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2006 Orange Co. Fair Pictures

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This year's booth theme:  Ham Radio is Blooming. On the main booth poster, flower and vegetable caricatures greet the visitors to the amateur radio booth. This year the radio booth not only won a blue ribbon in its class. It also won the "Best in Fair for the Building" award.
(Photo by K6PEQ)


Outside the building stands the booth's antennas.
(Photo by W6HHC)

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There were plenty of pictures of ham radio activities (like Field Day) on display from many of the radio clubs.
(Photo by K6PEQ)

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There was a place for each radio club and radio organization within OCCARO (Orange County Council of Amateur Radio Organizations) to have their literature on display and available to visitors.
(Photo by K6PEQ)

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Certificates were presented to the various radio clubs who helped to staff the Ham Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair during it's three week run.
(Photo by K6PEQ)

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