01/06/2010 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, WB9YCJ, WB6IXN, W6HHC, W6FKV, AF6CF, W6FKX, and WA6PFA…Nice check-ins, OPs!  AF6C announced no ARRL Audio News due to Holidays, and Bob will try out the new 2m rig on the 2m Net tonite.  YHX’s new generator from Sears is the size of his old one, and Corey must now sell the old generator.  YCJ has been going to Vegas long enough to cash in on complimentary hotel rooms, buffets, show tickets, etc.  Ken-YCJ reminded OPs abt the upcoming ham events in Palm Springs and Quartzite, AZ…Then Ken told OPs abt a new flash drive that uses the USB port that will allow one to hear radio stations all over the world!  IXN talked abt new evidence for water below the surface of Mars.  AF6C announced that OPs who check into both Nets tonite will receive new CLUB QSL CARDS!  IXN will post an ARRL article in the Club History recognizing HHC for his contributions in updating TAPR records, and we thank Ken and Robbie, CJZ, for their recent DATV presentations to Orange County RACES & City of Orange RACES.  FKX is relaxing after family events over the Holidays, and CF had QRN at the QTH, and so did IXN.  CF wondered if there was a website that covered YCJ’s USB Flash Drive.  Curt, W6FKV ‘flew in and flew out’, and PFA just came in after covering his son’s parakeets from the chill nite air!


01/06/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, AF6C, WB9YCJ, W6FKX, W6ACM, W6HHC, AF6CF, K6ACJ, KJ6BYO, and KB6CJZ…another nice check-in, OPs!  IXN repeated info. on HHC’s help in updating TAPR records, and YHX’s new generator is good fer 800W.   AF6C’s new EICOM 2820 is doing a vy nice job wid 10W on 2m, and Bob will soon take down Christmas lights.  YCJ announces the SW Div. Convention fer Sept. 17-19 in San Diego wid talk-in on 146.94 MHz 107.2 PL Repeater.  FKX has trouble wid the logging program WIN-32…It locks up his computer! ACM is glad to be back, having been delayed by Danish snowstorms on his way home…Craig will eyeball wid OPs at Club meeting.  AF6C & HHC will drill precision holes in a DATV amplifier board heatsink.  Chief Radio Officer of OC RACES has batteries available for home use.  Allen, KJ6BYO, checked in from the Las Feliz area in LA.  CF told AF6C that Bob’s new 2m rig is doing FB, and Nicholas enjoyed HHC and CJZ’s DATV Presentation yesterday at COAR RACES meeting!  IXN, on behalf of OCARC, thanked Ken, W6HHC, and Robbie, KB6CJZ, for bringing notoriety to the OCARC through their pioneering work in DATV!

01/13/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB9YCJ, WB6IXN, AF6CF, and WA6PFA.  AF6C said that AF6CF, W6HTW, and other OPs are interested in starting a new Thursday nite OCARC 2m Net on the N6ME WARA Repeater…IXN will write up Net Notes for the new 2m Net if they are emailed to him.  AF6C will soon send out new Club QSL cards to last week’s Net checkins.  CF did a FB job on Jan. ‘RF’, and Nicholas 73’d for din-din.   AF6C put a new Index Page up on the Website, and Bob told IXN he needs a copy of June, 1991, ‘RF’.  IXN has now completed 37 chapters of the Club History (17 are published to the WEB.  AF6C said the Board plans to change the Club Bfast to the 2nd Saturday of the month to avoid conflicts with abreakfast held by an Anaheim HS group.  PFA and AF6C plan to repair Audio Book Machines at the Braille Institute in Anaheim tomorrow. N6HC, Arnie, will present a talk on the Midway Island DXpedition at Club Meeting Friday night.


01/13/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, W6HTW, K6VDP, AF6CF, W6ACM, AF6C and WB9YCJ.  YHX checked out emergency supplies and his new light weight generator in preparation for a disastrous event in our area.  AF6C will air ARRL Audio News, and HTW, CF, and other north Orange County OPs explore starting a Thursday night 2m Net on the WARA Repeater, 145.400 MHz., and HTW continues to heal after a fall while picking avocados.  VDP sold 2 beam antennas as Larry gets ready to sell the QTH in the distant future.  Craig, ACM, is back to work and catching up on house chores.  YCJ said the Angels picked up Matsui, the most valuable player in the World Series…Now Ken will be able to watch all the beautiful Japanese YLs who show up at the games!...And YCJ announced the SW Div. Convention in San Diego, Sept. 17-19, at 4-Points Hotel Sheraton, see  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News at 21:04 hrs local time…W7HAF has been named Private Security Czar by President Obama…ARRL announces a high level of activity, over 30,000 new licensees in the past 10 yrs, a 84% increase!...Having trouble running old DOS programs in Windows VISTA?...Try DOSBOX!...MARS new name is ‘Military Auxiliary Radio System!...ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:24 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


01/20/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, WB6IXN, WB9YCJ, W6HHC, WV6V, WA6PFA, KR6TND, NI6E, and K6CCD…FB check-in!  AF6C & IXN agreed that today’s WX was less violent than yesterday, and YCJ wondered about the quality of his 10 year old coax…HHC told Ken that his low SWR could be due to lossy coax!  YHX told NC that the old Heatkit was off freq. by 100 Hz, which is just a twick on Bob’s dial…And Corey heard IXN FB tonite!  HHC, playing eenie-meenie-mini-mo with his microphones, finally found the right one!...Ken talked abt 2 or 3 tornadoes spotted along southern California beaches, and a leak in a south-facing window at work.  WV6V reported the SA River running around 3 ft high, and, that workers at church went to the basement when the tornado watch was announced, and Cam said the City of Orange will switch garbage companies by Jan 20.  AF6C helped a young lady stop her errant car that was moving along the curb in the storm, and Bob also rescued a garbage can from the curb river!  PFA has to get his RC Motorboat out on the swimming pool to control the duck invasion!  TND, Gary, in Garden Grove, N6IE, Peter, in Newport, and Tom, CCD, all reported into Net after IXN had 73’d fer the 2m Net.


01/20/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, KR6J, KR6TND, K6VDP, AF6CF, WV6V, WB9YCJ, NI6E, AF6C, W6KJC, W6HHC, K6JJN, and W6HTW…Nice check-in, OPs!  IXN told YHX that he had tweaked up the tuning on 10m before the Net, probably accounting fer the improved sig report.  KR6J,not traveling much now, had time to build a FB 300 ohm twin lead 2m dipole antenna that he found plans for on, and Kenan will ask Kristin for AF6NA’s contact info. so he can schedule AF6NA to speak to OC RACES. (email adr. in either Sept. or Oct., 2009, ‘RF’)   VDP, wid the XYL in Golden Valley, AZ, to greet relatives, has a flooded back yard, and the 2m & 220 rigs need battery replacements.  AF6CF will NC the new 2m Net on Thursday nites at 8:00pm local time, on the WARA 145.400 Repeater, PL 103.5…SEE YOU THERE!  WV6V ‘flew in & flew out’.  YCJ, wid no damage to the hamshack, said some Japanese baseball teams will be training in AZ this Spring.  NI6E, Peter, in Newport, is using a dipole ant., and was surprised to find a simplex net on 2m.  AF6C gave specs. fer one of YAESU’s first memory channel rigs, his FT-227A Memorizer rig, abt 30 yrs old.  W6KJC, Chris, reported 3 or 4 ft. of water in the Santa Ana River, upgraded to General (congrats!)  Michael, K6JJN, in Huntington Beach, ‘flew in & flew out’.  HHC didn’t envy his brother’s snow in Pittsburgh, PA., and KJC gave us the name, Riverview, for the golf course in the Santa Ana River Bed…Tnx, Chris!  HTW gave dates of upcoming ham events in the area, and Hank said he played golf at the Riverview course several times.  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News, by K1FFA, for Jan. 14, 2010.  Amateur radio comes through in Haiti after the 7.0 mag. Earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010…Frequencies were given for emergency communications…Tropical storms will now have greater lead time warnings…Feb 28, 2010, is the deadline for Homebrew Contest entrys…ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:49 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


01/21/2010 2m Repeater Net

The OCARC Net was held on the WARA N6ME 2M repeater for the 1st time at 8:00 PM on January 21, 2010 (MNY TANX WARA). AF6CF, Nicholas, was Net Control...with the following check-ins:  K6VDP, Larry; KG6TQ, Robert; N6RU, Richard; KB6CJZ, Robbie; W6HHC, Ken; W6HTW, Hank; KF6EVX, Robert; WB9YCJ, Ken; and KB6CMO, Gene,(Repeater Trustee).   CF lost commercial power from 5 PM, Thursday, until 3 AM on Friday morning due to heavy rain. He used a new emergency-battery-pack that he had “show-and-tell”-ed at the club meeting the week before!! (Good timing!) Nicholas was forced to hold the microphone in one hand, a flashlight in the other, while trying to write down call signs without a ‘third hand’ to hold the pen! Next day, Nicholas purchased a battery operated camping lantern in preparation for a future power failure at the QTH.  The Net ended about 8:30 PM local time…(Tnx, Nicholas!)


01/27/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KE6YHX, W6HHC, WV6V, W6KJC, and WU6U.  AF6C, having fixed a stove, told OPs that the new Club QSL cards are ready to be mailed out, and Bob said that Elmer, PFA, fell recently but was not seriously injured.  YHX will be off to college next week, and we will miss Corey on the Wednesday Nets.  HHC comments on AF6C’s variable ‘pumpkin patch’, and Ken said the Tech Talk on DATV has been translated into German by a  german communications engineer (see website).  HHC also announced that the B2V race is just around the corner in April!  WV6V announced an opening on 15m, and Cam is looking forward to B2V.  KJC installed a different rig in the car, and WU6U was glad that the SA River didn’t overflow it’s banks in the last rains.  AF6C announced that Kate Hutton, Caltech/USGS Seismological Laboratory, is a ham!


01/27/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in AF6CF, KR6J, KE6YHX, WV6V, KB6CJZ, W6HHC, W6KJC, and AF6C.  CF, wid 8 check-ins last week, is working on a protocol for the OCARC Thursday 2m Phone Net. KR6J made up another 2m fold-up J-pole ant. for Dan, and Kenan’s j-pole is doing a FB job!  YHX will check into the Thursday nite 2m Net when he goes to college, and NV6V had a problem wid water coming thru a sliding glass door during the last rain storms.  CJZ had no major leaks, but Robbie said the weeds are growing in great numbers!  HHC enjoyed the FB OCARC 2m Net on the WARA Repeater last Thursday nite, and Ken said repairs on the three leaking windows at the QTH were successfull.  KJC installed a new YAESU 8800 in the auto…now to get it programmed!...And Chris also got a new ant. fer 220.  AF6C will be servicing the old IPOD for now…The new IPAD will be selling fer $800+ at present!...Bob expects a visit soon from his sister, sister-in-law, and niece, from back in Boston, and, AF6C will repair audio books tomorrow for the Braille Institute.  At 21:08 hrs local time, AF6C aired the Jan. 21, 2010 ARRL Audio News…Ham volunteers in Haiti are attacked. Ham operations are discontinued at present with no protection available…THE ARRL NEEDS OFFICAL OBSERVERS!...If interested, contact your ARRL Section Manager.  The ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:27 hrs. local time…Tnx, Bob!


01/28/2010 2m Repeater Net – W6ZE/AF6CF checked in AF6C, W6FKX, KB6CJZ, W6HHC, KC6TOD, and N6VNI on the WARA N6ME repeater.  Tnx, Nicholas.

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