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2006 Christmas Party Pictures

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This year's dinner was held at the JagerHaus Restaurant on Ball Rd in Anaheim.  Here is one view of the great turn out of members, spouses, and visitors.

photo by N6PEQ

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Additional people were mingling and chatting on the other side of the banquet room furing the OCARC party.

photo by N6PEQ

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(Right to Left)   Jim-N6DHZ greets visitor and ARRL Section Manager, Carl-WU6D

photo by N6PEQ

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(Left to Right) Members Bob-AF6C, Nicholas-KI6AUL, and Ken W6HHC gather for the party.

photo by N6PEQ

OCARC2006Christmas-05tn.jpg (33498 bytes)

Just a few of the prizes for the spectacular raffle.  Grand prize was an ICOM IC-7000 HF-to-UHF rig. Other prizes visible included an ICOM IC-91AD D-Star Handheld, an ADI AR-147+ 2M FM mobile rig, and a DAIWA SS-330W switching power supply.  Cheryl-KG6KTT is busy selling tickets to the great dinner that consisted of a huge variety of German foods.

photo by N6PEQ

OCARC2006Christmas-06tn.jpg (48912 bytes)

Beverly-KI6APH organized a terrific variety of gift-baskets that were raffled off to the ladies at the dinner.

photo by N6PEQ

Special Recognition-01tn.jpg (27859 bytes)

Special Recognition was announced for the Evans brothers.......Bob-WB6IXN (center)  and Lee (left). 2006 President Willie-N8WP recognized that Bob and Lee worked harder than anyone at the 2006 Field operation.  "Everywhere you looked...they were in the middle of the effort". A OCARC Field Day shirt was presented to each of them at the ceremony.

photo by W6HHC

Good-of-Club-Award_winner_N6PEQ-tn.jpg (41338 bytes)

Receiving the OCARC  "2006 W6NGO-For-the-Good-of-the-Club Award"    is    Dan Dankert - N6PEQ   (right)    from the 2006 President,  Willie Peloquin N8WP (left).

photo by W6HHC

OCARC2006Christmas-11tn.jpg (35216 bytes)

The "Good of the Club Award" is presented annually to the OCARC club member who has made the most significant contribution to the club for the year.      In 1997, this annual award was then dedicated to the memory of Kei Yamachika - W6NGO,  for his year-after-year contributions in support of our club's activities.

scan by W6HHC

ICOM-7000_winner_N6PEQ-tn.jpg (32583 bytes)

"...and the Winner is...."

Dan-N6PEQ was the lucky ham to win the grand prize at the 2006 Christams Raffle...an ICOM IC-7000 rig!

photo by W6HHC

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