6/1/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, KJ6LHA, KB6CJZ, NI6E, and W6JTT. IXN juet got off the landline wid his nephew who is in St. Joseph Hosp. wid pneumonia. HHC & AF6C have the Club generator ready fer Field Day, and AF6C keeps vy busy wid his mother still in the nursing home. OPs greatly enjoyed the Club potluck at the QEP’s home wid Dan & Kristin, our gracious hosts! JTT missed our last potluck, but Sam plans to attend future potlucks! AF6C has been vy busy wid family business, and HC missed Bob at last Club meeting…Snf Srnie is glad to be back from the DXpedition. NI6E, Peter, `flew in and flew out’.

6/1/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE,WB6IXN checked in el Presidente, W6GMU, KF6LHA, AF6CF, N6UX, AF6C, N8AE, KE6YHX, W6JTT, WA6TWF, and N6HC. GMU said that Field Day is in good hands wid Jeff, W6UX, and Doug, FKX. LHA didn’t make the Potluck, but Steve won’t miss Field Day! Vy, Vy busy CF is ready fer FD, and Nicolas gives all gud sig reports tonite! UX, Doug, will be at the FD site on Friday to help with Field Day setup, and UX wick help wid 6m operations. AF6C and HHC will be found at the 20m tent and they invite OPs to come in and operate and log! OPs agn tnxed Dan & Kristin for the outstanding potluck over Memorial Day! K9EID, Bob Heil, appeared on `This Week in Technology’, a Podcast called ‘Hamnation’ also featured Gordon West. AE & Dee are awaiting their 1st CA. Field Day, and UX, Doug, is ready to go! YHX will bring up the code speed after he procures some practice tapes. JTT is ready fer FD, and Arnie, HC, will ‘Field Day’ wid a friend.

6/8/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, N8AE, W6HHC, KB6CJZ, KE6YHX, KC6ACT, N6HC, and K6DNR. Note: AD6IG licensee is not listed by ARRL!...and AE6IC is our Fred in Oceanside! Legal work wid records & mom are keeping AF6C vy busy! However, the oil in the Club generator was changed, and Bob is awaiting the arrival of new air & gas filters. IXN recuperates slowly from the stroke while reading & writing continues to improve. Wid FD plans complete, AE has time to go to Newport Beach and take some pix to be posted on Space Book, and Carl did not see the power cable layout for FD arranged by W6HHC. Carl told HHC that he has the logging program installed in the laptop. AF6C has much QRN tonite as Bob tells Robbie, CJZ, that he is logged in, and ACT, Greg, told OPs that construction work at the QTH has been completed, wid all old antennas taken down, and new ones put up!...The new Butternut vertical put out 5/9 sigs tonite! AF6C tells HC that he never received a QSL card frm his contact wid the Clipperton Is. DXpedition…Arnie gave Bob instructions how to procure the QSL card. Arnie gave ACT a FB sig report on the new antenna! DNR is looking forward to reading AF6C’s Heathkit article, and AF6C tells Bob there is a map of the FD site on the Club webpage.

6/8/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in N1AB, K6DNR, W6GTT, AF6CF, K6VDP/7, KE6YHX, N8AE, AF6C, and KJ6LHA. N1AB is ready fer FD, and DNR, like IXN, sometimes falls asleep at the mike! GTT gives gud sig reports to HC, HHC, and YHX tonite. CF, ready fer FD, told OPs that his daughter had her 4th baby girl…I guess we can call Nicolas ‘gramps’ fer sure now! VDP checks in local tonite but says temps are FB in Golden Valley, AZ., and Larry saw Homer, W6HKT, a CW OP, at a gun show in AZ. N8AE ‘flew in and flew out’. YHX experiences a stuck microphone button on the 840, and Corey gives OPs gud sig rpts at the QTH! LHA, steve, checked in mobile near GG Blvd & Harbor wid gud sigs at NC’s QTH! AF6C checked in on the HT…Bob is cleaning & repairing the 2m rig!

6/15/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KE6YHX, KB6CJZ, W6JTT, W6HHC, K6DNR, and N6HC. AF6C has been going ‘round & round’ wid the Social Security people regarding his mom, and Bob has a phone battery fer HHC…Bob still has a errant street light that is probably causing QRN at the shack! IXN reported gud sigs on all at the QTH tonite and joins in on comments wid OPs on global warming. When YHX got the new rig online, he landlined IXN to get a sig report…IXN gave Corey 5/9 sig report. CJZ, looking forward to FD, was finishing din-din while monitoring the Net, and Robbie, like IXN, likes warm WX, and Robbie plans to see us all at FD. JTT ‘flew in and flew out’…possibly bad reception or another Net. HCC had another gud test of DATV wid COAR wid communications coverage plus a good FD planning meeting at the Club Bfast. DNR on the G5RV tonite, plans to help Club on Saturday to finish FD setup. HC checked into Net and told OPs that he now has a presentation ready to go on the last DXpedition…(The Club needs to set a presentation time wid Arnie!)

6/15/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in AF6C, W6JTT, AF6CF, K6VDP, KE6YHX, KR6J, and K6DNR. AF6C struggles wid a fern vine wid reverse thorns that is growing in hil lime tree! IXN has the same vine, but cut back to make a hedge to keep young bicyclists from wrecking his wall!...Bob also reminds OPs abt the Club meeting Fri. eve. JTT is ready fer FD and check wid Sam if you need equipment. CF plans to be at FD, and Nicolas is a proud grandparent for a 4th time! IXN asked CF abt best laser pointers…Nicolas says green pointers are best. VDP, in from AZ, plans to be with the Club fer FD…And wid 6m openings more frequent, you’ll find Larry at or near the 6m station! KR6J and friend, Mike, will operate as a team fer FD.

6/22/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6UX, W6HHC, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, KE6CJZ, and K6DNR. HHC, not a June Gloom lover, discusses last minute Field Day progress wid UX with checks available to cover FD expenses, and Ken plans to take his new Heil foot switch to FD. IXN and brother, Lee, will try to get to the FD site on Saturday, and AF6C said the old Bob Tegel tent don’t quite fit in the ’lil sports car. YHX will show up at the FD sit by lunch time Saturday. CJZ is still rounding up equipment fer FD, but plans to be at the FD site by Friday noon. AF6C said PFA might have another tent fer FD, and PFA is scheduled fer more surgery soon. IXN said that VDP will be floating around the FD site providing help where needed. DNR, on the G5RV tonite, plans to attend FD on Saturday.

6/22/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6UX, W6GMU, W6JTT, K6DNR, W6HHC, KJ6LHA, N8AE, N8UZE, AF6CF, K6VDP, KE6YHX, AF6C, N2CNC(Atlee), and KC6OML(Gene)…14 checkins, OPs…FB! UX will pick up the generator at AF6C’s QTH tomorrow morning, and Jeff plans to arrive at the FD site by noon, Friday…Setup will begin by 1:00 pm, and AB is ill & will not captain the GOTA station…OPs will find a substitute to handle GOTA station arrangements. El Presidente GMU tnx all OPs fer there hard work to make FD a success, and Paul hopes to have a substitute for the GOTA station soon. Can’t read my notes for DNR, but I think Bob plans to be at the FD site Friday. JTT didn’t know his travel schedule. HHC plans to be at FD site by 1:00 pm on Friday, and Ken said Saturday eve. din-din will be catered! AE will pick up a lock for the trailer, and Carl might have equipment for the GOTA station. UZE & AE have a visitor from Michigan, AB8SA, Allen, a welcome OP who might attend FD! AF6C has a padlock…but no key! UX and CF will be traveling helping to round up a spare generator, antennas, towers, etc. for FD. HHC Club requests a $5.00 donation for meals, and Ken has a food needs list also. YHX gives OPs their sig rpts…Tnx, Corey! AF6C cuts out a nasty fern vine wid reverse thorns & still has one to go!...And Bob will expect the crew tomorrow morning to pick up the Club generator for FD!...The generator is empty…It holds up kto 6.5 gallons…And Bob has a tent pole to go out to the FD site. LHA ‘flew in and flew out’, and VDP was told that the Club will be using the same logging program as last year for FD. N2CNC, Atlee, and Gene, KC6OML, were welcome check-ins to the Net.

6/29/11 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KE6YHX, W6JJT, W6HHC, N8AE, N8UZE, and K6DNR. Things wil brighten up a bit for AF6C when his sister arrives next week YHX helped the 20m OPs wid many contacts on Field Day, and Corey asked OPs abt an 80m dipole ,wid coils on each end.that he can’t load properly.ant. IXN & Lee will be up in the San Jacinto Mts. the week of the 4th, and JTT dropped low in sig. strength, but came back 3 S-units later in the Net. HHC reported 2110 FD contacts!...And Ken will publish a bands operated wid FD scores in the July Newsletter on the website. N8AE & UZE entertained their fiend, Allen, AB8SA, visiting So. CA. from Michigan, and Carl & Dee did well in the Contest on 10 & 80m. AF6C asked DNR to send FD pix to himself, or, HHC. DEE & Carl are slowly getting FD gear put away.

6/29/11 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, W6JTT, W6HHC, K6VDP, N8AE, N8UZE, KJ6LHA, W6UX, AF6CF, KE6YHX, K6DNR, W6SAX(Bryan), and AF6C. El Presidente, Paul, GMU, enjoyed FD, and , he has all FD gear put away!...And Paul reminded all OPs to get articles, etc., for the July Newsletter to him ASAP! AF6C will submit another Heathkit article to Paul. HHC reported 2110 QSOs fer FD!...A complete report will appear in the July Newsletter. JTT wil try to work a ’lil 10m on his trip to the Mts. near Idlywild over the weekend, and IXN & Lee, in Garner Valley, won’t be far from Sam. VDP had a gud time at FD and worked a ’lil 20m CW. UZE worked W1AW on 20m CW, and IXN enjoyed AE’s other hobby, photography, at his FD tent on Fri. eve…One of Carl’s pix of a flower has been displayed on an amateur photography website! On Sat. & Sun., IXN spent time repairing and tuning 2 rigs as he attempted to copy the Field Day message…OPs should stay away from frequencies that broadcast the Field Day message…It is impossible to copy thru the QRM!...TRY TO COPY THE FIELD DAY MESSAGE AT THE FIELD DAY SITE ON FRIDAY NITE BEFORE FIELD DAY BEGINS! LHA, bk frm din-din, visited 5 different FD sites! Congratulations to UX for coordinating a vy FB Field Day!...and Jeff’s 15m dipole worked well. CF thought FD was a great success, and W6SAX, Bryan, checked in from a tent in the woods. YHX, 1st time on 20m, enjoyed adding contacts to the list. UZE took Monday off work to recuperate from a vy busy FD on 10 & 80m. DNR, who usually works 40m, didn’t recognize many OPs at the FD site! AF6C expects to have a Sears Technician at the QTH tomorrow to check out an intermittent dishwasher that makes up its own mind when it will turn on & Off!

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