Sept 2009 75th Anniversary Celebration  Portfolio - Part 1

W6ZE - Orange County Amateur Radio Club

75th Anniversary Celebration

and Reunion (2008 Sept.)

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The OCARC was founded in 1933. There was a great turn-out for the OCARC 75th Anniversary Celebration that included a reunion of many former members of the club. Member Al-W5KGM (white hat) was first licensed in 1934.

Photo by Bob AF6C

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VP Nicholas-AF6CF was the Master of Ceremony (and chief organizer) for the special OCARC 75th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion meeting.


Photo by George Rubino

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Wayne-W6IRD was instrumental in setting up some VERY OLD radio artifacts for a display. If you look at the enlarged picture, you can see a Stancor transmitter (with manual) and an early Heathkit flyer.


Photo by George Rubino


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Ken-W6HHC used SKYPE to allow far-away hams to talk at reunion meeting: Jim-WA6DIJ near Monterey CA, Bob-KBWH in Sheldon ND and club Prez Willie- N8WP who is now living near Boston

Photo by George Rubino

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Here are more magazines and equipment that were part of the 75th Celebration exhibits. Notice the early National Radio VHF receiver (Model 1 -10 that covered 10 Meter through 1 Meter), 1949 Radio Handbook, and a spark-gap hand key (on left...made by J. H. Bunnell cira 1915 - 1925) that were provided by Bob-AF6C.


Photo by Art-K7ZE

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Club Historian Bob-WB6IXN (R) displayed many of the club's history archives. Looking on is past-Prez Jim N6XTJ from Ojai.

Photo by George Rubino

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-07tn.jpg (51384 bytes)

Here are more of the OCARC History Archives that are meticulously kept by our long-time Club Historian.


Photo by George Rubino

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This group is inspecting the exhibit of old redio equipment: (L-R) Carl-WU6D, Corey-KE6YHX,  Carole-KF6BGS, and Paul-W6GMU.

Photo by George Rubino

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The celebration was a time to catch upon news with friends.   Art-K7ZE (standing on L), who now lives in Las Vegas chats with (L-R) John-KJ6TK, Tom-WA6PFA, Larry-K6LDC, and Larry-K6VDP.

Photo by George Rubino

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Ken-W6HHC (lower left corner) gave each person a chance to talk about their own ham radio expereince and OCARC experiences to the group and via SKYPE to the vistors on the ineternet. Kris-KC6TOD takes her turn at the SKYPE mike.

Photo by George Rubino

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Honorary OCARC member Chip-K7JA takes a turn to speak to the SKYPE crowd.


Photo by George Rubino

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Our club Historian, Bob Evans WB6IXN, who has been an active member of OCARC for over 40 years gave a short presentation of the history of the club and what is contained in the club archives.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

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There was plenty of pizza, salad, soda, and time for some "eye ball QSOs" during the break.


Photo by George Rubino

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Kristin-K6PEQ, the club Activities Director,  was in charge of the food and made many trips between the kitchen and meeting room

Photo by Art-K6ZE

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