6/02/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/W6HHC & AF6C checked in WB6IXN, W7HO(Ron, in Oregon), and AF6C, after a late din-din, assumed NC duties.  OPs enjoyed a sporadic-e opening with Ron, HO, in Salem OR…Ron is a member of the W7ORE ARC.  We will be looking fer a check-in from W7ORE on Field Day!...Ron’s XYL got home so he was off to din-din.  HHC said that N1AB got a new job which will conflict with FD…And Ken said that Dan, PEQ, donated a 3-element Forest 12 20m beam for Club use on Field Day!...Thanks, Dan!  AF6C got home late after a trip to the opthomologist & other business…After din-din, Bob told us that he hasn’t recorded ARRL Audio News as yet.  IXN has been busy organizing rules that govern particle interactions in the Standard Model for particle physics.


6/02/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6HHC, N8UZE, AF6C, and UE6ZW, Niko, in HB.   OPs were pleased wid the sporadic-e opening on 10m tonite, and UZE, with plenty of power, is not being heard by all OPs…Dee is using a roll-up j-pole ant. inside her apartment near Redhill & Barranca.  HHC reported Dee to be 25% QRN & 75% copy.  IXN, AF6C, & HHC officially invited Niko, ZW, to join the OCARC at Field Day activities.  Ken said that W6BAC’s Boy Scout Troop will be operating at the GOTA station come FD.  AF6C checked in using his IC 28-A rig, and Bob said that the Club generator should be checked out within the next 2 weeks.  AF6C & IXN have both been busy pulling weeds, and age is slowly weaning AF6C & IXN away from doing their own auto repairs!


6/09/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, KD6LDC, WB9YCJ, W7CAR(Dave), and WB6IXN.   10m DX is improving!...Dave, W7CAR, in Rainier, OR, had 5/7 to 5/9 sig reports from Net OPs!...Dave had a vertical ant. mounted 10 ft. above ground.  YHX is back on the Net after finishing his trig class, and LDC is looking forward to a future ant. party at the QTH!...LDC will be entertaining company at the QTH during Field Day.  YCJ alerted OPs that OCARO will once again have a AR Booth at the Orange County Fair!  HHC is attending a Field Day meeting tonite, and CAR said that it was raining ‘cats & dogs’ in Ranier, wid a temp. of 42 deg.(Dave’s 10-10 #46235).  IXN thinks real estate, wall street, and job loss, accounts for recession losses.  AF6C, keeping busy wid programming, contact lenses, and reading, reminded OPs abt the upcoming Club Bfast Saturday!



6/09/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, W8UZE, K6VDP, W6FKX, AF6C, W6HHC, and AF6CF.  Congrats to Corey, YHX, who finished his trig class wid an A!  UZE forsook the roll-up j-pole ant wid a homebrew ant wid gud sig reports frm Net OPs!...Dee will be continuing ant. experiments.  VDP missed OCWN last Sunday…Larry went to a gun show with Dennis…And Larry said 6m DX is improving, he worked WW2SUV in OK…And VDP said it was 104 deg. in AZ last weekend!   VDP will help wid OCARC Field Day setup on Fri. before FD.  HHC checked into Net after returning from the FD meeting and brought OPs up-to-date on FD progress.  VDP announced two CW OPs will be available at FD…20 & 40m shud supply plenty of opportunity!  VDP also announced the VHF Contest this weekend!  GEP will also be working 40m CW.  FKX bought a new Heil mike fer the rig & FD, and Doug said that 40m can accommodate all OPs fer FD!...FKX & IXN will discuss geology news at next Club Meeting, and HHC & AF6C can compare notes on eye problems…Both cannot lift heavy objects at FD this year!  CF was at the  FD planning meeting also, checking in after the meeting, and Nicholas needed a NC fer the Thursday nite 2m Net!


6/16/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6HHC, W6UX, WB9YCJ, and WB6IXN.  AF6C announced the 15th anniversary of APOD (NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day)…It might be possible to make this wallpaper on your computer screen!...And Bob will complete his eye surgery tomorrow!  QST!...Bob will continue the ARRL Audio Newscast on next week’s 2m Net!  YHX is looking for an outside 90 deg. angle fitting for an air conditioner.

HHC participated in an Emergency Drill with the City of Orange using DATV from a simulated triage center in Old Town Orange back to the Control Center...the digital DATV video was PERFECT!! Ken said that OP Ed Watts, brother of Silent Key Al Watts, IBR, will be with us for Field Day.  IXN informed OPs about a runaway black hole from the center of its galaxy, and UX, missing the last 2 Nets, was away on vacation…Jeff will be helping with setup, operating, and tear-down over Field Day.  YCJ, announcing the Angel win, enjoyed the write up and pix of the Dayton Hamvention in June ‘RF’…And YCJ & OPs got a report from HHC on stations that will be operating on Field Day.


6/16/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, N1AB, W6HHC, AF6CF, AF6PS(Loren), K6VDP, and W6HTW.  YHX reported a rolling motion at last Tues. eve’s 5.7 EQ centered SSE of Ocotillo…IXN had vy strong rolling motion, with a chandelier swaying in an 18” arc!  N1AB bought a new GPS rig and Steve is awaiting software for it…The battery charge only lasts five hours!  HHC announced that the Dayton Hamvention pix are up on the webpage, and Ken said that VK3CH, in Australia, requested permission to reprint Ken & Robbie’s DATV articles.   NC thanked CF for acting as relay for Loren, PS…Loren was using a HT wid a rubber ducky ant.  VDP will be operating UHF/VHF fer FD…And Larry said that he will have to work all of his grid squares again, for he’s in a new grid square at the AZ QTH!   HTW is looking forward to Field Day!


6/23/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB9YCJ, W6HHC, KE6YHX, and WB6IXN.  AF6C has FD tent & table in the garage, and Bob & Elmer, PFA, repaired talking books at the Braille Institute today…AF6C told IXN that he has ARRL Audio News ready to air on the 2m Net.  YCJ & OPs enjoyed the Club meeting speaker, and AF6C told Ken that he doubts there will be mosquitoes at the FD site…YCJ hopes that there will be 10 & 6m openings on FD!  Wid an eye problem, HHC has been restricted to 50 lbs. lifting fer FD!...And Ken will contact AF6C after the 2m Net…HHC said food fer FD is in gud shape, and Ken said one key fits all at the FD site!  YHX is looking fer a geophone locally or on the web, and IXN reported on the 5.0 mag. Quake near Ocotillo.


6/23/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in N1AB, KE6YHX, N8UZE, K6VDP, AF6C, AF6PS, W6HHC, and AF6CF.  IXN picked up his new glasses today, and, at present, the double vision problem is gone!  AB checked in on the new HT with GPS…Steve lit up 4 bars on NC’s rig wid 5/9 sigs, but other OPs cudn’t hear Steve!  YHX expects to pay around $100 for a geophone unless he finds a better deal on the web.  OPs enjoyed an eyeball wid Dee, UZE, at last Club meeting, and Dee’s sigs tonite were 5/9, lighting up all bars on NC’s rig!  VDP took down the 6m beam in preparation for FD…Then Larry will replace some hardware on the beam and re-locate the beam at the AZ QTH.  AF6C got the IPOD ready to air ARRL Audio News at Net’s end, and, wid PFA, got 30 talking Books repaired fer Braille Institute today…PS, using a HT, was relayed to NC by AF6CF…Loran will help out where needed at FD, and CF, Nicholas, is ready fer FD.  HHC reported gud sigs from Dee, UZE, wid her new mobile mount ant…Dee lit up all bars on NCC’s rig!  IXN forgot to record beginning and ending times on AF6C’s podcast of the ARRL Audio News fer 6/17/10!...The FCC is looking fer comments on 50m operation…Reducing spread spectrum power from 100W to 10W might destroy amateur experimentation with spread spectrum!...And OPs came to the rescue once more in the disastrous Arkansas Wilderness Floods!...Tnx, Bob!


6/30/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, WB6IXN, WV6V, W6KJC, W6HHC, N6HC, and WU6U…Gud check-in, OPs!  HHC has compiled preliminary Field Day contacts & scores, and Ken is looking fer a picture of the W6ZE Information Table at the Field Day site!...W6ZE operated FD 4A.  IXN asked YHX to be NC fer the 2m Net July 7, and Corey was NC fer the 2m Thurs eve. Net June 24 wid 2 check-ins.  IXN said the Mexican EQ today was located in the State of Guanajuato, NW of Mexico City abt 200 mi., in the Mexican Seismic Zone.  WV6V & WU6U will send FD photos to HHC, and Cam enjoyed a relaxed, exciting FD, working 2m, 440, and satellite.  IXN enjoyed seeing all the boyscouts at the GOTA station…The Knott school is a great FD site!  AF6C twisted his back at the eye doc’s office, and Bob found AF6CF’s solar power station interesting.  KJC operated 40m phone, and HC and ham friend operated 40, 15, and 10m on their own.


6/30/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, N8UZE, WV6V, W6KJC, AF6C, KE6YHX, K6VDP, KR6J, W6HHC, and KJ6TK…Great Check-in, OPs!  GMU sent kudos to HHC & FKX fer a well organized and fun Field Day!  UZE brought 3 friends from work to view FD operations, and Dee worked CW on 6, 40, and 15m.  WV6V said the Covenant Group were impressed wid the FD setup, and Cam got some 440 contacts during the last hour of FD.  KJC will upload FD photos to HHC, and AF6C said that AF6CF might have a photo of the Club FD table, and Bob sent kudos to HHC & FKX fer a FB FD!  HHC thanked AF6C fer excellent upkeep of the Club generator, which work flawlessly during FD!  AF6CF’s solar panel station created a lot of interest at FD, and YHX will look into purchasing a solar panel by year’s end!...IXN tnxed Corey fer assuming NC 2m duties on July 7.  VDP said 220 was dead fer most of FD, but Larry enjoyed 60 contacts on 6m.  OPs welcomed long-time Club member, John, KJ6TK, who checked wid a HT…NC cudn’t hear TK well, but HHC & Ken easily heard John.  KR6J ‘flew in & flew out’!  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News fer 6/24/10 at 21:03 hrs local time…Ihere was a 1% increase in ham licenses in 2009… ‘Our playground is the World’, says ARRL Audio News!...National Hurricane Center, or, WX4NHC, or, Hurricane Preparedness, are all good sites to be added to your favorites!...Take your pick!...ARRL Audio News ended at 21:22 hrs local time…TNX, Bob!


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