2/01/2012 10m Phone NetW6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6UX, W6HHC, WB6IXN, N6HC, N8AE, K6DNR, and W6JTT and Marty KJ6RWE.  YHX dropped his Geiger Counter and could not repair the injuries…Now Corey is off to eBay to find a replacement.  And UX, working DXpeditions this week,  had RJ over at the QTH today to help repair a skewed hex antenna buffeted by high SA winds.   IXN now has all cavities filled and dental work is now up-to-date!  HHC’s friend, Marty, passed his General test, and a garage cleanup kept Ken from attending the Palm Springs hamfest last weekend.  And HHC sent AF6C a copy of Nov. Netnews.  AF6C’s sister will be visiting in CA. in a week, and Bob expects to have another Heathkit article for the Club Newsletter in the near future.  HC’s 40m 2-element beam moved during strong SA winds, DX is good, and Arnie plans to erect a vertical ant. On the south side of the property.  AE remarked the mild winter in Chicago, playing on the computer wid Space Book, and out in the Parks photographing birds.  DNR on the Q5RV, cudn’t hear all OPs on the vertical ant. Tonite.  JTT ‘flew in & flew out’.  At the end of the net, Marty KJ6RWE dropped in for the first time to introduce himself.

2/01/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, K6DNR, W6JTT, KJ6LHA, AF6CF, AF6C, and N6HC.  IXN took the opportunity to thank HC for his dedication to Amateur Radio in reporting DXpedition News, and, his many enjoyable DXpedition talks to amateur radio clubs…We deeply appreciate it, Arnie!  IXN alerted OPs to possibly high Santa Ana winds sometime during the next 3 days!  YHX will replace his ailing Geiger Counter wid a model PM1208M, if he can find one on eBay, and DNR uses a Comet antenna for 2m & 440.  JTT reported that K6YHL, David Althoen, and Club member, 2010-11 became a Silent Key!  LHA reported no SA winds as yet, and then Steve was off to din-din.  AF6(ah)CF reported gud sigs on all, but nothing new at the QTH.  AF6C, looking forward to his sister’s arrival from back East, reported that Marty, KJ6RWE, got his General ticket, and was on the air on 10m…Congrats, Marty!  OPs are looking forward to HC’s DXpedition presentation at next Club meeting!


2/08/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8AE, KE6YHX, KI6TQM - Lee, KB6CJZ, WB6IXN, W6HHC, W6UX, W6JTT, and K6DNR.  AE, back from a photography session at Laguna Hills Park where he captured a beautiful sunset, is off to a job interview come Saturday.  AF6C comments on price increases on food & gasoline, and HHC welcomes PQM, Lee, in Orange, to the Net…And Ken said that VNI is working on getting last year’s FD site in Buena Park for 2012 Field Day.  YHX continues work on the rig and IXN has a map of Orange County Park locations for AE.   Lee, KI6TQM, using a dipole ant came on the air on 10m for the first time.  CJZ, QTH near the Crystal Cathedral, checked into Net wid gud sigs.  W6UX, writing a DX article for the Newsletter, continues to chase DX, and Jeff will work the WPX Contest this weekend.  JTT ‘flew in and flew out’, and DNR checked in on the G5RV after the RACES net where he was NC tonite.  AF6C will tackle teaching surface mount soldering after he finishes wid the regular “thru-hole” soldering class.


2/08/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, W6JTT, K6DNR, KJ6LHA, KF6EVX, AF6C, and N8AE.  YHX and AF6C briefly discussed soldering fittings to RG-8 coax, and JTT, wid strong sigs at first, ended up wid weak sigs on 10m as the Net proceeded.  DNR had QRN on IXN on 10m, but Bob had gud sigs on all OPs on 2m.  The XYL gave Steve the call for a Chinese dinner, so LHA was off to din-din.  EVX, still experiencing a left leg problem, will keep the Net informed when OPs are needed for public events.   AF6C continues to put old Club ‘RF’ copies up on the Website.  N8AE spent the day photographing wildlife and a beautiful sunset at at Laguna Hills Park, and, we wish Carl luck at his job interview come Saturday!


2/15/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/W6HHC checked in W6UX, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, and W6JTT.  Wid OPs busy with other adventures, check-ins were sparse tonite!  UX is having great success hearing and working rare DX wid the new hex antenna, and IXN read a short article on the probable number of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.  HHC reminded OPs about the Club meeting Fri. nite.  IXN suggested fine emory cloth to Corey to remove solder flux from his coax connector, and JTT, wondering if more rain was on its way, didn’t get a positive answer from IXN who said that an erratic jet stream made WX prediction difficult.  HHC was playing wid   computer encryption programs, and, Ken said Friday’s Club meeting program was on the DXpedition to the Carribean.


2/15/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6UX, KE6YHX, W6JTT, AF6CF, and KJ6LHA.  UX ‘flew in and flew out’, and YHX soldered a new connector to the 10m feedline, and Corey told OPs about passing feedlines thru the wall of the QTH.  JTT solved a problem wid the new Kenwood rig and Sam is still wrestling wid 2.5 deviation problems for RACES, and JTT must have a separate antenna government frequencies.  IXN told CF he needs to join IXN, AF6C, and others in the retired group…then he can enjoy ham radio and amateur astronomy!  LHA is busy recovering computer data, and Steve got the changed Club meeting date for April: Apr. 13.


2/22/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6UX, WB6IXN, W6JTT, W6HHC, AF6C, N8AE, K6DNR, and KJ6NTL(Jerry).  Corey heard all OPs reasonably well, and UX, running 100W, got the power cable shortened and installed a lightning arrestor in the coax.  IXN confirmed YHX,s reported EQ last week was on the boundary of the Gorda & Juan de Fuca plates 100 miles due west of Coos Bay, Or.  JTT cud only hear HHC well tonite, wid the exception of Jerry in Red Bluff.   HCC had gud copy on all OPs as did IXN…and both IXN & HHC enjoyed the Club program on the ‘ready made’ set up station used by the DXpedition to the Carribean!  AF6C heard all OPs well, and Bob discovered a flooded cupboard from an errant distilled H2O bottle…Earlier, Bob and DLA repaired talking books at the Braille Institute, and, Bob visited his mom in the resthome.  AE heard all OPs well, and Carl tells OPs there are plenty of positions to be filled for the upcoming Field Day!...Band Captains, Operators, Loggers, to name a few…Contact Carl on the air, on the Nets, or by Internet or Landline, Club meetings, etc.  DNR “flew in and flew out’.  Jerry, KJ6NTL, checked in from 20 miles East of Red Bluff in Northern California wid vy gud sigs!...We hope Jerry will not be a stranger to the Net!


2/22/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, KR6J, KJ6LHA, K6DNR, KI6UJA(Ping Gee), N8AE, N8UZE, KG6WTQ, and W6JTT.  IXN tnx Corey for a FB job as NC on 10m tonite!  KR6J, hopint this to be his last semester in school, is having the auto rig repaired, and Kenan helped UX wid some feedline repairs.  KI6UJA, Ping Gee, checked in wid her new license!...Her vy first time on the air!...Congratulations!...Now LHA will have some competition on rig use!  DNR, wid untimely death in the family, operated some on the 10-10 Net today, and N8AE outlined several needs that OPs need to consider for the upcoming Field Day.  UZE named several bonus point items OPs need to consider to add to the Field Day total score!...And Dee had contacts from Guam, the Phillipines, and a small island, Niue.  WTQ announced volunteer operators needed for the West LA Marathon on Mar 18.  JTT cud not here but a couple of OPs on 10m tonite, and Sam said that many OPs find setting up their rigs to meet the new 2.5 deviation requirement for government frequencies operation is a problem for ham receivers.


2/29/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in AF6C, N6HC, WB6IXN, KG6RWE(Marty), KR6J, W6UX, and K6DNR.  AF6C went to Braille Institute, went to lunch, picked up a bug, and is now nursing a sore throat.  HC is looking forward to Mar. Club meeting where he will speak on his last DXpedition, and, the Visalia DX Convention.  HHC is scheduled to give a DATV talk, via video tape, for the Dayton Hamvention…And Ken is preparing an article on Software Defined Radio, also a GEP interest!   YHX continues work on the WX station and his seismometer project, and IXN & Corey briefly discuss recent CA seismicity.  RWE lives out Santiago Canyon way, and KR6J, still in school, operates from a small antenna mounted on the balcony, reported buzzing on Arnie’s sigs tonite.  UX reports plans are underway for the next ‘Islands on the Air’ DXpedition, and, Jeff says servicing small automobile computerized controllers operating under TAN is difficult, if not impossible, without TAN training and test equipment…Jeff also had gud afternoon DX on 10, 12, 15, & 20m.  DNR had 5/7 sigs at IXN’s QTH.


2/29/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ6LHA, KJ6UJA, (Ping Gee), KR6J, W6UX, KE6YHX, K6DNR, KJ6OML, KI6AZQ, AF6CF, and KJ6UIO(Ted, Rancho Cucamonga/Alta Loma, CA).  LHA & UJA experienced a computer power supply problem resulting in 2 new computers wid new software to get online!  KR6J is nursing a twisted ankle (no cycling for awhile), and Kenan & IXN briefly discuss the dangers of high power microwaves.  UX congrats Ping Gee on getting her ham license, and Jeff is looking forward to the ARRL DX Contest this weekend.  OML checked in from Garden Grove wid gud sigs, and YHX is building a power supply for the WX station.  DNR enjoyed the ARRL Yuma Hamfest on Feb. 18, and CF said the next Sat. Club Bfast is March 10.  Phil Pinto,KI6AZQ, checked into Net frm Vista, CA., near San Diego.  Also, Ted, KG6UIO, checked in from Cucamonga (Alta Loma), CA. wid gud sigs…Ted plans to visit the Net again! 


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