breakdown of FD contacts:  80m CW…277, 75 SSB…126, 40m CW…838, 40m SSB…807, 20m CW…974, 20m SSB…970, 15m CW…495, 15m SSB…368, 10m SSB…450, 6m Phone…375, 2m Phone…125, GOTA 130 psk-31…And OPs were glad to hear that Ken’s son was out of the hospital with the staff infection in his leg under control!


7/01/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in N1AB, AF6C, HHC, RWU, and CF.  IXN repeated Ray Davis, W6NT, info. (see above), and HHC said that N1AB and the GOTA station were in a tent, out of the sun, under a big oak tree, with a nice breeze!  AF6C, wid a hurting backside, missed FD setup on Friday, but Bob was glad that it wasn’t a broken ankle that ruined his 1972 Field Day!...AF6C operated some on Sat. morning, and on 15m on Sunday.  HHC repeated rough FD Contacts (see above), and Ken found the 94 deg. Heat a bit rough at Sunday teardown!  RWU spent Fri. thru Sun wid OPs at a Goat Hill FD site in Costa Mesa (not the Goat Hill that W6NT lived on).   El Presidente CF, pleased that all went well at FD, found the new FD site to his liking, and Nicholas said that the 75m ant. had to be lower due to safety reasons.  There was no ARRL Audio News over Field Day.


7/08/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, HHC, WB9YCJ, IXN, CF, VEN, and ISY.  YHX enjoyed FD, worked at the GOTA station, and had his 2m mobile rig display problem repaired.  HHC’s publicity release for Field Day was excellent!...And Ken and Robbie wrote a great article on digital amateur TV!  HHC also said that FD OPs made 5,992 QSOs…Congrats to all who participated in Field Day!  AF6C has completed checkout of the TS-450 and he will soon be back on his TS-440.  YCJ is anticipating working the 2m Net once more frm Angel Stadium, and Ken was a guest OP on 75m at FD at 1:00 am on Sunday morning!  IXN said that brother Lee has a severe case of vertigo, and, they don’t know the cause as yet.  CF was down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.  VEN had a great time at FD, and Phil’s audio improved at IXN’s QTH when Bob tuned from 28.375 to 28.367 MHz.  Dick, N6ISY, checking into Net occasionally, worked FD at Miles Square Park wid WA6FX, the Fountain Valley RACES group.


7/08/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in GMU, KR6J, YHX, CF, YCJ, HHC, QKO, AF6C, and FKX.  FKX and AF6C ‘flew in and flew out’.  GMU had a great time at FD…Great Group…Good Food…Tnx, OPs!  And OPs welcomed Kenan & his new bride bk to the Southland…Kenan still has jet-lag, but it’s back to work tomorrow.  IXN OKd use of aluminum tubing in YHX’s earthquake beam ant, and CF thanked all band captains, set up/tear down crews, for an exceptional FD, and Nicholas reminded all Ops abt the Club Sat. Bfast this weekend.  And CF, GMU, and IXN briefly discussed the Astronomy Club meeting this weekend.  YCJ alerted all to the start of the Orange County Fair beginning July 10-Aug 9…See you at the Ham Radio Booth!  HHC said this FD was the 2nd best ever in the Club, and Ken hopes to prepare a collage of FD pix for next ‘RF’!  Larry, WB6QKO, back on the air after 20 yrs, located in Santa Monica, and using an old YAESU F230-R, knew our Club oldtimer, Shelley Trotter, W6BAM!


7/15/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, IXN, WB9YCJ, and NOL.  The Ham Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair continues to attract many visitors, and AF6C plans to attend Fri. Club meeting…AF6C also spent much time getting his mother’s stock records in order.  And AF6C & YHX discussed back flow currents in a circuit…Corey needs a 3” piece of shrink tubing, and, he visited the Radio Booth at the OC Fair.  IXN said four OCARC members were present at the Orange County Astronomers meeting at Chapman University to hear a young astrophysicist speak on ‘dark matter’ in galaxies.  YCJ said the new Radio Booth at the OC Fair was smaller, but in a better location, and Ken said that the Santa Barbara ARRL Convention will be one day only!...YCJ also reported band openings on 6 & 10 meters.  NOL said that JAY is now webmaster for OCCARO, and, JAY found all 5 hidden XMTRs at the IARU Contest in S. Korea in 111 minutes!...Congrats, Jay!  YCJ said the ‘Governator’ wants to sell the Orange County Fair Grounds if he can get away with it!   NOL said that all booths at the OC Fair have been cut down to about 10 feet.


7/15/09 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in Kris-W6KJC, YHX, AF6C, GWU, and FKV.  KJC was at a meeting in Costa Mesa.  YHX enjoyed the OC Fair last Sunday, gud sushi, food, etc!  AF6C said HHC was busy wid family tonite but that Ken wud be at Club meeting Fri. eve.  AF6C will fix talking books fer the Braille Institute tomorrow, and Bob said that he got a check fer the last of the Drake equipment.  GWU, bk frm a cruise to Alaska, had fun wid some other OPs using HTs on 440 on board ship…2m did not work on board ship.  KD6FKV, Curt, checked in from Simi Valley, had gud sigs using 300W and a 26 element beam. AF6C aired ARRL Audio News at 20:50 hrs local time.  The IARU World Championships are this weekend, and, the next SUITSAT satellite shud be ready by April, 2010…Tnx, Bob…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:13 hrs local time.


7/22/09 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, YHX, IXN, NOL, and YCJ.   AF6C, bk on the TX-440A, managed to short out a main fuse in the auto while changing oil & installing a new oil filter in the auto, and then, a corroded drain pipe in the sink began leaking this morning!...Bob also said that Kathy, IBH, gave ISS sightings, and, a web site to locate future sightings.   HHC and Diane stayed inside the Casinos out of the 101 deg. temps at Laughlin where they enjoyed a ’lil gambling, etc…And Ken & Robbie are scheduled to give a talk on digital ATV at a TAPR meeting in Chicago using SKYPE, etc., frm the QTH…Ken also said that Kristin handed out Club info. to interested OC Fair goers at the OCCARO Booth.  YHX has a new kit to put together, and AF6C told Corey that he ought to read the Harry Potter books.  AF6C noted that one advantage of old incandescent light bulbs was to heat the shack.  And NOL noted that one disadvantage to fluorescent lights was the release of poisonous powder when they break!...And Richard said the OCCARO Booth got a Blue Ribbon at the OC Fair!  NOL, AF6C, HHC, and IXN all briefly discussed building projects with the old Allied Radio Knight Kits.   And IXN will get the website info. for ISS sightings.


7/22/09 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WB9YCJ, AF6C, HHC, YHX, WTQ, CF, W6KJC (Kris), WV6V (Cam), WU8U (Sue...previously N6ROR), and KR6J, wid WB9YCJ checking in after Net from the OC Fair wid Ken, W6KOS, and Ursula on the side.  YCJ/m checked into Net while on the way to the OC Fair.  AF6C must fix a leaking sink drain, and Bob has ARRL Audio News to air for the Net.  HHC congrats YHX for his first PSK QSO on 20M, and building an interface circuit fpr PTT.  "el Presidente" CF copied all OPs 100% tonite.  Sue, Cam, and Chris ‘flew in and flew out’.  IXN will take brother Lee for an ultrasound test on his carotid arteries.  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News for July 17, 2009 at 21:00 hrs local time…New ARRL Commissioners got a tour of ARRL Headquarters,   We’ll hear more about new digital transmission modes next month…For much, much, more, see the ARRL Letter at…Tnx Bob!...ARRL Audio News ended at 21:20 hrs local time.


7/29/09 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/N6HC assumed NC duties in the absence of AF6C.   Arnie checked in YHX, AB, YCJ, IXN, ISY, GMU, and WV6V.  YHX is mounting his earthquake ant. on his 10m mast, and Corey tweaked his Ringo Ranger ant.  HC warned OPs not to attach antennas to vent pipes on the roof…Repair of vent pipes can be very expensive!...And Arnie also monitored AB’s PSK-31 sigs, telling Steve that minor distortion might be due to overdriving.  ISY checked into Net frm the OC Fair Booth, and GMU helped HC wid a 40m antenna yesterday YHX wud like to get a tower fer the 10m vertical, and, WV6V worked a Estonia station on 20m.  IXN and OPs got free advice frm Dr. HC on the swine flu…Tnx, Arnie!  We thank HC for jumping in and taking NC duties in AF6C’s absence!


7/29/09 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in GMU, YHX, ISY, BWZ, KR6J, HHC, WV6V, WU6U, HC, FKX, YCJ, and KI6BRY(Kyle).  OPs were glad to hear that GMU is feeling better & on the mend!  HHC said XYL Diane is mending well after heart valve surgery, and IXN’s brother, Lee, gets the results of his carotid artery and heart tests Fri. morning.   YHX asks OPs what time (UTC) to use for PSK-31 QSL…Most OPs responded to use the beginning time and not to worry too much abt accuracy.  ISY ‘flew in & flew out’ from the OC Fair Booth, as did Bill, KB6BWZ.  IXN and KR6J, Kenan, briefly discussed Kenan’s former call signs, N6CCE and KA6DUE.  HHC got a new email address fer Kenan, and Ken expects Diane to be home sometime this weekend…HHC & CJZ, Robbie, got their DATV paper submitted fer the TAPR Convention at the end of Sept., and, they will use WebX and SKYPE for their presentation on DATV to the Convention!   FKX has been using non-teaching time to visit Grand Teton & Yellowstone Nat. Parks, and now, Doug will be off to Morro Bay fer some more exploration.  HC told YHX that for PSK contacts, date, mode, and station call are most important, wid beginning & ending times not that critical.  We said HI to Susan-WU6U, and Cam-WV6V, told us abt their church RC, the Covenant Amateur Radio Club wid a 100AH battery & Radio Controller located in a storage room at the Church.


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