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2001 Orange County Fair Pictures

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Each year, the Orange County Council Of Radio Organizations (OCCARO) sponsors a AMATEUR RADIO booth at the Orange County Fair. The booth is manned by local radio clubs.

Photo by KC6DLA

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The OCARC provided people for four shifts on July-18.   Tom-WA6PFA is in front and Dick-W6RWY is behind the booth table.

Photo by KC6DLA

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(L-R) Larry-K6VDP and Dick-W6RWY are ready to provide morse code demonstrations to the visiting public

Photo by KC6DLA

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Two visitors to the fair get a demonstration of handheld ATV from Tom-WA6PFA (right).

Photo by KC6DLA

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(L-R) Larry-K6VDP and Cory-KE6WIU provided lots of brochures to people interested in Ham Radio.

Photo by KC6DLA

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(L-R)  Larry-K6VDP and Bob-KD6XO chat inside the booth during a quiet spell.

Photo by KC6DLA

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