2002 COAR (City of Orange RACES) Emergency Drill

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2002 COAR (City of Orange RACES)

Emergency Drill Pictures

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Many OCARC  members help the COAR (City of Orange RACES).  COAR has its main communication station located in the Orange Police Dept building on Batavia.  You can see 2 white base antennas on roof.

Photo by W6HHC

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The RACES emergency drill operates between the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) where city officials work and the COAR communications center.

Photo by W6HHC

COAR-2002-tn03.JPG (10263 bytes)

Inside the EOC, last minute coordination and assignments are made before the drill.  L-R: Dick-W6RWY, Lowell-KQ6JD, and Debbie Klein the Police Dept leader of COAR.

Photo by W6HHC

COAR-2002-tn04.JPG (15689 bytes)

Getting comm equipment, including antenna masts and a "point and shoot" beam antenna for 440 MHz SCTV, from the storage area of Orange PD.  L-R Bob-AF6C, Steve-KB1GZ, Debbie Klein, and Tom-WA6PFA..

Photo by W6HHC

COAR-2002-tn05.JPG (14697 bytes)

Inside the communications center, Lowell-KQ6JD tries to listen to six rigs at one time!!!. The video monitor at the top can display ATV, SCTV, and PACKET and can also be routed for viewing in the EOC

Photo by W6HHC


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