9/02/2009 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in YHX, IXN, NOL/140, HC/140, WB9YCJ, and AF6C.   HHC assumed NC duties tonight to allow AF6C to prepare for eye surgery tomorrow morning.  HC & NOL signed in using the special Hiram Percy Maxim /140 attached to their calls, making contacts wid Net OPs!  HHC provided an ethernet cable to YHX which solved Corey’s noise problem, and HHC enjoyed watching cumulo-nimbus clouds build up over the Santa Ana/San Gabriel Mts today.  IXN watched the hurricane move in over Cabo San Lucas on the WX Channel. Robbie-KB6CJZ & W6HHC worked on their TAPR paper for Digital ATV (DATV) last Sat afternoon.  AF6C checked in after a cooling shower, and PFA will escort Bob tomorrow morning for AF6C’s eye surgery appointment.  YCJ said the Swine Flu may resurrect again by late Sept., and Ken alerted OPs to ham radio participation in the LA County Fair.


9/02/2009 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, VNI, HHC, WB9YCJ, CF, and FKX.  YHX was at a meeting during the 10m Net, and Corey built a stand for a mobile rig.  VNI built an 8 turn 6” choke balun fer the dipole. HHC said Diane is recuperating nicely from recent heart surgery.  YCJ plans to make contact from Angel Stadium in the upper deck bleachers wid the HT during next week’s Net!...And Ken plans to check out ham activities at the LA County Fair.  CF, bk from his Central America trip, missed having a SKYPE contact wid the Net this trip, and Nicholas heard all OPs FB tonite.  FKX and family are planning to adopt a dog, and Doug had a great vacation at Morrow Bay.  IXN will provide FKX wid sum resource literature regarding rock formations & quake activity in CA…And while Doug is on sabbatical, he will put together sum geologic maps for use in his classes.

9/09/2009 10m Net - Net control AF6C Checked in N6HC, N1AB, WA6NOL and W6HHC.  Bob reported that eye surgery seems to be a success. Still some line distortion and graininess in that eye, but quite an improvement over pre surgery vision.  Arnie talked about the Hiram Percy Maxim birthday award the ARRL was giving out. He made about 900 contacts as an ArRL appointee. He also reminded the net that the DX Club was meeting the next night.  N1AB talked about the portable PSK-31 station he was assembling. He is deciding on how to power the unit. Solar is one choice as is a battery. Arnie mentioned that Harbor Freight tools has solar panels for $15. Bob mentioned that Costco also has (or had?) solar panels for charging car batteries for about $20 for a pair.  Ken, W6HHC talked about the success he had sending a DATV signal (1 mW) across the dining table (one meter) this weekend. He is working on an article about it for RF. Ken also reminded us that the breakfast is this weekend. It was moved from last weekend due to the Labor Day weekend.


9/09/2009 2m Net - Net control Bob AF6C filled in for IXN who was in the mountains on vacation. AF6C checked in AF6CF, WB9YCJ/6, KR6J, N6HC W6FKX, KE6YHX and K6UA. Nicholas reminded everyone about the Saturday breakfast. Ken, YCJ checked in from Anaheim Stadium via HT where he was watching the Angels vs. Mariners. Ken's hero Ichiro Suzuki was playing. Kenan, KR6J checked in via HT and handheld DF beam. Kenan wanted to check the status of his badge. Arnie, is busy working on his logs from the ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim Birthday event. Doug, W6KFX checked in briefly mobile in Huntington Beach. Corey - KE6YHX reports that his seismometer antenna is up, but the seismometer is not working properly - just emitting a carrier. After the net closed, Robert - KO6UA checked in to say hello and give a signal report. Robert is in Palos Verde. He was invited to check in anytime. No ARRL Audio news tonight. With running net I just didn't have time to set it up.


9/16/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in IXN, NOL, WB9YCJ, GMU, CF, and YHX.  IXN thanked AF6C for 2m NC duties last Wed., and AF6C for providing 10m and 2m Net Notes.  YCJ, hving other commitments, ‘flew in and flew out’.  HHC announced the 1st ever transmission of Digital ATV sigs frm Orange County, and NOL plans to attend Club meeting Fri. eve. To hear Bob, N6OX, speak on the recent DXpedition to an island off the coast of Brazil.  OPs sent congrats to Paul, GMU, on the great edition of the Sept. Club Newsletter!   AF6C is involved wid therapy on his healing eye, and CF reminded OPs of the Club Auction at the Oct. Club meeting.  YHX and HHC briefly discussed Corey’s rattling Anderson Connector.


9/16/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in GMU, YHX, CF, VDP, FKX, and HHC.  GMU, wid both polarizations, got better reports on 10m sigs using the G5RV ant., and Paul said he had no QRN on the vertical.  10m is a difficult band fer YHX, and VDP brought back memories of the Joshua Tree Earthquake during a past Field Day at the Marine Base…And Larry talked briefly abt his new CW key from K8RA.  FKX, enjoying his sabbatical, attend a Civil War Battle Re-enactment, where his daughter was dressed as the Civil War nurse, Clara Barton.  GMU, CF, and IXN briefly discussed the old ham radio Public Seismic Network Net…IXN will forsake the OCA Meeting and attend the OCARC Meeting Fri. eve. To hear the DXpedition program speaker, N6OX.


9/23/2009 10m Phone net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, WZO, HC, IXN, WB9YCJ, HHC, and CF.  YHX and IXN are trying to find the location of the 171.4056 MHz seismometer…Corey thinks it might be located in the San Jacinto Mts.  WZO’s 40m Sloper is doing a gud job, and Fried has over 2,000 pix taken while on a trip to Mammoth, Bishop ARC, and Las Vegas, and, like IXN, Fried must soon have a cataract operation.  HC got a report frm AF6C on Bob’s eye operation…Bob, improving, had 20/40 vision in the eye as of last Monday…And Arnie will be leaving on the Midway Is. DXpedition within the next two weeks.  IXN’s 555 Scout TenTec rig decided to ‘get a fever’ and smell up the shack!...Now the rig will be put on the OCARC Auction Block!  Congrats Ken, YCJ…Ken became an OCARC dues-paid member at last meeting!  Vacation time fer HHC!...Ken & Diane will be traveling bk East to visit family and sum R&R…And HHC is hving fun wid the DATV experiment, which has gained international attention!  AF6C is driving the auto agn, and Bob has an ARRL Audio News to air on the 2m Net.  CF was down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.


9/23/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, YHX, AF6CF, and AF6C.  IXN & YHX are searching for a seismometer location, and Corey will ask his father to help us locate it.  HHC asked Club members to send him an email wid items they intend to sell at the Club Auction in Oct.  YHX picked up his 1st seismic 5+ mag. event in Mexico in the Cerro Prieto Fault Zone!  HHC & Diane will leave soon, on vacation, for VA and sum R&R, and they have been taking early morning walks to beat the 100+ degree early afternoon & evening heat!  CF was busy at the hospital…His daughter had a baby boy, 8 lb and 21” long!...Wid the grandkids list still growing, will Nicholas & XYL experience an increase in baby sitting chores?   Wid the eye improving daily, AF6C has driven on the Freeway twice, and Bob says he can read much better now!  AF6C aired the ARRL Audio News, K1FFA at the mike, at 21:00 hrs local time…One can now pick up an HTML version of the ARRL Audio News, and, the ARRL Letter, too!...An ARRL member must have at least 15 years of meritorious service with the League to be eligible for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award…Tnx, Bob!   The ARRL Audio News aired at 21:00 hrs local time and ended transmission at 21:16 hrs. local time.


9/30/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, LDC, and IXN.  YHX has excellent reception of the 171.405 MHz seismometer…Corey caught his 1st event in the Cerro-Prieto Fault Zone, a 5 mag. Event, in Baja Norte, Mexico. YHX also caught long waves frm the 8 mag. Event in the Marianna Trench.  AF6C told OPs about a 7+ mag. Event that occurred in the Sumatra area.  LDC is looking forward to the Club Auction in Feb., but Larry is not looking forward to an upcoming eye operation.  AF6C got a gud report on his recent eye surgery, and Bob is seeing much, much better!  AF6C reminded OPs that the Club Bfast is Sat., this week, and Bob announced an ARRL Audio News to be aired on the 2m Net.


9/30/2009 2m Phone Net  - W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, YHX, YCJ, CF, KI6RRZ(Tim), and KR6J.  AF6C is reading a book, ‘The Dark Tide’, Great Boston Flood (molasses, no less!)…And Bob will air ARRL Audio News later.  YHX announced that Home Depot has a deposit bin for your used fluorescent lights!   YCJ checked into Net frm high up in the Angel Stadium bleachers, at the point where the score was 3-0 in favor of the Angels!...And Ken said to look for tickets to post season games online!...Tickets will probably be around $35.  When CF checked in, the score was 3-1, and,  the new baby is doing FB!  KR6J will miss the auction…Kenan will be back in Chicago on business.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Sept. 29 by K1FFA…Plans are now under way for the World Radio Commissioners Conference for Govt & Industry communications to be held in 2012…(read more in the ARRL Letter)…A plain text version (html) of the ARRL Letter should be available soon, and, read about the Section Mgrs’ Workshop at League Hdqtrs in the ARRL Letter…ARRL Audio News aired at 20:53 hrs. local time and concluded at 21:11 hrs. local time…TNX, Bob!

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