6/06/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KE6YHX, W6HHC, KJ6TK, N6HC, N8AE/m, K6DNR, and W6JTT.  AF6C left the championship hockey game wid a tie to call the Net to order!...Later report…The Kings lost!...And Bob reported that employee, Linda, 70 yrs young,  at Braille Institute, where he and Bruce, DLA, volunteer, had a stroke.  Bob further said that a soldering class at FD will gain the Club extra points!   YHX got pointers on how to drive an 8’ ground rod, and, IXN & Lee will try to find a post hole driver for Corey and bring it to next Club meeting.  HHC was busy keeping track of all the FD emails flying back & forth, an He & AF6C will try out the Club generator Sunday in preparation for FD. Congrats to Arnie, N6HC…He is now a full fledged VEC!...And Arnie also reminded OPs abt the VHF Sweepstakes this weekend.   TK sigs were a bit weak at IXN’s QTH but FB at HC’s QTH.  DNR, checked into Net after the RACES Net wid his usual QRN on 10m.   JTT plans to attend the Club Field Day…HCC tells Sam to complete his FD email sheet.


6/06/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, KJ6LHA, W6JTT, W6HHC, KJ6VKF, KJ6UJA, AF6C, KJ6OML, KF6EVX.  IXN’s brother, Lee, is having trouble wid his right ear.   YHX replaced two indoor & two outdoor feedlines.  LHA does not plan to attend FD…Steve has other commitments!  JTT copied DNR on 10m, and HHC tells Sam to send his FD sheet info to UZE…And Ken reminds all OPs to get their FD infor to UZE!   HHC also said the club needs OPs to help wid tear-down Sunday at FD’s end.    VKF, wid social plans pending, may or may not attend FD.  UJA says ‘CarsLand Adventure’, located across from Disneyland, will open next Friday, and NGO would be quite happy if he could witness ‘Farmer Bob’, AF6C, and his agrarian adventures wid, tomatoes, bell peppers wid drip water systems in the front & back yards.  OML & XYL just got back from a mobile trip to Alaska…They visited Skagway & other sites, and Gene said the it was cold, but the ice is breaking up.  EVX checked in to tell us that the Kings lost the Hockey game.


6/13/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6JTT, WB6IXN, N8RT(Port St. Lucie, FLA)(Rob), W6HHC, and N6HC.  RT was not at the QTH evidently since he checked in from near Atlanta, Georgia!  YHX has a new welding kit to attach his ground cable to a ground rod.  And all OPs, including JTT, gave sig rpts to Rob near Atlanta, Georgia, and Rod returned the favor!  IXN said a company is planning a project to mine an asteroid in abt 2 years.  HHC & AF6C said the Club generator is ready fer FD, and Ken said we need an OP to layout the power cable distribution for FD at the FD site…Contact HHC or UZE.  HC wished the Club good luck on FD, and HC’s garage will be the collecting point for radio gear, etc., for an upcoming DXpedition, and Arnie might bring a friend from Kuwait to Club meeting Fri. nite…9K2HN, Hamad.  AF6C & DLA went to the Braile Institute to service talking books, and Bob mentioned possible radiation in tuna fish frm the nuclear EQ disaster in Japan.


6/13/2012 2m Phone Net – W6AE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, W6JTT, K6DNR, KJ6UJA, KJ6LHA, AF6C, KJ6VHF, KJ6ITN, KG6OXD, and AF6CF.  VHF, ITN, and OXD, all ‘flew in and flew out’!  YHX reported on the 4.0 EQ 2mi north of Yorba Linda near Bastencherry Road, and JTT reported that junk fell over in the backyard!...And Sam heard several 10m Beacons!  Hockey is not DNR’s sport and Bob is kicked back ‘reading the mail’…He did not feel the EQ.  UJA said the California Adventure across from Disneyland is open, and Ping felt the 4.0 EQ.  IXN did not feel the EQ but heard it coming in from the San Sevaine Seismometter.  AF6C just got back from his niece’ graduation from Valencia H.S. in Placentia, and AF6C hear a noise and then felt light shaking from the 4.0 EQ, and Bob said the garden and his poinsettia bush are doing FB…And Bob said the Club now has a new 50’ power cable for use wid the generator for FD.


6/20/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in N6HC, WB6IXN, W6JTT, W6HHC, KE6YHX, K6DNR, and KJ6OML.  AF6C said UX and FKX, will help take the club generator to the Field Day site in Buena Park.  HC enjoyed Hamad’s visit from Kuwait and also the Club Website program presented by AF6C and HHC at last Club meeting…Also, Arnie sprained his back so he will not attempt set-up chores for FD!  AF6C has necessary supplies for the soldering class at FD, and Bob said N8AE will be at Field Day all three days.  HHC found his electrical tape & duct tape that Dianne had placed neatly away, and AF6C added a correction to the Net Notes.  YHX prepares to drive a ground rod & weld a lightning ground cable to it…HHC suggests that Corey right up a small article for ‘RF’ describing the project.  JTT, not able to find anything , is cleaning up the shack, and Sam will be out a FD sometime Saturday.  IXN & Lee plan to be at the FD site sometime Saturday evening, IXN cudn’t copy OML, but Gene will be on the FD site Friday, and, he has access to a generator.  DNR ‘flew in & flew out’.


6/20/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in K6LHA, K6DNR, W6GMU, KJ6UJA, KJ6OML, KE6YHX, W6JTT, AF6C, and KJ6OXD.  LHA and UJA will attend FD, and Steve and DNR might be involved wid RACES…DNR will stop by the FD site to observe operations & help out if needed.  GMU needs 20m CW operators for FD.  UJA said the California Adventure site is very popular, and Ping will be involved some wid Anaheim RACES on FD.  OML’s XYL is nursing a bronchitis attack, and Gene will be on the FD site Friday.   YHX plans to attend FD, and is also involved wid Anaheim RACES.  JTT plans to be at FD on Sat. & Sunday.  Wid the Club generator ready to be moved to the FD site, AF6C then described his recent gardening ventures, wid 6 tomato plants & one pepper plant thriving…Kei, W6NGO, would be proud of you, Bob!  OXD will be at the FD site some Saturday, and around until shutdown on Sunday…AF6C told Vern to stick around for the Group Picture at the end of Field Day!


6/27/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, KR6J, W6JTT, WB6IXN, W6GMU, and KE6YHX.  HHC reported 2,264 QSOs for Field Day this year compared to 2,110 for last year!...Nice going, OPs!  Read all about Field Day 2012 up on the Website, including breakdown scores for the various bands, and GOTA…As you can see, the GOTA station was a great success wid 408 contacts!  KR6J, located on Orchard Hill tonite, worked FD some wid Mike, WK6O, on Onyx Peak, and Kenan had over 620 CW contacts at OCARC RACES site!   Kenan may work FD wid the OCARC Club next year.  IXN fell asleep in the easy chair and was 15 min. late checking into Net!...IXN got a gud report frm the eye doctor, and brother Lee is nursing pressure in his right ear!  HHC said the GOTA station used a 5-band trapped dipole for the ant., and Ken gave a quick run-down of band contact results for FD.  This was the 1st year that IXN didn’t hear the Club generator running at FD!...It was located inside a block enclosure!  HHC & KR6J agreed that 20m contacts were coming in bunches.  AF6C reported on the very successful soldering class held at FD where UX had a PL-259 coax connector soldered to a coax cable.  JTT checked in before IXN, and YHX checked his emergency supplies…Also, Cory appeard at FD while the soldering class was in progress.


6/27/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, N8UZE, N8AE, W6GMU, W6JTT, KG6OXD, KE6NFZ, W6HHC, AF6C, and KJ6OML, and W6GMU.  YHX plans to attend FD all day, camping out, and Corey discovered that an LED will become a LOD (lights out diode) if you apply too much voltage to it!  UZE said 80m was ‘a bit o a bust’ on FD, but 15m was GREAT!   We appreciate all yjr time Dee spent to make this a vy successful FD!  Carl N8AE got to FD site on Friday evening from Pleasanton and helped Dee wid FD chores, operations, and teardown.  UZE said the Club did well with bonus points this year!  IXN will enter a hardcopy of HHC’s FD scores in the OCARC records, and GMU, unable to hear UZE or AE tonite, was pleased wid the increased FD contacts this year! IXN got ‘bits & pieces’ of JTT’s QSO…something abt TRW in the morning using 5 watts & a 9 element beam in Palos Verdes!  And OXD’s help at FD for setup & teardown operations was deeply appreciated!  NFZ spent abt 5 hrs at FD, making his 1st contact since 1984!  Ken HCC thanked Dee & the Club for another successful FD, and, a 7% increase in the Field Day score over last year!  AF6C discussed generator repairs & maintenance. HHC said there is a clip of our Field Day produced by Bob KJ6VQW up on YouTube  at     Like IXN, OML’s XYL coughs in smoggy air which will limit her  outdoor activities in hot WX!


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