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2005 Orange Co. Fair Pictures

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This year's Fair theme is The Year of the Avocado. On the main booth poster avocado caricatures greet the visitors to the amateur radio booth. This year the booth not only won a blue ribbon in its class. It also won the "Best Booth of the Building" award.
(Photo by N8WP)


Outside the building stands the booth's antennas.
(Photo by W6HHC)


(L to R) Visitors check out equipment as Dan-N6PEQ, Bob-AF6C and Kristin-K6PEQ man the booth.
(Photo by W6HHC)


(L to R) Ken-W6HHC and Dan-N6PEQ look over the Icom IC-7800 radio, one of numerous operational radios on display.
(Photo by AF6C)


Three telegraph keys, with the Morse code posted next to them, attracted a lot of interest from the young to the old. Here two visitors approach cautiously. They were soon sending their names.
(Photo by N8WP)


Simple certificates were presented to visitors who sent their name in Morse code. Here a possible future radio amateur sends her name and watches as it is received.
(Photo by N8WP)


Kristin-K6PEQ instructs a want-a-be ham in the use of the telegraph key prior to him sending her his name for a certificate.
(Photo by N8WP)


During a rare quiet moment, Kristin-K6PEQ awaits another group of visitors at the keys.
(Photo by W6HHC)


Gordon-WB6NOA repairs the antenna feedline to one of the HF radios on display.
(Photo by AF6C)


Dan-N6PEQ instructs a group of young ladies during their first QSO (chat) with a ham over the two-meter radio. In the background, Larry-K6VDP awaits another visitor.
(Photo by N8WP)


Another likely ham-to-be experiences talking on the radio.
(Photo by AF6C)


Parents and kids enjoyed talking to hams in nearby cities on the two-meter radio.
(Photo by N8WP)


Lowell-KQ6JD and Kristin-K6PEQ prepare to receive amateur television.
(Photo by N8WP)


(L to R) Kenan-N6CCE, Coach-KE6TTX and his wife Colleen-KE6TTY stand by as three Orange County firemen watch amateur TV from the local County helicopter on patrol over the city. Bob-AF6C (seated) also looks on.
(Photo by W6HHC)

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