02/02/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6HHC, W6UX, WB6IXN, and WA6RRJ (Dick).  YHX assumed NC duties after HHC said that AF6C was down wid laryngitis.  HHC visited the tire shop wid a nail in all four tires!...Where were you driving, Ken!?  And Ken said Club meeting will feature a talk on HRO (the Candy Store!)  And IXN and HHC will be watching their Steeler Team GO…GO…GO come Superbowl Sunday!  UX, Jeff, offers IXN help wid guy ropes on his antenna, and Jeff said 20m was wide open wid a 5/5 sig report from Valencia, Spain!  IXN reported a possible down guyline frm the last windstorm, and YHX uses a pulley & weight on his ant rope anchored to a tree.  RRJ & HHC abriefly discuss computer/rig connections, and Dic is a member of the MMTTY Yahoo Group.


02/02/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in N1AB, W6HHC, W6JTT, W6UX, N6UX, KE6YHX, KJ6LHA, N8UZE, and AF6CF…Nice check-in, OPs!  oAB survived the strong SA Winds, but Steve went out and adjusted some guyropes!  HHC, wid no wind damage, enjoys operating PSK-31/RTTY on 10m wid contacts to faraway places wid not a lot of power!  JTT, wid no wind damage down here, worries abt the Idyllwild cabin up 6,000 ft.!  UX’s ant stood up well during the winds, wid Jeff readjusting the rope guylines, and HHC & UX briefly discuss PSK-31/RTTY.  UX, Doug, wid a low ant., fiared out well in the high winds, and YHX picked upa a NiHydride battery for emergency operations, and, installed an edge on a favorite bookshelf.  LHA checked in wid 5/9 sigs on his J-pole ant., and IXN & Steve briefly discussed their reliance on the old j-pole ant.!  UZE wid all ants inside, was impervious to the high winds, and Dee is familiar wid most digital communications modes!  CF agrees wid LHA & IXN on the reliability of the j-pole ant, and Nicholas said our ‘retired’ el Presidente, Paul, was either sleeping or forgot to check in!  And IXN forgot to mention the excellent Ken Konechy 5/8-wave 2m homebuilt special vertical ant. that he used for years!...(for those who like to build their own!)


02/09/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6UX, KE6YHX, W6HHC, WB6IXN, and W6JTT.  Wid AF6C’s mom still in rehab, Bob is ‘chief cook & bottle washer’ at the QTH!  UX, checking in frm PSK, will attend Board meeting Sat., and participate in a bike contest on Sunday.  YHX & AF6C discuss op-amp circuitry wid PNP vs NPN transistors, and AF6C would like to see the circuitry on Corey’s transducer.  AF6C uses INSPECTOR to find user instructions in PAGES.  HHC experiences high QRN wid the Santa Ana winds at the QTH tonite, and Ken & Diane contribute to the Indian cause at an inland casino last weekend.  And HHC continues to work wid a world DATV group to develop cheaper circuitry for DATV.  IXN is off to the Doc tomorrow, and Bob must pick up guy rope in the near future at the ‘Candy Store’.  JTT plans to attend Feb. Club meeting, and Sam receives horizontal sigs better tonite.


02/09/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, N8UZE, N1AB, W6JTT, KE6YHX, KR6J, W6UX, W6HHC, KJ6LHA, and AF6C.  El presidente GMU’s ants. are not affected by the SA Winds, and Paul is enjoying the 7600 rig while he gets the 5000A operational soon…HHC, wid a question for GMU, will SKYPE him after Net.  UZE & IXN fight off congestion after recent colds, and Dee expects a visit frm the OM around April 1…Later, UZE will be going back East to organize the house!   N1AB has high SWR on the vert. antenna, and Steve will attend the Club bfast come Saturday.  JTT plans to attend next Club meeting, and Sam has no damage from the SA Winds.  Wid the winds still blowing, YHX will lower the 10m ant. tonite, and Corey still works on the diagram for the seismometer project.  UX, enjoying RTTY, has a bike race in Brea, Sunday, at 12:00 noon.   HHC reminds all abt the Club Bfast & Board meeting at Jaegerhaus Sat. morning, and Ken likes the gud checkin on 2m tonite!  KR6J ‘flies in & flies out’, and LHA checks performance of the GP9 ant vs the J-pole wid AF6C, IXN, AF6C, and UX…(GP9 wins).  AF6C lost a branch off the Orange tree and is now enjoying ripe, delicious naval oranges!


02/16/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WD9YCJ, W6ACS, W6UX, WB6IXN, WRXX, W6JTT, W6RRJ, W6DNR, and KD6KPK…Gud checkin, OPs!  YCJ, hearing all OPs and running 20W, announced a solar flare today, and W6ACS/KR6J checked in frm the Orange County EOC tonite, wid Kenan asking UX abt a Thailand station Jeff contacted on RTTY over the weekend.  IXN mentioned comets falling into the sun seen by the SOHO orbiting satellite, and Don, RXX, checked into Net using 3 mw!  NC copies JTT on both horizontal & vertical antennas.  KPK & IXN briefly discuss the CW Net on 7.086 MHz on Sun. mornings at 9:00 am local time, and RRJ reports hum tonite, but not on his sigs!  DNR, hearing hum loud and clear, asked abt Club meeting Fri. eve., wid a talk on the ‘Candy Store’, HRO.  AF6C was seeing his sister off at John Wayne Airport to the Boston area.


02/16/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6ACS, W6JTT, K6DNR, KJ6LHA, W6UX, N6UX, KE6YHX, WB9YCJ/m, and KB6KPK.  ACS/KR6J discuss Thailand station that UX contacted on RTTY over last weekend, and Jeff & Kenan briefly discuss the General Operator FCC license covering most types of radio communications.  IXN tells JTT that K6VDP might be a gud contact for radio repair of old radio equipment.  DNR operates an International Net, and Bob plans to attend Club meeting Fri. nite.  LHA, like HHC, enjoys PSK-31, & UX & IXN will postpone guying IXN’s ant. till after bad WX ends.   UX is receiving all sigs well tonite, and YHX gives sig rpts on all OPs tonite, hoping to complete 80m dipole work before the rain!   YCJ, mobile, on way to San Diego, gives up the trip and plans to return to the QTH as Ken says he plans to participate in Field Day this year.


02/23/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6VHZ, KE6CCD, WB6IXN, N6HC, and K6DNR.  YHZ experiences noise motor rfi in the QTH, and OPs briefly discuss OP amp circuits for Corey’s seismometer project…And AF6C has a load of laundry running whilst keeping one ear on the rig!  IXN & HC & AF6C briefly mention the new BPL threat by IBEC, CCD has powerline noise frm two commercial transformers outside the QTH.  HC will be off on another DXpedition to the Kiribati region of the South Pacific come April, and DNR didn’t make it to meeting in the rain las Friday.


02/23/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in K6DNR, KR6J, K6VDP, KE6YHX, AFR6C, N6UX, W6UX, and K6LHA.   DNR enjoys all the Bobs checking into the 10 & 2m Nets.  KR6J, not up on the Hill tonite operates the TM-742 frm home...Kenan spent cycling indoors on trainers last weekend during the rain.  This weekend, KR6J will take a commercial radio exam wid Gordo!  VDP is back in town while the XYL has surgical repairs and Larry says OPs interested in early vintage radio repairs shud contact W6IRD.  YHX briefly discussed his noise on 10m tonite, and AF6C, on the HT tonite, said that W6RWY & K6VDP have items for sale listed on the Website!  Doug, UX, found it different to copy VDP on 2m, and Jeff, UX, and OPs enjoyed Janet’s talk on “The Candy Store”, last Fri. nite.  LHA, enjoying a leisurely dinner, checked in late in the Net and also enjoyed Meeting last Fri. nite.


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