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2002 Christmas Party Pictures

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XMAS2002-01tn.JPG (18424 bytes)

This year's dinner was held at Mimi's Restaurant in Fountain Valley.   Phyl Andersen - K7PMA (left) and Phil Andersen - N7PA.

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-02tn.JPG (17540 bytes)

(left to right)   Frank Smith - WA6VKZ,  XYL Diane Konechy, and Ken Konechy - W6HHC

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-03tn.JPG (17710 bytes)

(Right to Left)   Bob Evans - WB6IXN and brother, Lee Evans.

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-04tn.JPG (15753 bytes)

(left to right) Jim Wynn - AE6UC, Paul Beard- WD6FMX, XYL Beard, and XYL Carol Beilin.   Notice the OCARC's new ARRL flag in the background!

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-05tn.JPG (15950 bytes)

(Left to Right) Matt McKenzie - K6LNX and Cory Terando - AE6GW, the out-going President for 2002.  Did you ever notice how relaxed "out-going presidents" look at the Holiday Party?

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-06tn.JPG (17852 bytes)

Larry Hoffman - K6LDC and Pauline Hoffman.

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-07tn.JPG (13242 bytes)

John Homme - N6RUI,  Doris Brody - WB1CDD  and  Steve Brody - KB1GZ

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-08tn.JPG (11068 bytes)

Receiving the "2002 W6NGO - For the Good of the Club Award"    is    Ken Konechy - W6HHC  (left)    from the 2002 President,  Cory Terando - AE6GW   (right).

photo by W6HHC

XMAS2002-09tn.jpg (13318 bytes)

The "Good of the Club Award" is presented annually to the OCARC club member who has made the most significant contribution to the club for the year.      In 1997, this annual award was dedicated to the memory of Kei Yamachika - W6NGO,  for his year-after-year contributions in support of our club's activities.

scan by W6HHC

XMAS2002-10tn.JPG (13171 bytes)

Accepting the  "official OCARC gavel" from out-going President  Cory Terando - AE6GW  (left) is incoming Vice President,  Steve Brody - KB1GZ (right) Note: Incoming Prez-Lowell-KQ6JD was on vacation.

photo by W6HHC

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