11/3/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6HHC, N8UZE, K6MIV, N6HC, W6UX, WB6IXN, AF6CF, WB9YCJ, and W6GMU…GUD CHECKIN, OPs!  YHX told OPs not to forget to FALL BACK one hour come Sunday, and Corey and AF6C hoped all had an enjoyable Halloween.  HHC invited all OPs to the ‘Portable in the Park’ Club event come Saturday, and Ken & Diane ran out of candy on Halloween!  UZE cudn’t hear HHC tonite, and Dee was using the TS-2000 she brought out from Michigan….Dee will be working the CW Sweepstakes come Saturday.  K6MIV, Art, is located in Long Beach near the intersection of the 405 & Bellflower, and Art will opt for the CW Sweepstakes in place of the ‘Portable in the Park’ event.  UX will be setting up for the Club event Saturday at abt 9:am, wid solar cells & batteries.  HC only had two ‘trick & treaters’ show up at the QTH on Halloween, and Arnie is looking forward to the Temple vs Penn State game.  IXN & Lee used only one bag of candy on Halloween.  IXN cud harley hear CF dwn in the QRN, nor GMU who was also at CF’s QTH.  YCJ was pleased wid the gud checkin on 10m tonite!  HHC copied GMU & CF well.


11/3/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6UX, W6GMU, N8UZE, K6VDP, KE6YHX, AF6CF, AF6C, and K6MIV.  Wid the World Series and all the politicos out of the way, we had another gud checkin on 2m!  UX voted by mail by the 19th, and Jeff reminded OPs to check out the Club website for Saturday’s ‘Portable in the Park’ Club event.  GMU said the new vertical wid 4 radials, setting out on the grass, did a FB job on 17m, and both Paul and IXN decided they would not want to replace Earth with Mars as a permanent home!  UZE is busy interfacing the computer & TS-2000 for Sunday’s CW Contest.  VDP will leave for AZ tomorrow and be back on Monday…Larry will check into the OCWN frm AZ Sun. morning.  YHX checked in mobile wid the HT from a parking lot, and Corey had a good Halloween.  CF, picking up the wrong mike, worked late on Halloween, missed the ‘trick& treaters’, and is now preparing for ‘Portable in the Park’ come Saturday.  AF6C will discuss trimming a ‘Bird of Paradise’ bush wid IXN after Net, and Art, MIV, ‘flew in and flew out’.  AF6C then aired the Oct. 28, 2010 ARRL Audio News at 21:04 hrs. local time…SUITSAT is no more!...The program is now AEROSAT wid 70cm uplink, 2m downlink (see Oct. 28 ed. of the ARRL Letter)…Netnews concluded at 21:22 hrs. local time…(Tnx, Bob!)


11/10/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6UX, WB6IXN, W6HHC, N6HC, and K6DNK.   AF6C will air ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net, and the two Bobs(AF6C & DNK) recollect an old friend, Billy Hall, from back in the 70s, a former Club president, who is still around on the bands!  YHX is searching E-Bay for a serial card, and Corey continues work on the seismometer.  UX reported that 4 stations were active in the Club ‘Portables in the Park’ event…But for one power distribution problem, all went well, the bands were open, good contacts, and a gud site for the Event!  IXN’s Dr. visit turned up a stone in his right kidney, and HHC said the ‘Portable in the Park’ Event was great fun, wid AF6CF’s solar power unit performing admirably!  HC & colleagues represented Temple Univ. at a college nite fer parents, and Arnie thinks he bagged most contacts in the low power category in last week’s CW Contest!


11/10/2010 2m Phone Net – W6Ze/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, AF6CF, N8UZE, W6GMU, K6DNR, W6UX, K6VDP, W6HHC, and AF6C.  YHX continued alterations on the Halloween Darth Vader costume, and briefly described some electronic plans for his new seismometer.  and CF briefly commented on the successful ‘Portable in the Park’ Event last weekend.  UZE worked the CW Sweepstakes last weekend, and GMU, reminding OPs abt the upcoming Christmas Party, enjoyed 10m action at the ‘Portable in the Park’ Event.  AF6C & HHC awaits 1971 RFs from IXN…They will reproduce them up on the website!  UX enjoyed ‘Portable in the Park’ last weekend, saying that we had three visitors at the Event…Now Jeff is off to AZ next weekend for the 109 mile Bicycle Race!  VDP & IXN briefly discussed the excellent opening on the 40m CW Net last Sunday morning, wid VDP operating in AZ.  HHC, AF6C and DNR discuss the old Heathkit Electronics Center on Ball Rd…wid Bob, DNR, working there frm 1970-1980.  HHC then told OPs abt plans for COAR & SAPD Emergency groups holding a joint venture this year for the Baker-to-Vegas Run in April…Ken then reminded OPs of the Club Bfast & Board Meeting Saturday.  At 21:18 hrs local time, AF6C aired the ARRL Audio News for 11/4/2010…K1MAN is sued for violating Part 97 of the FCC rules, including a large fine!...ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:34 hrs.(tnx, Bob), and AF6C and DNR continued to discuss old Heathkit technology after Net.


11/17/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, WB6IXN, N6HC, KE6YHX, K6DNK, and W6UX.   AF6C gets an ‘A-OK’ on his vision checkup, and Bob announced the Leonid Meteor Shower before dawn.  HHC said that Gordon West has helped the Santa Ana ARDF group get organized wid an invitation for area hams to join the Group!  IXN will take 1971 RFs to Club meeting Fri. nite for HHC and AF6C, and HC experienced an intermittent problem wid a mike cord, and Arnie said FD scores were in Dec. QST, also, the SC VHF Contest score was the best in the nation!  YHX will be attending college classes Tues. & Thurs. starting in Jan., and Corey stocks up on preserved food supplies for use in an emergency.  DNR plans to attend Fri. nite Club meeting, and UX & OPs discuss all-star baseball player & ham, Joe Rudy, who might be found attending the DX Club Visalia meeting.


11/17/2010 2m Phone Net = W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, KE6YHX, N8UZE, N1AB, N6UX, W6HHC, AF6C, KR6J, and AF6CF.  GMU had poor reception at the QTH for the 10m Net, and Paul is looking forward to Friday nite Club meeting on Emergency Preparedness.  YHX will temporarily sidetrack repairs on the Darth Vader Suit, and, the seismometer project, wid college & other irons in the fire at present…And AF6CF said that Corey can copy the op-amp pages he needs.  UZE, working on a couple of things from work,  plans to Thanksgiving in the Chicago area next week, teaching her daughter how to trim back roses.  AB joins the ‘HHC/IXN Wrong Mike Club’ as Steve tries a ‘wrong mike’ checkin!...Steve dropped by the SA Emergency Group last Field Day, and AB & XYL will spend a quiet TG wid no guests!  UX anxiously awaits the 109 mile bkie race around the perimeter of Tuscon, hoping to finish before 12:00 Noon, to become a member of the Platinum Group!...Gud Luck, Jeff!  HHC & OPs send congrats to Doug, FKX, on a FB job of editing on ‘RF’!  In poor health, WN6N, 98 yrs old, licensed in 1928 to present, is looking to find a home for his ham gear…HHC will list some items, including 9 yrs of QSTs, up on the website.  GMU, AF6C, and IXN, briefly discuss the upcoming Leonid Meteor Shower.  AF6C hopes to put an anchor up on the tower for a 40m dipole, and Bob said the Orange Library might be interested in WN6N’s back QST issues.  AF6CF announced the end of the Thursday nite 2m Net due to lack of interest, and CF told AB that he was slightly off frequency.


11/24/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6UX, W6HHC, WB6IXN, and AF6C.  UX reported news on the 5 hr 50 min bicycle race at Tuscon, AZ, wid cloudy skies, 78 degree temps in the afternoon, and lots of crashes, wid lots of law enforcement personnel helping wid traffic!  HHC discussed the power outage at last Friday’s Club meeting, and Ken expects Santa to deliver a new computer fer the Shack at Christmas…HHC & Diane will TG at the daughter’s house.  IXN & Lee are off to the niece’s house, up 4500 ft, in the San Jacinto Mts.  AF6C checked in late after playing wid the Maytag gas stove…And Bob is printing up new badges for the new Board.  YHX and family will TG at home.


11/24/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6UX, W6HHC, K6DNR, KE6YHX, and KJ6LHA.  UX said that the Tuscon Bicycle Race netted 1.5 million for charities, wid 18 different agencies participating, and 4 major races both short & long, and lots of OPs participating wid communications.  HHC and UX discussed Jeff’s 10-40m dipole wid excellent DX results.  Then HHC and UX discussed 1.2 GHz DATV wid Jeff showing interest if costs come down.  LHA, Jeff, has a source of ATV equipment if any OP is interested, and DNR will TG at home wid family in.  YHX and family will TG at home…and Corey said that the J-pole ant. is outperforming the GP-9.


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