01/05/2011 10M Phone Net – W6HHC assumed NC duties for AF6C…Bob was visiting his mom in St. Joseph Hospital.  W6HHC/W6ZE checked in KE6YHX, W6UX, WB6IXN, KJ6LHA, KE6WWK, K6DNR, and WB9YCJ.  YHX enjoyed New Years playing the game RISK.  HHC wid the Christmas tree down yesterday, replaced his 2003 computer with a new Dell computer with Windows 7…We don’t envy Ken transferring all those files from the old machine!  IXN had vy expensive repairs made on the old 1991 Honda Accord. UX is working on installing the new antenna mast, and Jeff has a new sunspot program on the computer to help with RF propagation predictions…Jeff is through with bicycle warmup sessions and is ready for the upcoming bicycle competitions!  AF6C’s mom is in the hospital for testing and observation. HHC said that COAR had a gud meeting on planning for the Baker-to-Vegas race.  LHA ‘flew in and flew out’, and HHC said that the new Santa Ana Emergency group is working hard to get enough SART ham volunteers to support SAPD in a joint venture wid COAR on the upcoming Baker-to-Vegas event.  WWK’s antenna worked out well, and Richard is looking forward to a quartzite trip this weekend.  OPs said that Senior Saver cards, free, at St. Josephs Hospital will get them free parking in the Pavilion and the Stuart St. 2-story parking facilities, BUT NOT THE CANCER CENTER PARKING FACILITY! DNR turned off the preamp to eliminate noise, and Bob was able to hear most stations.  YCJ turned down the power to keep RF from affecting the computer MODEM!


01/05/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, N1AB, KJ6LHA, W6UX, W6FKX/m, W6HHC, N6UX, KE6HEU, and KB6KPK.  YHX and family dined on filet mignon and played RISK for New Years, and Corey got a new battery for the laptop.  FKX checked in mobile frm Huntington Beach, lighting up 6 bars on HHC’s receiver!  AB & Doris had a gud time over New Years wid friends in the Anaheim Hills.  LHA’s j-pole antenna is doing a FB job!...And Steve wishes all OPs a HNY!  UX finished bicycle training camp last week, riding 410 miles over a 3-day period!...Jeff is now ready for the Criterium Circuit Competition…Also, Jeff relocated a palm tree to make room for the new pole for the antenna, and, UX is about ready for the ARRL RTTY & FSK Roundup this weekend. HHC cited differences between 10m & 2m reception, giving N1AB a gud sig rpt, and Ken reminded all abt the Club Bfast Saturday at the Jaegerhaus.  Tired frm a 12 hr day in the Field, HEU ‘crashed out’ fer New Years!...And HHC said Dave’s sigs lit nine bars on the rig!


01/12/2011 10m Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6HHC, W6UX, WA6RRI(Dick), WB6IXN, K6DNR, and N6HC.  AF6C’s mom is in St. Judes Rehab while Bob is home catching up on house chores. YHX has problems wid an advertised item ‘not in stock’, as Corey awaits a return of his payment.   IXN & YHX briefly discuss deep, weak microquakes along along the Gorda/Juan de Fuca subduction zone vs pressure increase in overlying faults to be used in future earthquake prediction.  HHC gave news of the very productive Club Board meeting last Saturday, suggested that UX try PSK-31, and changed his computer monitor from a 19” to a 22” display.  UX found a battery on the Internet fer the Power Book 1400, and Jeff suggested that OPs check out the site, and Jeff found it easy to make contacts on RTTY, FSK mode, to Poland, Germany, and Japan, etc.  Like AF6C, RRJ also has a 92 yr old mom…(who goes out shoveling snow!)  DNR hopes to be at next Club meeting, and Bob hears AF6C better on the dipole…(AF6C has a beam ant).  Gud to hear Arnie, HC, back on the Net after a busy schedule, and HC plans to be at next Club meeting.


01/12/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, W6UX, N6UX, W6HHC, WA6RRJ, N6HC, K6LHA, and K6DNR.  YHX & IXN finish discussion on the NOVA program on psunamis in the Pacific Northwest. UX has his 1st bike race of the season next Sunday, where he’ll try to avoid the usual bike accidents at the beginning of the season!...Jeff also uses the N1NM logging program for contesting.  N6UX and IXN both share parallel programs resolving various medical problems.  HHC suggests that Jeff write an article for the Newsletter on the various software programs available for contest logging. Ken continues to update us on B2V race in April, wid over 250 teams participating this year!  RRJ(Dick) is impressed wid HHC’s report on the new Dell Computer wid Windows 7, and HC plans to eyeball wid UX, Jeff, on contesting, etc.  LHA replaced the eroded bottom section of his GP-9 ant., and Steve plans to join the Club soon!  And, maybe we’ll see DNR at January Club meeting!


01/19/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/W6HHC checked in W6UX, WA6RRJ, KE6YHX, KI6WZU, W6JTT, KB6KPK, and WB6IXN.  UX warns OPs abt a pending high winds as Jeff worries abt the dipole now up 50ft!...Pix of Jeff’s antenna installation are up on the Web.  RRJ thanked UX fer RTTY info. HHC reminds all OPs abt the upcoming Club meeting Fri. nite…Ken also said DUES ARE DUE!...HHC plans to attend a hamfest in Palm Springs last Saturday in January.  YHX got a new camera for an excellent price, and Corey & OPs report much QRN on the band!  OPs welcome Jay, WZU, 1st time fer Jay on the Net (he bought equipment from station of Cam WV6V sk), and WZU plans to participate in B2V!   JTT uses the 10m dipole tonite to handle the up & down QRN tonite…The vertical had poor reception.  KPK gives cudos to the Club on the FB Newsletter!...And Bob will contact AF6C about Heathkit alignment.  IXN must replace the furnace in the QTH, and he & Lee go round & round with Anthem Bluecross over an insurance card.


01/19/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in AF6CF, W6JTT, KE6YHX, W6HHC, W6UX, KI6WZU, N1AB, N6UX, KR6J, K6DNR, KB6KPK, and KE6HEU(Dave)…(nice check-in, OPs!)   CF said propogation is FB tonite, wid Nicholas hearing all OPs FB!  JTT gets IXN’s attention wid suspicions that someone might be trying BPL in the area!  YHX gets a new Fuji S-2000 HD camera which he purchased wid Christmas gift money.  HHC reports that AF6C is resting after visiting his mom in rehab. Ken said the new, larger 22in monitor really improved the new Dell computer.  UX’s high winds did not appear until the early morning hours Jan. 20, and we hope his antenna survived the winds!  WZU(Jay) enjoyed the 10m Net, and all OPs have FB sigs at NC’s QTH tonite!  AB is investigating additional antennas fer the QTH, and Steve will eyeball wid us a Club meeting Friday nite.  N6UX, in Orange, checked in wid gud sigs.  KR6J just got back from a weapons trade show in Las Vegas that occurs once yearly…Now Kenan must prepare for a commercial radio license, and, get ready for his 1st bike race this weekend.  DNR will attend an American Legion meeting on Friday, so we’ll eyeball wid Bob at a future Club meeting.  KPK’s antennas are made of stainless steel, 30 yrs old, and still in gud working condition!...Now Bob has to find help to put up a 80ft. tower!  HEU ‘flew in and flew out’!


01/26/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, KE6YHX, WB6IXN, W6UX, and W6JTT.  AF6C’s mom is still under physical rehab treatment. Bob says that ARRL Audio News can be downloaded from the ARRL website.  Bob is looking for someone to run ARRL Audio News for a few months!! HHC updates OPs on the upcoming DXCC Visalia Convention in April, and Ken attended a B2V meeting last nite with Nicholas.  Ken said 30 Club members paid dues at last meeting!  YHX gets the new camera up & running, and now Corey is figuring out all of the options!...Then YHX, HHC, and AF6C briefly discussed op-amps.  IXN then read a blurp on Coronal Mass Ejections, and Bob announced that Ronnie Bates, KF5KOZ, son of a very early OCARC member, Horace Bates, is now a Ham!  UX, wid death in the family, missed last Club meeting, and HHC filled Jeff in on the meeting, and HHC told UX to check wid Larry, K6VDP, abt transmitting 500W over 300ohm transmission line.  JTT was copying better on the horizontal antenna tonite.


01/26/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in N8UZE, N1AB, W6JTT, W6HHC, KE6YHX, KJ6LHA, W6UX, KR6J, AF6C, and K6DNR.  UZE was back in MI fer two weeks and ended up wid a nasty congestion!...Dee plans to attend Field Day this year.  AB had a quiet week, wid Steve using the Comet Tribander ant. tonite (nice sigs!).  JTT, wid QRN tonite, has the AT-1 10m vert. up abt 10ft.  HHC said the COAR group will help train SARC to provide communications fer two SAPD Teams running in B2V…And HHC, YHX, and AF6C exchanged further info. on OP-AMPS…And HHC gave specs on a new Chinese HT, 2m/440 rig, selling fer a gud price!  LHA said the new rig has goodies wid it, including a battery eliminator, and Steve said the rig probably leaned more toward commercial use than ham use!  N6UX & IXN briefly discuss medical insurance. DNR will send an old Heathkit QSL Card, issued by the Heath Company, to AF6C, and all OPs hope that Bob’s mom gets well soon!


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