May 1998 Not-So DXpedition

W6ZE - Orange County Amateur Radio Club

OCARC's Twice Yearly

(May 1998)

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The Not-So-DXpedition group gathers at the Joshua Tree National Park.

Larry, K6LDC sets up the 240 foot long-wire loop antenna.

Operating W6ZE/6 are: (L to R) John, WA6RND; Frank, WA6VKZ; Steve, KE6NAH and Phil, N7PA.

John, WA6RND sets up station.

Group shot of the Not-So-DXpedition gang: (Sitting, L to R) Steve, KE6NAH and Art, KE6VOX. (Standing, L to R) Frank, WA6VKZ; Phil, N7PA; John, WA6RND; Larry, K6LDC and Larry, K6VDP.

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