May 2000 Not-So DXpedition

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(May 2000)

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NDX0005_074.JPG (70,787 bytes)

From L to R: Larry, K6VDP, Larry, K6LDC and Art, KE6WOX enjoy the view from the Not-So-DXpedition site in Aguanga, near Anza, CA.

Photo by KE6UCH

NDX0005_076.JPG (64,467 bytes)

Good OPs wear white hats! Cory, KE6WIU, prepares more equipment while Larry, K6VDP, takes a rest.

Photo by KE6UCH

NDX0005_078.JPG (86,009 bytes)

Art, KE6WOX, works some QRP CW.

Photo by KE6UCH

NDX0005_080.JPG (78,924 bytes)

Cory, KE6WIU, and Larry, K6LDC, set up the "eleven meter operating position".

Photo by KE6UCH

NDX0005_084.JPG (70,817 bytes)

Larry, K6VDP, tunes the band looking for DX.

Photo by KE6UCH

NDX0005_086.JPG (91,476 bytes)

Art, KE6WOX (in the foreground) raises his dipole mast while (L to R) Jim, KE6UCH, Tom, WA6PFA and Bud, WA7VPP, assist.

Photo by KE6WIU

NDX0005_089.JPG (61,499 bytes)

Jim KE6UCH, learns about this newest grandchild by cell phone.

Photo by KE6WIU

NDX0005_091.JPG (84,797 bytes)

A view overlooking the Not-So-DXpedition site in Aguanga, CA.

Photo by KE6WIU

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