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Members receive a free badge when they join. If you've lost your badge or changed your call, you may purchase a new badge with this form. The badge may be ordered with or without a clip.

Members who receive a new call as a result of a license upgrade may order a new badge at a savings. This replacement badge comes without a clip.

Currently the club is not mailing badges due to a change in postal regulations. It used to be able to mail a badge with clip for the price of an extra ounce of postage, now it must be sent as a parcel due to the thickness of the clip being slightly more than 1/4 inch. However…

…Due to COVID and the meetings being online, the club is mailing the badge, less clip, while the meetings are online.

Your badge will have your FIRST name and call sign on it. The name is limited to ten (10) characters and you may use a nickname if desired. The call sign is also limited to (10) characters. (Contact: using the Subject: “Special Badge Request” if you can't fit your name or call in the allotted space). Note that since character widths vary; ten characters sometimes may not fit.

If you are ordering a badge for a family member just be sure it is their information that you put in the Badge Call Sign and Badge Name fields.

OCARC Interactive Order Form - BADGE

Italicized items are mandatory

BADGE ORDER Part I - Primary Member:
Date: to current date.
First Name: Last Name:
Callsign: Email:

BADGE ORDER Part II - Badge Info & Type:
Badge Call:   if different from above (10 characters maximum).
Badge Name:   as you'd like it to appear on your badge (10 characters maximum).
Delivery: How do you want to receive your badge?
 Pickup at meeting.  By mail (Currently not available).
Badge Type: Choose one:
 New or Replacement Badge w/ clip: pick up at a meeting.
 New or Replacement Badge w/out clip: pick up at a meeting.
 Upgrade Badge w/out clip: pick up at a meeting.
 New or Replacement Badge w/ clip: includes USA mailing.
 New or Replacement Badge w/out clip: includes USA mailing.
 Upgrade Badge w/out clip: includes USA mailing.

Comments:   Please enter any comments or questions you may have:

BADGE ORDER Part III - Payment:
AMOUNT DUE:    Method to Pay:
Information: Choose a Method to Pay:
• You may pay at a meeting,
• You may mail a check or money order, or
• You may pay with Pay with PayPal®If you select PayPal® as your method of payment, the PayPal® button will appear after you submit your data.
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