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2002 Orange Co. Fair Pictures

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OCARC Fair participants (L to R) Bob, KD6BWH; Matt, K6LNX; Bob, AF6C and Ken, W6HHC prepare to work a shift at the Ham Radio Booth sponsored by the Orange County Council of Amateur Radio Organizations (OCCARO).

Photo by AE6GW

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Bob, AF6C and Cory, AE6GW run net control for the club 10 meter net from the Fair booth. The OCCARO booth won the Blue Ribbon for the best in the building.

Photo by W6HHC

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Ken, W6HHC practices his CW while he waits to greet the next visitor to the booth. The telegraph keys attracted a lot of interest!

Photo by AF6C

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Bob, KD6BWH and Ken, W6HHC stand by booth display as Coach, KE6TTX explains ham radio to a visitor.

Photo by AF6C

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A brave soul takes an unteathered "Leap-of-Faith" on one of the thrilling Fair rides.

Photo by AF6C

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This fountain, made with musical instruments, received a lot of interest from our musically inclined club members.

Photo by K6LNX

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