11/4/2009 10m Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN and HHC.  The Yankees/Philadelphia game kept OPs glued to their TVs!   AF6C & HHC both attended the Club Halloween potluck at the PEQ QTH last Saturday…And great costumes added to the mystery of the Event!  To remember the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, IXN renamed it the ‘hini’ flu!  HHC is still configuring his new laptop (Windows 7) computer. AF6C, wid one eye on the World Series game, tells IXN that he will air the ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net.


11/4/2009 2m Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, HHC, KJ6BBS(Chris), KI6RRZ(Tim), and AF6C.   YHX’s Darth Vader costume was a great success at Orange Park Acres!...And Corey will make some improvements on it for next year.  HHC had trouble figuring out who ‘The Witch Doctor’ and ‘The Grim Reaper’ were at the Club Halloween Potluck!...And HHC & Diane did away wid 13 bags of candy to T&Ters on Halloween, and they still ran out of candy!...And Ken has run into a ’lil truble setting up email on the new laptop.  IXN copied HHC abt 3 S-units dwn on 10m tonite, and KJ6BBS, Chris, checked in frm Irvine…Ken, in Irvine, is from New York state.  Tim, KI6RRZ, flew in frm Upland and flew out!  AF6C & BBS reminisced briefly abt Eastern New York, and Bob’s Physical come out A-OK!...AF6C enjoyed the Club Halloween Potluck, and Bob said that he substituted other capacitors for a 4500 mfd electrolytic in a Tektronix instrument.  AF6C then aired the Oct. 29 ARRL Audi News at 21:05 hrs local time…The ARRL Letter says that the ARRL Sweepstakes started in 1930…Now the 76th ARRL 2009 Sweepstakes will take place Nov 7-9, more in the ARRL Letter…Tnx, Bob!...The ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:23 hrs local time.


11/11/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in YHX, FKX, YCJ, IXN, CF, and HHC.  YHX now has his 10m antenna up six feet higher on a tower, and IXN said that S wave arrival time – p wave arrival time, or, (S-P) x 8 km/sec, will give a good estimate of the DISTANCE of the recording seismometer from the focus of an earthquake.  FKX checked in for the 1st time on 10m using the Club’s TS450S, using an inverted V ant., wid 5/9 sigs!  AF6C that check-ins to the 10 & 2m Nets will get a new Club QSL card when they arrive!  YCJ mentioned the Club Christmas dinner & party at Jaegerhaus on Dec. 11, and Ken must now replace a 12 yr old auto radiator that sprung a leak!   HHC is rearranging shack equipment to make room for a digital ATV station, and Ken now has Kristin’s flier for the Club Christmas Dinner.  CF ‘flew in’ to announce his return frm a business trip, then el Presidente ‘flew away’.


11/11/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in YHX, YCJ, FKX, HTW, CF, AF6C, and HHC.  YHX’s 10m ant. is now up 19 ft 5 in.  FKX is dealing wid sickness at the QTH, playing radio, and hoping to get out in the field to check out folded rock layers in Rainbow Basin.  HTW & XYL are tearing up the house for a weekend event, and CF is trying out a new power supply that he built…It dropped frm 12.9V to 11.4V when Nicholas was xmitting, but his sigs were 5/9 at OP stations!  AF6C had 3 computers involved in preparing ARRL Audio News to air later in the Net, and Bob now has the Heathkit VTVM working.  HHC has put the Christmas Dinner flier up on the Club website, and Ken said the grand prize at the Christmas dinner will be a 6m,2m,440 Mhz 100W rig, and, those who purchase tickets for the Dinner will receive one free ticket!  AF6C then aired the Nov. 5 ARRL Audio News at 21:05 hrs local time…A ham shares the Nobel Prize in Physics…New hams help save a 61 yr old man who fell off a cliff on Santa Catalina Is…See Dec. QST fer Field Day scores…The ARRL Hdqtrs Building was NOT the original home of Hiram Percy Maxim…Read more in the ARRL Letter…The ARRL Audio News concluded at ? hrs. local time…IXN forgot to mark the time!...Tnx, Bob!


11/18/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/W6HHC assumed NC duties fer AF6C whose xmitter refused to transmit on 28.375 MHz just before Net!  HHC checked in W6YHX and WB6IXN, wid AF6C listening on the side.  YHX picked up a book on digital amateur radio at the past Club auction.   HHC is having fun communicating wid VK3REV, an Aussy ham, by email abt DATV!...And Ken observed YHX’s new antenna as he drove by Corey’s QTH…And HHC reminded OPs abt NOA’s talk at Club meeting Fri. eve.  IXN & HHC discussed the Club’s 1st place finish, in Class 9A, in the Nation fer Field Day…Congratulations, OPs!  AF6C’s rig ‘flew south’ on 10m so Bob will dust off the old Heathkit rig and see if it still works!


11/18/2009 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, AF6C, W6HHC, AF6CF, KJ6BBS, and K6EVX.  Since OPs and others are using the Club Webpage to make contact with Club members, all check-ins from this point on will be listed by their full calls, wid the suffix used in the text.  IXN will be up in the San Jacinto Mts. next Wed., and Bob announced that a new MFJ Scanner is available which will pick up USGS seismometers in the government frequencies.  YHX said the new antenna is up 24 ft. 2 in.  AF6C was able to hear up to 22 MHz on the VHF rig, but no higher…might be a dead oscillator!...And Bob got a vy gud report frm his eye doc!  HHC said Bruce, KC6DLA, is ‘cavorting’ arnd the Pacific on a 2-month tour, visiting such exotic places as Tonga, Western Samoa, etc…He’ll be back wid us by the end of Nov.   All OPs were delighted wid the Club Field Day scores listed in the Dec. issue of QST!  Congrats on a job well done, OPs!  CF had the flu last week but is better this week, and El Presidente announced the upcoming elections for a new Board.  BBS, Chris, got his Gen. Class license on Nov. 14 and is now working DX on the HF bands…Congrats, Chris!...And BBS worked Missouri on 17m frm a soccer field in Irvine!  EVX asked NC to repeat info. on a new scanner offered by MFJ.  AF6C then aired the Nov. 12 ARRL Audio News at 21:14 hrs. local time…K1FFA said that 2010 WRTC will be held outside Moscow…11 N. American teams will participate…The ARISS program is very popular wid elementary, middle, and high schools around the world!  The ARRL Audio News ended at 21:33 hrs local time…Tnx, Bob!


11/25/2009 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/W6HHC checked in WA6VJG(Vince), AF6CF, AF6C, and KE6YHX.  IXN and Lee were up in the San Jacinto Mts. for TG, unsuspecting victims of the upcoming 2 ” snowfall on Friday & Sat.  HHC , constructing a 1.2 GHz amplifier, worked on SMT hand-soldering.  Rig problems forced AF6C to operate his old trusty Heathkit SB301/SB401 pair wid a bit of hum and some dirty switches.  Bob has received the W6ZE QSL cards which he is now sending out.  VJG, in Costa Mesa, wid weak sigs ‘flew in and flew out’.   Nicholas was running on batteries for the net to get ready for his vacation to the mountains over the long Thanksgiving week-end. OPs discussed prizes at the upcoming Club Christmas Dinner, and most OPs were anticipating gud food and games over TG!  (TNX fer the Net Notes, Ken!)


11/25/2009 2m Phone Net – Wid IXN up in the mountains, W6ZE/KE6YHX, Corey, assumed NC duties…And Corey did a great job as NC!...Tnx, Corey!  W6ZE/YHX checked in W6HHC, AF6CF, AF6C, and W6FKX.  The upcoming Club Christmas Dinner & prizes caught OP attention.   AF6C & HHC briefly discussed Bob’s old Heathkit xmitter that Bob is using on 10m, and HHC continues projects wid ADTV.  To check on Club Christmas Dinner info., go to .  AF6CF will take a trip to Mt. Pinos area of mountains during the long TG weekend. AF6C played the ARRL AudioNews file. (TNX fer the Net Notes, Ken!)

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