12/1/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, KE6YHX, W6UX, and WB6IXN.   AF6C thanked YHX fro assuming NC duties last week, and HHC & Diane TG’d at the daughters home…Ken has also done some Christmas decorating, said that UX sigs were a ’lil weak tonite, and is expecting Santa to deliver a new Dell computer.  Then HHC, UX, and AF6C planned to check out 40m propagation locally between Nets.  YHX sped up the computer by eliminating unused programs, and Corey has been putting in emergency supplies at the QTH.  Wid UX relatives all living at some distance away, Jeff and family TG’d at home.  IXN finished ultrasound tests on the kidneys & bladder & carotid arteries, and Bob & brother Lee TG’d in the San Jacinto Mts. wid 0 to 10 deg. temps for a couple of days…IXN told OPs that 40m has been open Sunday mornings, and AF6C said ARRL did not broadcast ARRL Audio News over TG…Bob cleaned the mirrors in the HP Scanner and scanned some 1971 RFs up on the Website.


12/1/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6UX, W6HHC, KE6YHX, AF6C, AC6VV(John), KJ6LHA.  UX was barely able to hear HHC tonite wid AF6C’s sigs a bit stronger on the 40m test after th 10m Net.  HHC had a S8 noise level on 10M.  IXN said that we do much better on the 40m CW Net on Sunday mornings.  YHX told IXN & OPs abt a 3.2 event at 11:31 am, and Corey described briefly packaging for his emergency supplies.  AF6C discussed feedline length versus SWR and signal loss, and we welcomed John, AC6VV, Pasadena Radio Club member to the Net…VV knows Kate Hutton from the Caltech Seismology Lab who is also a member of the Pasadena Club.  LHA & XYL roasted a 24 lb bird for TG…Now to eat up all those delicious leftovers!


12/8/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6UX, W6HHC, WB6IXN, K6DNR, and KJ6LHA.  YHX continues to refine the Darth Vader costume, and Corey says his sister has updated pix.  UX is getting ready fer the 10m Contest, and Jeff plans to make the Spider Beam a vertical…Jeff alerts OPs abt a major solar flare, has the Christmas lights up, and says Corey ought ot bring the Darth Vader costume to the Club Christmas Party Friday.  HHC said the PEQs have come up wid a great selection of prizes fer the Christmas Dinner, and COAR gained 3 new members in the past 2 months!  AF6C, wid HHC at the QTH discussing ATV, had a wee bit of excitement when something caught fire in the neighbor’s backyard last nite!...Looks like the Orange FD showed up blocking HHC’s ‘escape route’ until the fire was out!  IXN’s blood sugar is high and Bob has started blood sugar testing.   DNR joined us a bit later after checking into a RACES Net…Bob’s sigs were better after he shifted over to the G5RV ant.   AF6C will air the ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net tonite.  LHA was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.


12/8/2010 2m Phne Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, K6DNR, KE6YHX, W6UX, KJ6LHA, W6HHC, and AF6C.  New ‘El Presidente’ GMU plans to have eyeballs wid OPs at the Club Christmas Dinner Friday nite…Come wid ideas for Club activities for 2011!  DNR, Bob, may become a Club member in the near future…making + or – 6 Bobs in the Club!  YHX didn’t go shopping for some books, etc., yet, and UX cudn’t copy GMU, but agrees that Club shud brainstorm upcoming events fer the next year…Jeff said to check out for info on the new solar flare.  LHA ‘flew in & flew out’, and HHC said that AF6C’s neighbor may have had a pool pump enclosure in the back yard catch on fire, reminded OPs abt the Club Christmas Dinner this Fri eve, and said that the OCARC has been around since 1933!  AF6C hasn’t talked wid his neighbor to get details on the backyard fire, and Bob has been doing sum online Christmas shopping.  Then AF6C aired K1FFA’s Dec 2 ARRL Audio News at 2100 hrs local time…Hobby Lobby International has been fined a 2nd time for selling non-compliant RF devices…An unlicensed British Citizen has been arrested & charged with using an unauthorized RF transmitter in the ham bands to cause malicious interference to amateur communications!...Don’t forget the 10m Contest Dec. 11-12!...The ARRL Audio News concluded at 21:15 hrs local time…Tnx, Bob!


12/15/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/W6HHC assumed NC duties for AF6C…Bob had a virus running around the QTH!  HHC/NC checked in AF6C, W6UX, WB6IXN, KB6KPK(Bob), KJ6LHA, K6DNR, and KE6YHX.  HHC said the Club Christmas Dinner was a great success!...Tim, K6GEP, won the grand prize, and Doug, W6FKX, garnered the ‘Good-of-the-Club’ Award, gud people, gud food, a wonderful evening!  UX will put the MFJ clock he won at the Party to good use, and Jeff had tough sledding working the 10m Contest, garnering Colombia, Argentina, Hawaai, and the Cayman Is. among his contacts!...Now to rise the ant. up to 50 ft. next week, WX permitting!  IXN, wid a cold and diabetes, didn’t get to the Christmas Dinner, and LHA, Steve, lives vy close to HHC’s QTH. DNR is ‘reading the mail’ tonite, and Bob kicked back to listen to the rest of the Net.  YHX is delving into woodwork repair on grandma’s display case, trying to keep it away from drips from the leaking roof!


12/15/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, N1AB, W6HHC, KE6YHX, W6UX, K6VDP, KJ6LHA, AF6C, KB6KPK, and K6DNR.  El Presidente, GMU, said the Christmas Party was FABULOUS!...And Paul asked IXN fer time data on the upcoming lunar eclipse.  N1AB & XYL thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Party, but Steve said pleasant conversation time was too short!  HHC announces prize winners at the Christmas Dinner, and Ken has his ears on the Net while his eyes take care of the emails!  YHX will replace the lexan wid glass in the grandma’s display case.  Rain will not keep UX from his training schedule, wid Jeff working out on a stationary bike in the garage during the rain!...And no rain permitting, UX will soon raide the 10m and 2m/440 ants up to 50 ft!  VDP heard all OCWN check-ins FB on 7.086 MHz CW last Sunday in AZ, and Larry plans to make the grand moved to AZ in April!  AF6C, wid an email frm George, wants GMU to provide him wid a list of upcoming Club programs, then Bob aired ARRL Audio News frm K1FFA, dtd Dec. 9, 2010, at 20:58 hrs local time…The ARRL will hold the first ‘CW Rookie Roundup’, a gud activity fer ‘Straight Key Night’…There is now a new HT specifically designed fer satellite work…Read more about ‘Moonbounce on a Budget’ in the ARRL Letter…The new VED General Class Question Pool will appear July 1, 2011…No ARRL Audio News will be broadcast for Dec. 30…ARRL News concluded at 21:17 hrs local time…Tnx, Bob!


12/22/2010 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6UX, WB6IXN, W6HHC, KB6KDK, and K6DNR.  Once agn, the Bobs dominated the Net!  AF6C repaired Talking Book machines at the Braille Institute today.  YHX finished up the leg repair of the Darth Vader suit, and Corey heard IXN’s sigs fairly well tonite…Wid the shopping done, YHX must wrap gifts.  UX will be busy wid a hike tomorrow and upcoming winter training for the bike team, and Jeff also received new fiberglass poles to raise the antenna.  HHC & Diane have had ‘buckets of rain’, a fallen branch from the orange tree, and a stain on the living room ceiling…Now, its out shopping to pick up food for Christmas.  KPK said we should receive 12” of rain from this storm, and AF6C got a new roof abt 2 yrs ago…Bob still has a box to send off yet!  IXN & Lee are off to the mtns for Christmas, and DNR, an old Heathkit man, said the house hadn’t floated away yet!  HHC told UX that his mike adjustments had worked very well.  AF6C filled OPs in on the neighbor’s recent fence fire, and Bob will air ARRL Audio News on the 2m Net.


12/22/2010 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, N1AB, AF6CF, WA6NOL, W6UX, K6DNR, W6HHC, AF6C, KJ6LHD, and kW6GMU.  YHX experienced minor leakage at the QTH during the recent rains, and Corey has finished elastic sewing in the Darth Vader suit.  IXN & Lee are fighting ant invasions in both bathrooms around the ‘stools of repentance’!  N1AB is enjoying the holiday decorations, and if the rain stops, Steve will try to put up the dipole!  CF is hearing all OPs 9+ tonite, and Nicholas plans to have family in for Christmas at the QTH.  Wid the new rig, NOL has 60W out on 2m/440, and Richard reminded all abt the VHF Contest come Jan. 24.  UX plans to work out wid the bike team riding 50 to 60 miles per day!  DNR, running 50W, hears all stations 5/9 tonite, and Bob wishes all OPs a Merry Christmas and a HNY!  HHC is awaiting an article for the website from K6ACJ on a 40m Loop Ant for backpacking and camping, and AF6C filled OPs in on the fence fire at the neighbors.  HHC said the OC RACES was activated in case of emergency.  LHD will be home for Christmas, and El Presidente GMU reminded all OPs abt the upcoming Straight Key Night!  At 21:09 hrs local time, AF6C aired Dec. 16 ARRL Audio News…New rules will apply for Call Signs effective Feb. 14, 2011…Once Call is terminated, the Call Sign cannot be reissued for 2 yrs!...There will be no ARRL Audio News for either Dec. 23 or Dec. 30!...Tnx, Bob!   ARRL Audio News ended at 21:30 hrs. local time.


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