5/4/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8AE,N8UZE, KE6YHX, KB6CJZ, WB6IXN, and W6HHC. AE & UZE are enjoying the WX & sites in So. CA. as AE enjoys DX frm Toronto the Carribean, OH, VA, and Georgia. YHX has a S8 noise level, and AF6C also experienced QRN at Net’s beginning. IXN had zero QRN tonite (wid a blinking street light outside)! AF6C used to ride horses, and Bob became a new ‘grand uncle’!...Bob did not recognize any beam on the roof of the Ben Laden Compound. YHX had an s8 noise level at checkin. CJZ heard all OPs tonite and kicks back to listen to the Net. HHC can’t see AF6C’s QRN on the spectrum Analyzer, and Ken is looking forward to the Countywide RACES Emergency Drill come May 11, sending ATV pix back to the OPD!

5/4/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in N8AE & N6UZE, W6JTT, KE6YHX, KJ6LHA, and AF6C. AE & UZE presently plan to operate 10 and 80 meters at Field Day as they continue making their equipment list for the Event, their 1st in 3 yrs! JTT brought to our attention that ARRL won’t accept ‘E-QSLs’ for awards credits!...Check wid Arnie, HC, before sending contact results in for ARRL Awards! YHX gave sig rpts to all Net OPs, and LHA plans on attending his 1st Field Day…LHA & JTT live near each other. AF6C checked in on an old TN-733 rig which would not turn on! IXN is doing better (can read & write better now)!

5/11/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, W6HHC, KJ6LHA, KE6YHX, KB6CJZ, N8UZE, N8AE, K6DNR, and W6JTT. HHC finished a 1.2 GHz loop yagi ant. for DATV, and Ken & Robbie, CJZ, plan to present another talk to the Dayton Hamvention on DATV. AF6C experiences QRN on frequency that gets strong & weak intermittently, and LHA, wid sigs down in the QRN, ‘flies in and flies out’! YHX still has a ’lil computer QRN, and CJZ signs in & kicks back to listen to the rest of the Net. UZE talked abt tripping ove call signs at Field Day, AE listened to 10 & 20m this afternoon and needs to select to rigs fer FD. Carl says that between he & Dee, they have 5 working rigs!...Carl also sent some ant. pix off to AF6CF. DNR checked in after his RACES Net, and Bob added his name to the Net’s ‘Bob list’. AF6C’s sister will be visiting come May 19, and JTT, using his horizontal ant., surprisingly has better copy by Net OPs using vertical antennas!

5/11/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in K6DNR, WB9YCJ, W6JTT, KJ6LHA, AF6C, KE6YHX, AF6CF, and W6GMU. DNR reported gud sigs tonite, and YCJ, high up in Angel Stadium, watched the game plus an accident on the 57 Freeway! JTT was relayed into the 10m Net tonite, and LHA says NC sigs are weak tonite as Steve works DX and PSK-31 wid the GP-9 bk up working FB! AF6C said gardeners put a nick in a roll of LMR-400 out in the garage, and IXN tnx YHX(and some net notes), HHC, and AF6C fer March check-ins. CF continues to be vy busy at work, and GMU enjoys ‘Portable at the Park’ activities, and Paul mentioned an upcoming CAP presentation at a future Club meeting.

5/18/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W6HHC checked in KE6YHX, N8AE, N8UZE, WB6IXN, N6HC, W6JTT, K6DNR, KJ6LHA, KB6CJZ, and KD6CFE. HHC picks up a new multi-element loop beam ant. for COAR Field Exercises, and Ken will get plenty of leg exercise with the new mike foot switch! YHX experiences computer RFI, and HHC suggests snap-on toroids to solve the problem. IXN hopes the new bridge will solve dental problems for awhile, and AE says all OPs have gud sigs tonite…Carl also had sum DX frm Costa Rica on 10m today. UZE is looking forward to Field Day after 4 yrs in which she & Carl cud not work together! Nudged for a report on the latest DXpedition, HC said to let the leaders speak first!...and Arnie is recovering bronchitis! JTT reported gud sigs from all OPs tonite, and CJZ will be helping wid communications at the upcoming COAR exercise involving DATV. DNR ‘flew in and flew out’, and LHA’s sigs were down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.

5/18/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, KJ6LHA, N8AE, N8UZE, N6UX, K6VDP, and KJ6OML(Gene). JTT hears all OPs FB, and LHA is no longer on the J-pole ant., and AE & UZE check out computer software fer FD. IXN didn’t hear the CW net last Sunday morning, but VDP said the Net was in session. KJ6OML, Gene, checked into Net from Garden Grove, and UX hears most OPs well, including OML in GG.

5/25/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, N8UZE, N8AE, K6BNN(Gene), KB6CJZ, K6CCD, and W6JTT. AF6C says his sister ‘comes & goes’ from her short monthly visits from back East! And HCC, happy to see no ‘June Gloom’ this AM, said Field Day plans are going well!...Also, ATV at the Orange RACES exercise was a success! HCC said new DATV equipment has arrtived from Germany. IXN told HHC that HC did check in at last 10m Net Wid no computer noise at the QTH tonite, YHX checked out toroids at Ford Electronics, and AF6C mentioned other toroid distributors. UZE’s sister called & will be here fer Memorial Day, then she’ll be off job hunting!...Then Dee was off to put the dishes away before 2m Net. AE got a QSL card all the way frm Anaheim!...And HHC & AE briefly discuss the Santa Ana Bike Trail. CCD said there is a lot of dolphins along the CA Coast this year, and JTT experienced a lot of QSB on the band tonite. CJZ removed a short from the antenna lead, and IXN said CJZ sigs went up 2 S-Units at the QTH!

5/25/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, W6GMU, WB9YCJ, N6UX, N8AE, N8UZE, N2CNC(Atlee), and KR6J. JTT checked in from W. Garden Grove, and el Presidente, GMU, made his 1st contact on PACTOR…And Paul said that Club Field Day plans are proceeding nicely! YCJ, abt 50 feet up, using a HT wid ¼ Whip ant. in Angel Stadium, reported Angels winning after he rushed up from San Diego, having watched the Padres game in the afternoon. Doug, UX, plans to help set up fer FD Fri. afternoon, and, help out wid Field Day communications. AE & UZE are transferring VHS tapes to DVD disks, and were busy looking at photos on the Internet. IXN got business phone numbers programmed into the new touch button talaphone.

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