2002 Trip to ARRL HQ by KB1GZ

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TRIP to ARRL HeadQuarters



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Steve Brody - KB1GZ had an opportunity to visit ARRL HQ while in Connecticut during the summer of 2002.

Here is a front view of the main administrative building for ARRL HQs.

Photo by KB1GZ

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Here is shot of the lobby inside the HQ building.  Notice the showcase of early radio gear along the left wall.

Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn03.jpg (12259 bytes)

Old-timers may remember this building as the original HQ building for the ARRL.

Today, this building serves to house the operating stations for W1AW.

Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn05.jpg (11368 bytes)

Here are two of the three operating positions for W1AW.



Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn04.jpg (10683 bytes)

Here is a look at the third operating position for W1AW at ARRL HeadQuarters.



Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn06.jpg (11565 bytes)

This is a photo of one of many towers with some of the many many beams that can be used at W1AW.

Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn07.jpg (15293 bytes)

In the main HQ building, this is one of many office areas. Steve reports that there are over 100 staff working at ARRL HQ.

Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn08.jpg (12904 bytes)

Here is a view of one of many parts of the ARRL labs where commercial radio equipment are compared and QST and QEX projects are tried-out.

Photo by KB1GZ

ARRL-HQ-2002-tn09.jpg (21740 bytes)

This is the ARRL QSL-card bureau where over 1,000,000

cards are processed each year.

Photo by KB1GZ

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