4/6/11 10m Phone Net

No net notes were recorded for this net. Bob, AF6C checked in W6HHC and WB6IXN.

4/6/11 2m Phone Net

With IXN still unable to take net notes or act as NC, Corey, KE6YHX, took over the Nets. Besides himself, YHX checked in AF6CF, KB6KPK, WB6IXN, KJ6LHA, AF6C, and N6UX. Thanks, Corey!

4/13/11 10m Phone Net

No net notes were recorded for this net. Bob AF6C checked in Dee N8UZE, Corey KE6YHX, Steve KJ6LHA in Anaheim, Bob WB6IXN, Ken W6HHC, and Bob N6DNR.

4/13/11 2m Phone Net

No net notes were recorded for this net.

4/20/11 10m Phone Net

No net notes were recorded for this net. Bob, AF6C checked in Ken W6HHC, Carl N8AE, Dee N8UZE, Steve KJ6LHA, Corey KE6YHX, Sam W6JTT,Bob WB6IXN, Robbie KB6CJZ, Ken W6HHC, and Bob K6DNR.

4/20/11 2m Phone Net

Bob - WB6IXN checks in Bob - K6DNR, Carl - N8AE, Dee - N8UZE, Steve - KJ6LHA, Jeff - W6UX Sam - W6JTT, Kenan - KR6J, Bob - AF6C and David WA6TWF.  DNR announced that yet again the Bobs win with three check-in. Bob missed meeting IXN ant the meeting, but met with AF6C and did enjoy his first OCARC meeting. AE and his wife UZE are finally beginning to get settled in SoCal. They visited HRO and Yaesu. Carl is a photography buff; check him out on Facebook.  He is also looking to put his VE skills to work. UZE kidded Carl on winning the Crystal Award for timing out the repeater back in Michigan - but a mellow voice like Carl's is easy to listen to. LHA was "reading the mail" and had nothing to add. W6UX (we also have a K6UX :-) enjoyed the meeting - he also reported that Arnie's DXpedition will start up soon (T31A). UX also reminded everyone about the Portables in the Park Saturday. JTT reported that 10 meters was open to the Pacific in the afternoon (2 - 3 PM local time). KR6J ran into W6UX (not literally) bicycling this week. KR6J is doing FD with WK6O this year. He reports Mike (W6KO) is now living in Nicaragua. AF6C explains the club's N6UC award that is similar to the Crystal award. Bob was late for the 10 meter net (Thank you W6HHC for getting it started). His new iPad2 arrived in the afternoon and he got carried away playing with it. TWF was destinated. IXN, still unable to take notes, thanks Bob, AF6C, for these Net notes!

4/27/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, N8UZE, N8RE, WB6IXN, KB6CJZ, KJ6LHA, and K6DNR. YHZ mentioned the upcoming royal wedding and a high level of noise at the QTH tonite. And UZE had gud luck making DX contacts on 10m CW. And AE is enjoying CA thus far…Carl & Dee will work 80 and 10m fer Field Day. HHC offered a 10m beam to Carl for use on FD. AF6C worked Arnie, HC, on the DXpedition, and IXN is able to take a few net notes for the Newsletter. CJZ checked in wid gud sigs saying “HI” to all on the Net. HHC gave a report on ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ fosave a:r the Orange PD team…They ALMOST broke their 16-hour goal this yeare! LHA ‘flew in and flew out’, and CJZ, Robbie had vy high QRN at the QTH tonite! DNR checked into Net after his RACES Net, and Bob said most Net sigs were readable tonite.

4/27/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/IXN checked in N8UZE, KR6J, W6JTT, K6DNR, KI6LHA, KE6YHX. and AF6C. UZE, wid OM Carl on the side, will make her Field Day List this weekend. KR6J will Field Day wid his gud buddy, Mike(forgot call), who will be here from the Missions. JTT said the 10m Net was a total disaster this evening, but that he worked 10m DX in the Idyllwild area earlier. DNR joined IXN, HHC, and AF6C in picking up the wrong mike, and YHX, wid gud sigs, had QRN on 10m tonite…YHX & IXN briefly discussed current seismic activity.

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