08/03/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8AE, N6HC, N8UZE, W6HHC, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, KI6VEN, K6DNR, and WB9YCJ.  HHC is back from a short trip to the Sierra Nevada, and AE has been taking pix at the Bolsa Chica Game Preserve.  IXN says Lee will bring rattle snake pix with him at next Club meeting.  HC, wid a busy sched ahead, is looking to Nov. & Dec. for recuperation time, and Arnie Checked into the Anacapa Island mini-DXpecition last weekend.Arnie & OPs announced that the OCARO Booth at the OC Fair once again took a Blue Ribbon for publicizing amateur radio to the public!  UZE had nothing to do wid the rattlesnake that AE saw at the Bolsa Chica Game Preserve, and WB9YCJ & KB6CJZ both checked into Net from K6F at the Orange County Fair.  Wid the knee healing well, HHC will get an article from W6UX for the Club newsletter concerning the DXpedition wid W6GEP & AD6RI to Anacapa Island.  It was good to hear Phil, VEN, on the Net once again after he elevated his antennas, and DNR was really impressed wid the young teeage balloonist ham & his presentation at last Club meeting!


08/03/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, K6F(Orange County Fair), AF6CF, AF6C, KE6YHX, N8AE, K6DNR, KR6J, W6UX, and N6HC.  El Presidente GMU & IXN briefly discuss the Leonid & Perseid meteor showers, and Paul & AF6CF will be at the OC Fair Booth come Saturday. and Don, KE6BXT, checks into Net from K6F.  AF6CF built a frequency meter that is small and easy to use!  AF6C said that HHC didn’t check into Net because the 2m rig is still in the car…AF6C is installing a drip system for the plants, and Bob is taking physical therapy to control shoulder muscular pain.  YHX got a new WX station and it is doing FB!...Now it’s barometric pressure on the Net!  AE will bring rattlesnake pix to next Club meeting.  And UX reported that he, GEP, and AD6RI worked all continents at last weekend mini-DXpedition to Anacapa Island.  KR6J didn’t like the OCARO Booth location and he talked wid Gordo abt moving it next year.  N6HC came onboard to congratulate UX, GEP, and RI for a successful mini-DXpedition, and joining the ‘Big Gun’ DXers gang!


08/10/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8AE, N8UZE, KB6CJZ, WB6IXN, W6HHC, KE6YHX, and W6JTT.  AF6C, still eating din-din, successfully trimmed the bouganvilla avoiding the prickly thorns!...And Bob reported that PFA is doing a ’lil better.  AE put up a hummingbird feeder on the balcony and hummers are now visiting AE & UZE… Carl & Dee were at the OCARO Ham Booth last Saturday, and Carl hasn’t received a operator’s schedule for ham radio operations for Aug. on the Queen Mary.  CJZ was at the OCARO Booth last Wednesday, and when Robbie visited PFA, he was sleeping.  IXN and HHC cudn’t copy JTT…Sam checked into Net from Idyllwild!  AE told HHC that he didn’t take pix of the Ham Booth…He was busy helping UZE giving ham license tests.  IXN finished Brian Greene’s book on the New Reality and parallel universes…WOW!...Physics has advanced beyond anything I taught in high school!  YHX checked in and, shortly thereafter, went out for din-din.


8/10/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, W6UX, KJ6LHA, AF6C, W6JTT, and KR6J.  The OCARC congratulates both W6UX & K6GEP, Jeff & Tim, for a very successful mini-DXpedition to Anacapa Island!...Now to prepare for another event, a possible Club contest for the CA. QSO Party come September!  GMU & AF6CF may join IXN at the OCA meeting this Friday evening at Chapman College.  A wrenched back prevented UZ from going to the OC Fair last Sunday, and LHA just got back from a two-week trip up the coast to an onion festival, Grants Pass, Eureka, and coming home the inland route.  AF6C has installed a drip system in front of the QTH, and Bob has to go to Braille Institute headquarters for a course on the new book reading machines repair & maintenance.


8/17/2011 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in K6CCD, N8AE, KE6YHX, WB6IXN, W6HHC, W6JTT, and K6DNR.  CCD checked in on an old time Radio Shack rig wid Q5 sigs…It was good to have Tom back on the Net wid us!   AE joined us after typing away on Spacebook, working CCD just before Net, and talking about the summer tornados in the Midwest.   YHX gave OPs the WX report and discussed gel cell battery Output wid AF6C.  IXN agrees wid AF6C on rotating NCs for the Club Nets, and Bob reads a couple astronomy nes items to OPs.   AF6C announced the Friday nite Club talk will be on APRS.  DNR, hearing all OPs, checked out Club meeting site, and copied thru QRN tonite.  JTT, also wid high QRN, cud not copy all OPs.  HHC, monitoring the Net, checked out strange wiggles on AF6C’s sigs.


8/17/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6GMU, KR6J, W6UX, W6JTT, N8AE, K6DNR, KE6YHX, AF6CF, AF6C, KJ6LHA.  IXN said brother Lee will bring rattlesnake pix to Club meeting Fri. nite, and El Presidente GMU is looking forward to the APRS program at Club meeting Fri. eve.  IXN congratulated GMU & AF6CF on joining the Orange County Astronomers…OCARC is well represented in the OCA wid IXN making the 3rd Club member in the group!  KR6J has gud sig reports wid the new 2m antenna, will miss Meeting Fri. eve., and is going back to school in the Fall.  UX is looking forward the the Club’s CA QSO Party/Portable in the Park event…Check out details on the Club website!...And Jeff said that if you are traveling cross-country, check out to find repeater sites along your route.  JTT was surprised wid communications wid the Net from 125 mile distant Idyllwild last week.  AE’s last name conjured up IXN memories of Geologist Dr. Art Flint, who taught Seismology at Chapman University, And Carl will be bringing some pictures to Club meeting Friday nite.  DNR checked in, kicked back, and is listening to the rest of the Net.  YHX looking forward to Club meeting, has been using APRS for 5 yrs.  CF, LHA, and IXN briefly discussed the very short life of security codes.   AF6C announced the death of long time Club member, Elmer Thomas, W6PFA, who helped service talking book machines at the Braille Institute…We need a replacement volunteer!...If interested, contact AF6C.


8/24/2011 10m Phone Net – With no formal Net tonite NC was assumed by Arnie, N6HC, who checked in W6JTT and NI6E.


8/24/2011 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in N8AE/m, W6JTT, K6VDP, K6DNR, KJ6LHA, KJ6OTQ, K6MOP, KJ6OML, and AF6CF.  Wid UZE home reading and watching TV, Carl checked in mobile in the Tustin area where he was buying a ’lil dessert.  JTT commented on his 10m check-in wid HC & N6IE, Peter.  DNR checked into Net just after leaving the Westminster RACES Net, and LHA wondered why the 5.3 Colorado EQ didn’t receive as much attention as the 5.8 Appalachian plateau quake in VA.  KJ6OTQ ‘flew in and flew out, and Mike, K6MOP, did likewise.  Gene, KE6OML, described a homemade antenna, and plans to join the Club at next meeting.  CF, busy as usual, checked in at Net’s end.


8/31/11 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in N6HC, KE6YHX, WB6IXN, W6HHC, W6JTT, and K6DNR. HC doesn’t need a reminder email to remember the Club nets on Wednesday evenings…IXN said YES to the email since he finds it difficult to remember the days of the week!  The tally will come later…a 1 meant useful, a 2 meant somewhat useful, a 3 meant not useful.  AF6C said his sister in the Boston area came through the hurricane OK with a power outage and trees down on the property.  YHX fixed a rig tuning problem, and IXN still proposes rotating NCs for the Club Nets. HHC told OPs abt  very successful DATV communications between here and Melbourne, Australia, last Friday.  JTT voted a 1 in the email survey, and DNR finds the email net reminders very helpful.


8/31/11 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, W6GMU, KR6J, KE6YHX, AF6C, K6VDP, W6HHC, KJ6OML, KJ6LHA, AF6CF, KE6DNR, KC6EVX, and KF6CBS.  JTT has a sig problem wid morning glories growing on one leg of the dipole!  GNU reminds OPs of no Board meeting…reason…HAMCON!  KR6J is back in school taking one class and will be bicycling for exercise and upcoming team competition.   YHX volunteered to take over 2m Net as NC next week, and, Corey offered to act as volunteer Net Control on a future 10m Net!...TNX, Corey!  AF6C & IXN briefly discuss rotating NCs for the Club Nets, and Bob tells OPs about the Braille Institute new digital readers which he an DLA will be servicing…Want to volunteer some help?...Call AF6C for more info.  VDP, bk in OC, cud only hear HKT, Homer, on the CW Net (7.086 MHz) in AZ last Sunday.  HHC told OPs abt very successful DATV communications, using 1.2 GHz, SKYPE, repeaters, etc., to a DATV QSO Party in Melbourne, Australia.  Congrats to Gene, KJ6OML, and the XYL…Gene passed the General test and the XYL passed the Tech test!  LHA finds the email Club Net reminder useful and CF plays wid USB to a computer.  EVX checks into Net from Anaheim wid gud sigs, and DNR finds the email Club net reminder vy useful.  KF6CBS ‘flies in & flies out’.  


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