7/04/2012 10M Phone Net – The 10m Net was cancelled due to the 4th of July Holiday.


7/04/2012 2m Phone Net – WB6IXN had been busy working on repairing a door at St. Ann School all day, and did not read his email before Net.  He talked with Jutti, K6FRG, who feared that uncontrolled fireworks might set grass around the QTH on fire.  The 2m Net had also been cancelled for the 4th of July Holiday.


7/11/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB9YCJ, WB6IXN, W6HHC, KJ6OML, KE6YHX, and K6DNR.  YCJ was at Field Day and plans to be there next year, and Ken said there won’t be any amateur radio booth at the Orange County Fair this year!...price increase for booths for non-profit groups!. And Ken-YCJ said that prices for old repair manuals for old electronic equipment are increasing on the web!  AF6C & HHC both had appts with the eye doc this afternoon and ran into each other in the waiting room.    IXN, on behalf of the Club, thanked Ken and contributing OPs for the FB Field Day pictures on the Club website.  FKX is off biking and hiking on Mammoth Mt., and Doug will not be at the Club Bfast or next Club meeting.  OML, wid weak sigs, ‘flew in and flew out’.  YHX plans to drive a ground rod this weekend, and Corey plans to attend FD next year…And YHX got the dremmel tool working again.  IXN warned OPs about skin sun exposure…Another tennis player has had half of his face removed wid melanoma!  AF6C is restoring an old radio. FD was a bad day for DNR…Bob-DNR wasn’t able to make it out to Field Day!


7/11/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ6UJA, KJ6LJA, KE6OML, KE6NFZ(Brian), AF6C, KE6YHX, WB9YCJ, N8AE/m, AF6CF, K6DNR, KG6YFV(Randy), and KG6OXD.  UJA said that when Disney issues a code 90, they can open their collars during this hot WX!  And LJA gave IXN further info on a small, quiet generator.  OML’s 10m rig is jumping frequencies, and Gene needs an antenna analyzer.  Brian, NFZ, a new Net checkin from Stanton, is looking over rigs at the ‘Candy Store’, and NFZ heard AE/m check into Net near the Chino Hills.   AF6C & IXN briefly discussed the discovery of the Higgs Boson, and AF6C said that one must be careful using antenna analyzers near strong RF fields.  YHX pland to weld a grounding cable to a ground rod this weekend, and, Corey plans a future article for ‘RF’ on the procedure.  AE enjoyed spending time wid Dee over the 4th, and CF Bruno & el Presidente, Paul, all enjoyed Field Day communications.


7/18/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB9YCJ, W6HHC, KE6YHX, WB6IXN, N8AE, K6DNR, W6JTT, and KJ6OML.  AF6C spent a hot, muggy morning servicing talking books at Braille Institute, Wid no ham booth at the Orange County Fair this year, not many hams are planning to visit the Fair….too expensive!   YCJ is off to Chicago on business where he’ll take in a Whitesox vs Angels game!  HHC explained that OCCARO was not impressed wid the ‘out-of-the-way site’ offered to OCARO for the OC Fair.   IXN said other county fairs are also cutting good booth sites to Civic groups this year….fairs are now all about money…and ham booths and volunteer booths do NOT bring in money!   And DNR agrees that good sites at the OC Fair were given to those who could pay big-$ for them.   YHX was relaxing tonite, enjoying the new AC in the shack on this hot evening. .  AE usually makes local deliveries Mon-Wed, then he’s off to northern CA for Thur-Fri deliveries.  JTT tried to check in from his 6000 ft high site at Idyllwild.   OML’s 10m rig is skipping frequency!...AF6C said RF might be getting into the VFO.  IXN told AF6C that Monty Caduff, WD6AUS, Leonard Victor, WA6RNA, and Al Watts, W6IBR all helped blind & handicapped kids learn amateur radio in the late 70s, early 80s.


7/18/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WB9YCJ/m, W6JTT, KJ6LHA, KJ6UJA, AF6C, KJ6OXD, K6DNR, KJ6OML, and KE6YHX.  YCJ checked in FB wid his 40 to 50w mobile.   JTT may have experienced wind damage to his antennas in Idyllwild.  IXN and AF6C briefly discussed AUS, RNA, and IBR participation in a Club activity to provide amateur radio exposure to handicapped kids.  And OXD’s interest in solar panels will bring Vern to Club meeting Fri. nite!  OML will take his ailing YAESU 897 to the radio doctor to determine the ‘jumping frequency’ cause.   LJA & UJA are ‘kicked back’ listening to the Net, and UJA said Disneyland attendance is down a bit since the OC Fair opened.  DNR & IXN both agree that those who pay will get the best sites at the OC Fair!  YHX, enjoying the new AC, checked in near Net’s end wid gud sigs.


7/25/2012 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in N8UZE, N8AE, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, W6JTT, AF6DE(James), and KC6ACT.  UZE & AE are ‘kicked back’ listening to the Net wid AE off to Central & Northern CA. tomorrow…AE got location of IXN’s relations in Garner Valley, CA. as a gud location for pictures.  YHX & IXN could not find the small event that rearranged some pictures, etc., in AF6C’s QTH…However So. CA. is on notice fer a moderate shaker in the not-to-distant future!...And YHX is planning a new costume for Halloween.  JTT ‘flew in and flew out’ due to high QSB at the QTH.  AF6C and DLA cleared the repair shelf of Talking Books at the Braille Institute today.  AF6DE, James, in Orange, checked in near the end of Net.  KC6ACT, Greg, said ‘Hello’, and plans to check into Net more frequently.


7/25/2012 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, KR6J, N8AE, KE6YHX, K6UJA, and AF6C.  IXN heard JTT 5/9 on the horizontal antenna, much better reception than on JTT’s vertical ant.  KR6J finished school in Dec. and is now working with Orange County Communications learning about public safety.   Kenan-KR6J, W6UX, AE6RS, N6GP KQ6ES, and KJ6REP will all be working the RSGB IOTA Contest, July 28-29, on Anacapa Island.  N8AE would like to join the OPs on Anacapa Is., but, work calls!...And Carl if off to N. CA. tomorrow!   UJA asked about the EQ event that tilted some pix in AF6C’s QTH, but IXN and YHX could not confirm an event.


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