1999 Trip to ex-KB6VFC by K6LDC

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TRIP to Dennis Kimbell - KM5UI (ex-KB6VFC)



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Dennis Kimbell (ex-KB6VFC) now KM5UI, has retired to Arkansas after many years of helping the OCARC.  On a recent vacation across the country,  Larry-K6LDC dropped in on the new QTH of Dennis during fall-1999.

Shown in the foreground is Larry-K6LDC, standing is Dennis-KM5UI.

Photo by K6LDC

KM5UI-KE6VFC-ARK-1999b-tn.jpg (17245 bytes)

Here is another shot of Dennis's new HAM shack in Arkansas.  Notice that Dennis collects hunting trophies as well as chasing DX and six meter QSOs.

Photo by K6LDC

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