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1999 Christmas Party Pictures

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Please Help us get a name and call to all these faces. If you see an error, or can identify anyone marked ???, please contact , Ken - W6HHC with your correction(s).

XMAS1999-06tn.jpg (21402 bytes)

Outgoing OCARC President, Bud Barkhurst - WA6VPP, has a big smile as he presides over the Christmas Party Dinner, the last offical event of the 1999.  Did you ever notice how relaxed the ex-presidents always look after the year is completed??

photo by KE6WIU

. XMAS1999-01tn.jpg (21315 bytes)

(Clockwise from Left)    Linda Buss,  sitting next to Linda is the XYL-of-KD6JBL, Gerry Fullerton - KD6JBL,  Bob Evans - WB6IXN, Lee Evans (hidden), and John Roberts - W6JOR (redshirt).

(Counter-Clockwise from Right)   Lowell Burnette - KQ6JD, outgoing President Bud Barkhurst - WA6VPP, incoming President Larry Hoffman - K6LDC, and Pauline Hoffman.

photo by KE6WIU

. XMAS1999-02tn.jpg (15141 bytes)

(On the Left)  Art Dillon - KE6WOX

(Counter-Clockwise from Right)   Bob Schnabel - KM6TL, Frank Smith - WA6VKZ, Phil Andersen - N7PA, Gene Brost - KF6TRA, and Pina Brost.

photo by KE6WIU

XMAS1999-03tn.jpg (15961 bytes)

(Clockwise from Left)  Bud Barkhurst - WA6VPP,  Lowell Burnette - KQ6JD, Carol Beilin, Larry Beilin - K6VDP, Jim Winn KE6UCH, Bob Buss - KD6BWH,  Linda Buss, and Jerry Fullerton - KD6JBL.

photo by KE6WIU

XMAS1999-04tn.jpg (13462 bytes)

(Clockwise from Left)  John Roberts - W6JOR,  Al Watts - W6IBR,  and Dotty Watts - W6IBP, Eleanor Winter, and Chris Winter - W6KFW.

photo by KE6WIU

XMAS1999-05tn.jpg (13165 bytes)

(Clockwise from Left)   Steve Rasmussen - KE6NAH (recent Silent Key), Carol Beilin, Larry Beilin - K6VDP, Cory Terando - KE6WIU,     Bob Buss - KD6BWH,  Linda Buss,    and Lowell Burnette - KQ6JD.

photo by KE6UCH

XMAS1999-08tn.jpg (14859 bytes)

Receiving the

"1999 W6NGO - For the Good of the Club Award"    is  Chris Breller - KJ6ZH  (standing right) from the president,  Bud Barkhurst - WA6VPP (standing left).

Sitting in the foreground are;  Art Dillon - KE6WOX and Vicki Dillon.

photo by KE6WIU

XMAS1999-10tn.jpg (19456 bytes)

Holding  the  Presidents Plaque for a job well done during 1999  is out-going President, Bud Barkhurst - WA6VPP.

photo by KE6WIU

XMAS1999-09tn.jpg (16006 bytes)

Holding the  "official OCARC gavel" is incoming President, Larry Hoffman - K6LDC (standing)

photo by KE6WIU


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